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Did anything really change?

Our memories came back and I remembered how annoying he could be, but... I still cared.

There was a connection, out there in the desert, when he got to play Prince Charming while I lay on the cool ground as the damsel in distress, waiting to see if I'd get saved. He was more than just a teammate. He was... a friend.

Who am I kidding? I could've fallen all over him and been completely unable to control anything due to my extreme hormones.

And the thought of his food supply running out? Not only worrisome, but flat out terrifying. I was afraid that he'd die. Not that he'd die and leave me in the desert all alone, but that he'd die. That I would lose him. And I wasn't even thinking about myself.

When I was in my wrong mind, I thought he was nice. I thought he was innocent, harmless, like a bunny or a kitten or whatever. He was a good guy; lacking in grace and charm of course, but he wasn't a bother to be around. Wally was Kid Flash, the guy behind the mask, hiding behind a fake name and a brightly colored costume. He probably could've been annoying and I wouldn't have noticed it.

I was pretty much all over him, and that was the worst part. He held me in his arms, tucked me into his chest, protected me from the world while running himself low. He reminded me that I was only human, that I could still die, that my life was as valuable as the next.

Just being blind to our prior lives made me take a second glance because at that point, I wasn't Red Arrow's replacement. I was the girl he was trying to save. And there were no grudges, no relationships, no memories to keep us from realizing that we could actually like each other.

Maybe even love each other...

But now I remember that he's annoying, that he's a pain in the neck, that he smells weird sometimes, and that he always eats my ramen. He bugs the Hell out of me, no question, but maybe if he wasn't being annoying on purpose, we could get along.

I'll let go of the grudge once he does. Roy is the only thing separating us. Wally's just mad he left the team and that I'm his replacement. That's the only thing keeping us from not hating each other. It's the iron curtain that keeps the Bialya relationship from coming out.

In Bialya, I cared for him. I felt sparks. I even wanted to kiss him once or twice despite how cliché I knew it'd be. But he was innocent back then. Cocky, but innocent. Maybe if we didn't have the iron curtain of memories holding us back, there would still be sparks.

Or does he even care?

He doesn't act like he cares. Whenever anyone else mentions Bialya, I'm the first one to leave the room because I hate those kinds of confrontations. And even though I can pick on Wally for hitting on me the entire time and for actually maybe possibly liking me even if just for a few hours, I don't want to. I don't like remembering what we can't have.

I blame Roy.

Because maybe I do want to play the damsel in distress once in a while. Because maybe I do want him to care about me. Because maybe I want those sparks.

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