"I've been feeling awful all this while… The atmosphere is so heavy…" Reimu sighed to herself. "It's just noon, but the sun doesn't shine here," the shrine maiden finished, looking up towards the many branches and leaves.

"Oh, are you still here? And I was trying to chase you away just now…" A melodious voice said from behind Reimu. The brunette ignored the person and kept trudging forward, her scuffed shoes crunching fallen orange leaves.

"… When?"

"Oh never mind; it doesn't matter." The source of the mysterious voice stepped in front of Reimu, doing an elaborate twirl. Reimu paused impatiently, looking at the green-haired woman in front of her. The spinning girl continued. "My job is chasing away lost… humans…?" The youkai trailed off, peering curiously at Reimu's rather jaundiced skin.

"But I'm not lost," replied Reimu. "I just want to go to the mountain."

The woman tilted her head in curiosity. "What are you going to do there? Don't you know it's dangerous?"

Reimu clutched her gohei in her pale hand. "If you get in way… I'll treat you like an enemy," she warned the approaching loli.

"I'm a friend of humans – my name is Hina Kagiyama," the twirling youkai said as she came to a stop. "I take their misfortune…" Hina held Reimu's free hand and stroked it gently. "… and pass them on to the gods. If you like, I can… take on all your tragedies," the green-haired woman purred, winking.

Reimu would have none of it. Wrenching her arm free from Hina's wandering hands, she yelled, "No…! Youkai are my enemies – I must kill the youkai!"

Hina smirked, stepping in closer. Pressing Reimu back until the shrine maiden's back hit a tree, she whispered into her ear. "No, Reimu… You are the youkai."

And then Reimu was a zombie.

AN: What? Her skin color really is off...