Chapter 6.5: The letter - Kojuro

It was one of the rare days in which both Hanbei and Hideyoshi were in the castle of Odawara. Kojuro hadn't moved from his position ever since he was brought to Odawara. He would always sit in the same spot never moving. The only thing he could do was sit and look up to the outside world through the small window at the very top of the room. The small window sat at ground level so all that he really saw were the shadows of the passing people and horses. That small window was also the only source of light for the room, it was small and dim but it was still light.

Suddenly the light was gone as if there was someone or something in front of the window. Kojuro then saw a hand reach in through the window and drop a piece of paper and the light returned signaling that the person had left. Curiously Kojuro grabbed the piece of paper unfolding it to read its contents.

Kojuro Katakura this is a message from your Lord Date.

He wished me to tell you that the Date army has a plan

and you will be rescued from your prison as soon as the

plan is set in action. He wants you not to worry for he has

completely thought out this plan from beginning to end and

he promises that it is not reckless in the least and that it was

well thought out and simple. They left Yonezawa yesterday and

will arrive in Kai either late Today or early tomorrow. That is all

that can be said for now in case any other than you read through

this letter.

-Kosuke Anayama of the Sanada Ninja Corps

Kojuro quickly folded the letter and hid it in his shirt a contempt smile on his face. He looked down at the two swords that lay before him. The shattered sword of his Lord who he now knew was alive and Aname's undamaged blade. He picked up the sword and looked at his reflection in the steel. His lord did not mention Aname in the letter giving him no hope of the girl being alive. Without reassurance he had no choice but to think her dead giving the only information he had.