"Uh..." Derek said as he finished cleaning off the last of Hanna's puke as she finally lifted her head from the toilet and made an 'Ugh' sound herself before muttering a lame sounding,

"Sorry." From her place on the floor next to him.

Derek looked down at her and was awe struck by how much she looked like Garcia the last time she'd been sick with the flu. The pieces that had been nagging at his mind fell into place and he was now absolutely sure that Hanna had some sort of blood link to Garcia.

A damn close blood link too. Which begged the question; What the hell had happened? And why had Garcia lied to him and the rest of the team? Had she even known? He wondered as he grabbed a wash rag from a shelf off to his right and wet it then wrung it out and handed it to her.

Hanna gave him a grateful look and took the rag from him and used it to pat down her face as she sat back against the porcelain bathtub and sighed before asking in a hesitant tone, "Did you manage to get it all off?"

Derek looked down at his pants legs and his shoes with a critical eye before saying, "Yeah, I think so. How are you feeling?"

"Better...now that there isn't anything in my stomach." Hanna said half jokingly, making Derek's lips twitch slightly in amusement before he mentally squashed any feelings of amusment that she had stirred in him. He couldn't afford to get distracted. Not now. Not when Garcia was dead. And this girl was somehow tied to her, or may even know what had happened to her.

Perhaps she had even witnessed something or held something that Garcia had given to her.

It was certainly something to ask her about. But how? Hanna was a sharp girl, she might catch on to any line of questioning that doesn't appear innocent. "So uh...tell me something, how long have you lived with Helen?"

"A while."

"A while? That's not much of a straight answer."

"It's the only one you'll get regarding my adopted mother." Hanna said, effectively shutting down that line of questioning. Leaving Derek with a few other ideas on how to proceed.

"Okay, I can respect that-" Derek said as he put the lid down on the toilet and sat down. "Let's try this, do you know anything about your biological family?"


"No?" He said in disbelief as he raised a brow at her. Damn she's good. He thought as he said, "Now why don't I believe that?"

"Dunno. Maybe because it's you're job to be suspicious." Hanna said as she quickly got to her feet and staggered a bit as a wave of dizziness washed over her. Derek reached out and grasped her upper arms to keep her from falling as he said,

"Whoa there sweetheart. Maybe you should have stayed seated." Steering her over to sit on the bathtub rim.

"Why did you call me that?" Hanna asked with a small frown as he slowly removed his hands from her arms once she was balanced enough to sit without his support.

"Call you what?" Derek asked curiously. Not realising that he had called her 'sweetheart' just a moment ago.

"You called me sweetheart." Hanna said almost accusingly, unsure of how to react to being called sweetheart by this strange, enthralling man. Derek blinked at her and seemed to mentally pull back into himself a bit. Had he? Had he really? Or was she just playing with him? He wanted to know, desperately. Yet the second he opened his mouth to speak, the bathroom door opened and Reed peeked in with a slightly anxious look.

"Derek, Hodge says it's time to go. Helen is starting to wear down." Derek closed his mouth and nodded, his eyes never leaving Hanna's face. That was fine with him since he had some news to share with the team about Hanna's blood ties to Garcia.