Author's Notes: I do not own Doctor Who, the Doctor, Donna or Rose. This is a retelling of Series 3 with two slight/major differences. One, Rose did not get sucked into the Void during Doomsday. Two, Donna will be travelling with the Doctor and Rose for the duration. Now, disclaimer, this will be unabashedly Doctor/Donna, if you have a problem with that, you should probably push the back button. Also, if you haven't guessed by now there are going to be spoilers for pretty much all of Series 3 and I will be ripping it off profusely with some differences, you can probably guess what those are. Consider yourself warned. Otherwise, happy reading and please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Life can throw you for a loop sometimes. One moment you're walking down the aisle at the wedding you've dreamed of all your life and the next...

You're standing on a metal grating, in the weirdest room you've ever been in, looking at some skinny man with ridiculous hair and a blonde girl with too much eye make up making eyes at him.

"What?," said the ridiculous man.

"Who the hell are you two?"


"Where am I?"


"What the hell is this place?"


The Doctor rushed around the console, searching for some explanation. "What? You can't do that? We're in flight! That is physically impossible!"

"Where am I? I demand you tell me right now: where am I?"

"You're inside the TARDIS," said Rose.

"The what?"

"The TARDIS!," Rose repeated.

"The what?"


"The what?"

"It's called the TARDIS," said the Doctor.

"That's not even a proper word! Now you're just saying things!"

"How did you get in here?," the Doctor asked, peering at her closer.

"Well, obviously when you kidnapped me. Who was it? Who's paying you? Was it Nerys? Oh, my God, it's Nerys. She's finally got me back. This has got Nerys written all over it!"

"Who's Nerys?," asked Rose.

Donna motioned. "Your best friend. It's so obvious you've been sharing the same bottle of peroxide!"

The Doctor suddenly realized Donna was wearing a wedding dress. "Hold on, what are you dressed like that for?"

"Doctor..." said Rose.

"I'm going ten pin bowling! What do you think, dumbo? I was halfway up the aisle! I've waited all my life for this and I was just seconds away and I don't know, you drugged me or something-"

"We haven't done anything to you!," Rose protested.

Donna pointed at the blonde. "You. Shut up." She looked at the doctor. "I'll have the police on you! I don't know what sort of weird cult this is where young girls follow you around!"

The Doctor went on, playing with the controls, unconcerned by Donna's rants.

"How long is she going to go on?," muttered Rose.

"Oi, blondie, I told you to shut up, remember that? About twenty seconds ago?" Donna spotted a door and walked towards it.

"No, hold on!," shouted the Doctor.

Donna opened the door revealing...

"We're in space..." the Doctor said softly. "Outer space. This is my space ship. It's called the TARDIS."

"How am I breathing?," asked Donna.

"The TARDIS is protecting us," said the Doctor.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor and this is my friend, Rose. You?"


The Doctor looked her up and down in a way that Rose didn't like. "Human?"

"Yeah. Is that optional?"

"It is for me."

"You're an alien," said Donna.

"Not me," said Rose siding up to them. "Human as they come."

Donna rolled her eyes. "It's freezing with these doors open."

The Doctor shut the doors and bounded back in the TARDIS going off on another tangent about how this was impossible. He started taking various implements out of a tool belt to examine Donna and was looking in her eye when she slapped him.

"What was that for?"

"Get me to the church!"

"Fine," the Doctor stiffened. "I don't want you here anyway! Where is this wedding?"

"St. Mary's, Hayden Road, Chiswick, London, Earth, the Solar System."

"Right!," said the Doctor, flipping one of the controls. "Chiswick!"

Internally, Rose breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't cared for the ginger and furthermore hadn't cared for the way the Doctor had appraised her.

The TARDIS landed and Donna rushed out, eager to get back to her wedding. Instead, she found herself in an alley. She glared at the Doctor as he rubbed the side of the TARDIS gently. "Something's wrong with her..."

"I said Saint Mary's. What's this? What sort of Martian are you?"

Donna rolled her eyes.

"It's re-calibrating!" He flew back in the ship and that's when Donna noticed that she had just come out of a blue police box.

It was bigger on the inside, but what the hell was that? Frigtened, she put her hand over her mouth, scared of screaming out loud and started running.

"Donna!," shouted the Doctor, running after her.

"Doctor!," said Rose. "We've got her to Earth, London even, seems like more than enough for her..."

"She's just scared, Rose." He quickened his pace to catch up with the bride. "Donna."

'Leave me alone. I just want to get married."

"Come back to the TARDIS," the Doctor pleaded.

"That box is too weird," said Donna.

"It's just bigger on the inside," said Rose.

Oh, good. The blonde had followed him. Did she go everywhere with him? Donna wondered.

"Oh, that's all!" Donna looked at her watch and sighed. "Ten past three, I'm going to miss it."

"You can phone them, tell them where you are."

"How am I going to do that?," asked Donna.

"Haven't you got a mobile?"

"I'm in my wedding dress. It doesn't have pockets. Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets? When I went to my fitting at Chez Alison, the one thing I forgot to say is give me pockets?"

The Doctor looked at Rose. "Where's yours?"

"It got sucked into the Void."

"Oh, well, that's no help," said the Doctor.

Donna glared at them both. "No one is going to stop me from getting married. The hell with you two!"

Donna ran up the street.

"Donna, wait!," the Doctor called after her, running again to catch up.

"Doctor!," shouted Rose.

Rose watched as the Doctor and Donna tried to hail a taxi.

"What's the matter? Why aren't they stopping?"

"They think she's a nutter," offered Rose.

"Hold on," said the Doctor, whistling loudly.

A taxi pulled over immediately and the piled inside.

"Double rates today," said the driver.

"Oh, my God!," said Donna. She looked at the Doctor. "Have you got any money?"

"Uh, no. Haven't you?"

"Pockets!," Donna shouted.

The Doctor looked at Rose. "What about you?"

Rose searched in the pockets of her jacket. "I have an Oyster Card."

"Oh, God," said Donna.

"Oh, sorry, expired," said Rose.

The driver pulled over and they were unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk as Donna spouted a fountain of insults at the driver, his family, his ancestors dating back to the dawn of time, the profession of cab driving in general and something about it being Christmas.

"It's Christmas?," asked Rose, looking around.

"You're a quick one, aren't you? Maybe not on Mars, but here it's Christmas Eve," said Donna. She started running. "Phone box!"

The Doctor followed her and Rose followed the Doctor.

"How come you're getting married on Christmas Eve?," asked the Doctor.

"I hate Christmas. Honeymoon, Morocco, lovely!"

"You hate Christmas?," asked Rose in disbelief.

"She's got a point," said the Doctor.

Donna reached the phone box. "What do you dial? A hundred? I haven't done this in years!"

The Doctor put the sonic screwdriver to the phone. "Just call direct."

"What did you do?"

"Something... Martian. Phone, I'll get money!"

The Doctor ran over to a cash machine and queued up, hopping around impatiently. Rose laughed as he finally reached the front.

He looked at her. "Why aren't you watching Donna?"

"What am I? Her babysitter?"

The Doctor took the money from the machine. "What if she tries to run off again?" He looked across to see just that happening as Donna got in a taxi. "Oh, blimey..."

"Thanks for nothing, spaceman!," Donna shouted. "I'll see you in court!"

"Well," said Rose, "end of that. We don't know where she's headed."

The Doctor didn't answer because he noticed that the taxi Donna had just gotten in was being driven by a Roboform.

There was nothing quite as dull as a motorway journey to their grandparents' house in the North all the way from London, Maisie and Bernard thought in the back of the Land Rover.

Then they noticed a blue box flying over the motorway towards a taxi where a ginger woman in a wedding dress was beating the windows, shouting for help.

"Mummy!," said Bernard.

"Mummy!," said Maisie.

Mummy sighed. "I told you two no more shouting about every little thing..."

"But Mummy..." whined Maisie.

"That does it," said Daddy. "We're officially ignoring you until we get out of London."

"But Daddy, there's a blue box flying over the motorway!," Bernard protested.

"Bernard, do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?"

They looked back, the door to the blue box had opened and a skinny man leaned out of the doorway, pointing something at the windows of the taxi.

"I can't hear!," said Maisie. "Daddy, roll down the window!"

Daddy sighed and rolled down the window.

"You've got to jump!"

"I'm not jumping! I'm supposed to be getting married!"

The taxi sped up to Bernard and Maisie's dismay.

"Speed up!," the man shouted in the phone box.

"Is that voice control, you think?," Bernard asked Maisie. "That's so wizard!"

The blue box rubbed against the motorway.

"Above the motorway, Rose! Above it!"

The blue box then hit the roof of a car.

"Without hitting the cars, Rose!"

The box ended up next to the taxi again and the man pointed the stick or whatever it was at the driver of the taxi.

Who looked like a robot.

"Listen to me, you've got to jump!"

"I'm not jumping on a motorway!"

"Whatever that thing is, it needs you. And whatever it needs you for, it's not good. Now, come on!"

"I'm in my wedding dress!," she yelled just as loudly.

"YES! You look lovely! Come on!"

They watched as the woman opened the door, bracing herself to jump. She looked at the man with fear.

"Trust me," he said.

Bernard and Maisie started yelling for the woman to jump.

"What are you two on about?," asked Daddy.

"I told you not to give them that fizzy drink with high fructose corn syrup," said Mummy.

"We've been over this, Judy! It's the same sugar no matter where it comes from!"

The woman seemed to notice Bernard and Maisie's shouting. She looked back at the man.

"Trust me, now jump!"

The woman took a breath and jumped, falling into the man's arms and Bernard and Maisie cheered wildly as the blue box flew away.

"Don't make me come back there," said Mummy.

The Doctor put the fire extinguisher to the TARDIS as smoke came out of the old girl.

"Not meant for flying then?," asked Rose.

"No, suppose not." The Doctor glanced back at Donna as she looked at her watch. "You alright?," he asked her.

"Doesn't matter," she answered.

"Did we miss it?"


"Well, you can book another date," said Rose. "Still got the honeymoon."

Donna shrugged. "It's just a holiday now."

"Yeah..." agreed the Doctor. "Yeah, sorry."

"It's not your fault."

"Oh, that's a change," the Doctor grinned.

"Too bad we don't have a time machine," said Donna, "we could go back and get it right."

"Yeah," snickered Rose.

Donna shot her another look and sat down on the edge of the building. The Doctor took off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders and sat next to her.

Rose was just contemplating that little manuever when the Doctor took out a gold ring.

"Oh, do you have to rub it in?," asked Donna.

"Those creatures can trace you. This is a biodamper," said the Doctor. "Should protect you."

Then he slid it across her finger.

"With this ring, I thee biodamp."

Donna smiled wanly. "For better or for worse."

Rose saw the Doctor smiling broadly back at Donna. She hastily sat down next to him.

"So," said Rose, "how did you meet your fiance? What's his name? Tell us all about him."

Donna then went on about some story about coffee and how she met Lance at an office that bored Rose. What interested her was the looks the Doctor kept giving to Donna.

"When was this?," asked the Doctor finally.

"Six months ago," answered Donna.

"Bit quick to get married," said the Doctor.

"Not really," offered Rose. "When it's right, it's right, isn't it?"

"Takes longer than that to really get to know someone," said the Doctor.

"Well, how long?," Rose said sharply.

Things began to click for Donna just then.

She spoke before the Doctor could be forced to answer. "Well, he insisted and he nagged me and nagged me and finally, I just gave in."

"What does HC Clements do?," asked the Doctor.

"Oh, security systems, you know, entry codes, I.D. cards, that sort of thing... You ask me, it's a posh name for locksmith."


"Enough of my CV," said Donna. "Come on, it's time to face the consequences. Oh, this is gonna be so shaming. You can do the explaining, Martian-boy."

The Doctor shook his head as he stood. "I'm not from Mars..."

Donna nodded. The Doctor reached down to help her up off the roof. They started walking away as the Doctor took his jacket back.

"Oh, I had this great big reception all planned. Everyone's gonna be heartbroken..." said Donna.

"Come on, Rose!," shouted the Doctor.

Rose glared as she got herself off the ledge and hurried to follow. They went down the stairs and got in the building's lift and headed down to the street to hail a taxi.

"I've still got a tenner," said Donna, pulling the note from her cleavage. She shrugged at the Doctor as he looked at her in surprise or... "What do you want? No pockets, remember?"

"I'll get this," said the Doctor.

"Don't think they'll take Martian money," said Donna.

"He's not from Mars," Rose corrected, but the Doctor just smiled as he hailed a taxi. He helped Donna in and then got in.

Rose looked. "Scoot over."

"Oi! Don't ruin the dress!," said Donna at the Doctor's first failed attempt to shift. "I've got to have this for another day apparently."

The Doctor looked at Rose. "Can't you just sit in the front?," he asked, shutting the door.

Rose walked around the car and got in the front passenger seat.

The driver looked in the rear mirror. "Registrar's office?," he asked.

"They're not getting married," Rose said quickly. "They're not a couple."

"Really?," said the driver. He looked back. "Where to then?"

"Dashwood Hall, Chiswick," answered Donna.

"Whatever you say, miss."

The Doctor snorted. "Isn't that the truth?"

"Oi!," said Donna.

"What is it then?," asked the driver. "Fancy dress party?" He looked at Rose. "What are you going as?"

Donna walked into the reception hall first to find a party going as everyone danced to "Merry Xmas" by Slade. The Doctor drew his breath as Donna stopped and crossed her arms. Rose couldn't help smiling to herself as the music cut out.

"You had the reception without me?"

"Donna, what happened to you?," said a man who the Doctor supposed must be Lance.

"You had the reception without me?"

No one answered this time. The Doctor spoke up trying to end the stalemate. "Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is Rose."


Donna turned back to the Doctor. "They had the reception without me!"

"Yes, I gathered."

Rose shrugged. "I mean, I suppose it was paid for, right?"

A woman in a blue dress spoke up. "That's what I said!"

"Thank you, Nerys and thank you, Rose!," said Donna.

An older woman approached, who the Doctor guessed must have been Donna's mother. "Well, what were we supposed to do? I got your silly little message in the end - "I'm on Earth"? Very funny. What the hell happened? How did you do it? I mean, what's the trick because I'd love to know—"

Suddenly, all of Donna's friends and family were speaking in an overlapping babble that seemed incomprehensible to the Doctor. He was about to look over at Rose when he notived Donna's desperate glance at him. Was this the part where he was supposed to explain? Was she actually asking for help? He tried to think of a stratagem for this particular scenario, but these sorts of things usually ended in him getting slapped. Of course, Donna had slapped him already...

Then Donna burst out in a fit of tears that immediately elicited sympathy from the partygoers. Lance went to comfort her and then the whole room applauded.

The Doctor was surprised at this sudden change in Donna's ccountenance and then she winked at him. He heard Rose tsk disapprovingly.

She was faking it to shut them up he realized.


The party got into full swing as the Doctor leaned against the bar watching Donna dance with her fiance. She noticed and made a silly face at the Doctor that made it impossible for him to not smile.

Rose noticed this as she stood next to the Doctor and motioned at the dance floor. "You still got the moves?"

"H.C. Clements," mused the Doctor. "What do you suppose they do?"

Rose sighed. "She said locksmith."

"Doubt that."

The Doctor borrowed a mobile from the man down the bar and used the sonic screwdriver on it.

"Don't see why we have to stay," said Rose. "She's safe. Seems alright."

The Doctor continued staring at the mobile.

"Family and friends started the party without her," said Rose. "That must say something about her..."

The Doctor wasn't listening, though. He had just discovered something on the mobile. "Oh, look at that. H.C. Clements was bought up by Torchwood!," said the Doctor, looking at the mobile.

"Isn't Torchwood gone now?," asked Rose.

"Oh, but that's what they want you to think..." He handed the mobile back to the man down the bar. "There may be a slight expansion in your coverage area."

The Doctor turned back to Donna, still dancing. He then spotted a videographer. They watched the film of Donna vanishing as she walked down the aisle.

"Wait, play that again," said the Doctor.

"Clever mind," said the young videographer. "Good trick, I'll give her that. I was clapping."

"But that's impossible!," said the Doctor.

"What is it, Doctor?," asked Rose.

"That looks like Huon particles, but they haven't existed for billions of years. So ancient..."

Rose watched as the Doctor's gaze fell to Donna again on the dance floor.

"That it can't be hidden by a biodamper!," he finished with a shout, running towards the windows.

As soon as Rose got to the window and saw the Roboforms, the Doctor was running towards Donna on the dance floor, saying they had to get out of here.

"But you said I was safe!," Donna protested.

"The biodamper doesn't work! We have to get everyone out!"

Donna looked around in despair. "Oh, my God, it's all my family..."

"Out the back!," the Doctor rushed with her and Rose hurried to keep up.

The back door as well was being approached by Roboforms. The Doctor, Donna and Rose ran back in the hall and looked out another window.

More Roboforms.

"We're trapped," said Donna.

The Doctor realized that the Roboforms were holding a remote control.

"What have they got that for?," asked Rose.

The Doctor looked to the Christmas tree in the center of the room.

"Christmas trees..."

"Oh, God," said Rose.

"What about them?," asked Donna.

"They kill," said the Doctor.

They started rushing towards the children at the tree, hustling them away as they shouted warnings to get away from the tree. Sylvia protested.

"The man's an idiot! What harm's a Christmas tree going to do? Oh..."

They looked up to see the baubles floating in the air, like bubbles. The wedding guests oohed and aahed at the display and then the baubles started blowing up like tiny firecrackers.

There was a panic and everyone headed for safety. Donna got behind a toppled table and yanked Lance down with her as the man stood around like an idiot.

Rose got behind another table and watched the Doctor as he rushed across the room and towards the sound system.

"Oi! Santa! Word of advice, if you're attacking a man with a sonic screwdriver..." he picked up the microphone. "...don't let him near the sound system."

The Doctor put the sonic screwdriver on the amplifiers causing the room to vibrate with unbearable high pitched noise. The guests moaned in discomfort as the Roboforms shook apart.

The Doctor leapt to dissect the Roboforms, noticing out of the corners of his eyes as Donna gently checked on some of the children to make sure they were alright and then ordered Lance to start helping people. Rose suddenly appeared beside him.

"What do Roboforms want Donna for?," she asked.

"Remote control for the decorations," said the Doctor looking at the robot carnage, "there's another remote control for the robots, but who's controlling the remote control?"

"Never mind all that," Donna spoke up behind him, "you're a doctor. People have been hurt."

"He's not that kind of Doctor," Rose glared back at Donna.

"Nah," said the Doctor, "they wanted you alive, look, they're inactive now." He tossed her a baubles.

"All I'm saying, you could help," said Donna.

"Gotta think of the bigger picture, Donna. There's still a signal!"

The Doctor ran out, followed by Rose.

"Donna, who is he?," asked Sylvia. "Who is that man?"

Donna didn't answer, just fled out of the hall after the Doctor.

The Doctor was scanning the roboform helmet, musing as he investigated. "There's someone behind this, directing the robo-force."

"But why is it me? What have I done?," asked Donna.

"If we find the controller, we'll find that out. Oh!" The Doctor raised his sonic screwdriver into the air. "It's up there. Something in the sky..."

The Doctor looked at Lance as he came outside.

"Donna, we've got to get to your office, HC Clements. I think that's where this all started. Lance, is it Lance? Can you give us a lift?"

"Not exactly a chase, is it?," asked the Doctor.

He was contorted in the backseat of Lance's car, which had regrettably turned out to be a Smart. Rose was crushed in the corner, half behind the Doctor.

Donna glared. "There's a speed limit. I'm not going to jail in my wedding dress."

"It's like driving a hair dryer!," said the Doctor.

"Hold on. Speed bumps," said Donna, braking.

"That's alright," said the Doctor, "no rush."

Author's Notes: Just letting you know, I can't take credit for that bit with the Smart, you can check out the deleted scene on YouTube.