The Fairy's Tale

Summary: Levy's in trouble when she finds herself trapped in a spell revolving around a series of fairy tales. Sadly things don't go quite as planned with Gajeel lurking around and ruining every fairy tale there ever was in his most Gajeel like fashion. GaLe

Epilogue: The Final Fairy Tail

A dark murmur clouded the edge of Levy's mind as she shifted in her sleep and pressed her face closer to the warmth that was under her. However, her movement, instead of making the murmurs go away, amplified them to a proportion that Levy knew for a fact that only one place was capable of.

Her eyes snapped open and she knew that she was right. She was back in her favourite Fairy Tail. "Levy!" Mirajane squealed as she pried Levy off of her warm pillow and Levy blinked owlishly at the just waking Gajeel. He stared at Levy transfixed, as the noise in the library seemed to simply rise.

"Levy-chan!" Jet and Droy cried as they came up to Mirajane and whisked Levy out of the barmaid's arms for a tight hug, shielding her from Gajeel with their bodies and away from what they believed to be a mean glare.

Gajeel turned his head when he heard two terrible wails and stared as the drunken card maiden and Titania as they sobbed on each other's shoulders about something that had to do with bets. Then it clicked for Gajeel… "God damn it," he mumbled as he turned his head back to the ceiling and let out a long sigh, "I should have fucking known…" He was too tired as of the moment to go and destroy something.

"Let go of me," Levy squealed as she tried to get in gulps of air as more and more people began to pile on top of her demanding a hug. When Wendy appeared in front of her everyone finally backed off for just a second.

Wendy sniffed as she rubbed her tear ridden eyes, "It's okay Levy…"


"I would have kicked and punched me too…"

"Huh." Levy looked over at Gajeel who was still staring at the ceiling. From the way he was positioned and the way that his mouth was moving, she just knew that he was letting out a string of profanities that would have sucked their guild right into hell. And then Levy rewinded slightly and focused back on his lips.

Her cheeks blazed like fire and suddenly the whole entire guild erupted into a fathom of cheers.

"It's okay since I was a part of finally getting you two together," Wendy grinned as she gave Levy an overly large bear hug. Suddenly the piling started on Levy again as more cheers and shouts rang through the library. Levy had never seen this many people in the room at once. She wondered if her precious desk and chair were all right.

"Silence!" Makarov boomed from his perch up high on the window where Levy would often gaze out at the moon. Right now the sun was shining from behind their guild master as he smiled brilliantly, "Mirajane!"

"Yes Master!" Mirajane giggled loudly as she stopped kissing Fried all over the face.

"Remember to split your earnings with me!"

And then that was when Levy saw Gajeel finally lose it. Screw the fact that he was exhausted. He was on his feet faster than she had ever seen him move and suddenly he was attacking anyone and everyone that was within range. As far as Gajeel was concerned, everyone in the library in that moment was equally guilty. Elfman, Gray and Natsu jumped into the fray of their own free will as Lucy sidled up to Levy's side along with Juvia, who kept her stare on Gray as his clothes were all suddenly lost.

Levy breathed in and out as she turned her gaze to Lucy who was rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly, "I was right. I knew he would figure it out," Lucy laughed awkwardly.

"Figure what out? Lu-chan, you can't do this to me. Why is everyone here? Why is Gajeel…" Levy looked up at the man as he tackled the still sobbing Erza and dragged her into the mess… "Why is Gajeel suicidal?"

"Well Juvia guesses Gajeel-san has every right to be angry," Juvia chirped as her eyes shone like stars as Gray managed to land a good blow on Natsu's head. Lucy entreated Juvia to a glare as she shouted to Natsu to pick back up his game.

Levy nearly wailed when fire almost engulfed one of her bookcases before Pantherlily took the blow and dealt Natsu a good one right in the stomach. "Why? You guys…"

"Popcorn you guys? Fucking popcorn! Our lo—" Gajeel seemed to pause, "Our lives aren't a movie to be fucking enjoyed with fucking popcorn!"

The damage had already been done though as Bixlow and his dolls started zooming around the library chanting about Gajeel's "love story!", "love!". "They love, love!"

"Popcorn…." Levy murmured. It clicked. "No…" She snapped her head to stare at the laughing Lucy, "NOOOOOOOOOOO."

"Sorry Levy," Lucy grinned once again very sheepishly, "We saw the whole thing…"

Mirajane popped up over Levy's shoulder, "We actually orchestrated the whole thing. Isn't that right Fried, sweetheart?"

Fried with his face covered in kisses and his clothes severely disheveled could do nothing more than give Mirajane a thumbs up as he slumped against the wall clearly spent from Mirajane's display of appreciation.

Levy's eyes set on fire as she slowly turned toward Fried with her eye twitching, "That spell…"

Evergreen seemed to cackle from her spot not within the fray, "Fried wrote it."

"A success," Fried murmured as he touched a couple of kiss marks on his neck and cheeks, "More than just a success." If Mirajane hadn't attacked him the moment that the spell had completed itself Fried would have gone on boasting about how he had outsmarted Levy and that he had finally gotten his revenge for Fantasia. Fried didn't particularly like to be outsmarted and especially when his spell had been so crucial for...

Fried's eyes suddenly watered and shame sunk over his face as Mirajane let out a frustrated sigh, "Get over it. Laxus had to get that roll, it was written in the stars."

Evergreen scoffed, "His sense of fashion wasn't though, you demon."

Mirajane simply smiled innocently at Evergreen, "Was it not?" Evergreen shivered as she waved the Take Over mage away. She did not want to be Mirajane's next victim. Evergreen had been informed earlier that it was suspected that Gajeel had become Mirajane's primary target because he had stolen her spotlight away from the stage just one time… she didn't want to know what other small things could set Mirajane up to do something so drastic once again.

Evergreen also knew that she had a severe weakness in one… she took a look at the dust ball of a brawl, "Men do not over react to things such as popcorn!"… one very sexy take over mage that was much too easily accessible for any schemes by the barmaid demon. Evergreen could not believe that she had just called demon Mirajane's brother sexy… she was basically setting herself up for doom.

But back to the matter at hand.

Levy was about to claw out Fried's eyes. Lucy was holding back the solid script mage with the help of Juvia as Levy roared at the green haired man. Fried still continued to numbly touch Mirajane's kiss marks as Mirajane finally approached Cana and Erza, who had threatened herself out of the fight, for her winnings.

"Meddling should have been against the rules," Cana growled.

"Don't be a sour sport," Mirajane sang, "Your bet was for tomorrow and if I hadn't meddled then…"

A dark cloud hung over Erza's head. Her bet was so far off that she was pretty sure her pocket was emptied of her past three missions. "If this had been played with honor…" Erza muttered as she handed Mirajane the bag of cash. Mirajane, with a bit of pity, gave Erza a slice of cake to placate her. Erza probably would have won if you know… Levy and Gajeel hadn't been members of the ever-meddlesome Fairy Tail.

"Mirajane!" Levy cried, when she finally was no longer focused on killing Fried. After all the mage had only been a tool to Mirajane's evil plans.

Pantherlily shivered slightly from his place in the middle of the large clash hoping that Mirajane would never divulge his ultimate secret. Levy had proven herself to be a scary, scary woman. "How did you orchestrate this whole thing…? How did the spell work?"

Mirajane giggled brightly, "Is that really what you should be wondering about right now Levy? Isn't there something more important at hand?"

And as if on cue, because it was, Pantherlily grabbed Gajeel out of Elfman's arms and floated him above the brawl and toward where Levy was standing. Suddenly the fight (and destroy) instinct was no longer in the little bookworm as Gajeel was dropped right in front of her. She stared at his lips… and turned bright red.

Gajeel growled and glared back at the still giggling Mirajane before grabbing Levy by the shoulder, "Let's get out of here."

And as they ran out Mirajane pouted loudly, "But we got to see most of the love story! Why aren't we allowed to see the epic end?" The whole guild roared in agreement.

Gajeel couldn't of cared less as he whisked himself and Levy away to the one place that he could think of to end this all.

He set her down in their place of memories, in front of the tree in the middle of Magnolia.

Pantherlily didn't question Gajeel's decision as he hid himself in the leaves. He would be damned before he didn't see the resolution of his hard work.


Levy's eyes widened, "You used my name!"

Gajeel sighed and rubbed his forehead, "Levy…. I'm no good for you."

Pantherlily had to shut down all of his reflexes as not to clobber Gajeel over the head. "Damn that stupid…"

"What?" Levy murmured, "But you… you said that you…"

Gajeel ran his hands through his hair, "So you did bloody hear that time," he murmured as he sighed again, "I'm shit for you Levy… total shit."


"I even asked Lily to keep me away from you…" Lily blinked, he had forgotten about that… oh well, "Well as away as Lily possibly could handle. You know… you probably figured out what a fat mouth I have after that whole fucking fiasco so I… I never wanting to tell you Levy."

"But… what? Why?"

"I'm a monster."


"A cold hearted, brutish monster who doesn't deserve—"

"No! What the—"

Gajeel sent his fist into the tree beside him. Splinters fell in every direction as Levy's eyes traced up to the faint scars, high on the tree, that were still left over after Gajeel's attack on Fairy Tail… on her. Eight nicks in the tree where he had bolted her wrists. "I'm a fucking monster Levy! Can't you see that? Don't you dare forget what I did to you. I can't feel this way for you… I shouldn't…"

Pantherlily paused as he sat in his spot. He had never heard the full story…. didn't know why Levy and Gajeel couldn't be in love… he didn't think it mattered, but… maybe it did… Pantherlily shook his head. No. No, it didn't.

Her brown eyes flashed. Then Levy snarled. The little bookworm bared her teeth and snarled at the Iron Dragon Slayer, "You destroyed me; you tore me apart and left the bloody pieces everywhere Gajeel!"

Gajeel winced but didn't back away, "I know… and that's what I'm saying. Levy I can't…"

"So who are you… who the fucking hell are you to decide who I should and shouldn't love? I am not telling you that I love you Gajeel. I might never tell you that I love you, but I'm demanding that you love me because you have no right to do otherwise," Levy huffed, as her fervor died, "You have no right to do otherwise Gajeel. Not now… definitely not now…" And then Levy began to cry.

Large, round tears poured down her face while her fists clenched and her whole entire body shook.

Gajeel's heart tore, literally tore, as he gathered up the sobbing girl into his arms while he gritted his teeth and fought the ultimate battle with himself.

The spell had been just that, it had been a spell. They had been trapped in a world of fairy tales, a place of happy endings. This wasn't a spell; most people didn't get their happy endings and he… he didn't want to be the one to take that away from Levy.

Because he would be the one to take it all away.

Gajeel looked down at the shaking girl in his embrace. Look at how his arms were already engulfing her. A bad move and he could so easily crush her.

"You can't do this… you can't do this," Levy chanted between her tears as she gripped tightly onto his tunic. "You can't say that just because that all happened in a spell that it never happened. You can't just say can't and shouldn't anymore. Gajeel please…"

He hugged her closer than he thought possible, "Levy…" But how could he help it when she knew what he was thinking? How could he help it when he knew what she was thinking?

"Please say it Gajeel. Please say it…"


"You have no right Gajeel. You can't… you just can't break me apart again…"

"I love you Levy."

And then the bookworm cried even harder than before as Gajeel clenched his teeth and hoped with all his heart that their Fairy Tail would become their fairy tale.

Gajeel was in a state of absolute and total bliss. A bliss so grand that he didn't particularly care that Lily's tail was nearly shoved up his nose and that the Exceed was curled up, like an actual cat, around the crown of his head. Gajeel turned his head to stare at the girl resting on his decidedly numb arm. He didn't care that it was numb; she was sleeping on his arm. She had been sleeping on his arm every night for a whole entire week now…

And then it hit him.

It had been a week, a whole entire week.

He poked her in the side. He would get to see her sleeping face tomorrow night… and the night after that… and forever more if he could help it.

Levy mumbled and curled up into a tight ball burying her knees into his side. Gajeel poked her side again and murmured quietly, "Wake up bookworm."

"Go back to bed Gajeel…" Levy muttered as she sidled up to his side and flung her arm over his chest.

Gajeel nearly relented, like he usually did whenever Levy did this but his mission was more important. "Oi… shorty…" he continued to mumble.

Levy yawned and rubbed her eyes as she pouted cutely, "What do you want Gajeel?" She looked up to his bleary face. She squinted. Was he pouting? She squinted harder before she opened her eyes wide. Gajeel was pouting.

"It's been a week…" Gajeel mumbled as he took a strand of Levy's blue hair and curled it around his finger.

"I know," Levy murmured with a smile on her face, "It's been a very good week."

"But a week, bookworm."

"Go back to using my name you big hunk of scrap metal."

Gajeel laughed his signature laugh as he continued to play with her slightly curly hair. "You haven't said it yet."


"You haven't told me that you…"

Levy gave him the look as a smirk stretched across her face. Gajeel had the gall to blush as he continued to pout.

Lily kept his eyes shut and his breathing steady as he inwardly smirked at his partner. Five year old child in love, that man was.

"I'm not going to tell you Gajeel."


"You forced my hand Gajeel. I told you already… I might never tell you."

"Bookworm," Gajeel nearly, nearly whined.

Levy grinned as she snuggled into his side, "It's also been a week and you haven't turned your hair to metal yet."

Gajeel's eyes glowed with a brilliant plan, "Then te—"

"But I guess I could wait for that," Levy giggled, "We have a lifetime after all." Gajeel grunted as he looked away from Levy as he tried not to shiver with total delight. Levy poked his cheek in amusement and he swatted her hand away with his own. Levy sighed in contentment when instead of fully batting her away he continued to simply hold onto her fingers as their hands dropped down to his chest. She was glad that it wasn't actually making him mad. "Gajeel…"

"What?" he grunted clearly still miffed at her.

"Do I really need to say it?"

"I said it," Gajeel replied grumpily.

Levy giggled again as she lifted herself off the bed and splayed the hand that he held against his chest as she leaned over him. She kissed him on the forehead and he blushed. "Do I really need to say it Gajeel?" She kissed him on the temple, on the cheek, on the chin, "Does it change anything if I tell you Gajeel?"

Gajeel looked up into her sparkling brown eyes as he continued to flush. "No… I guess not."

Levy smiled brilliantly at him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "I didn't think so."

She flopped back over onto his arm and prepared to go back to sleep. Gajeel breathed out and squirmed like a happy kid before he wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes. Moments later he was suddenly harshly poked in the side. "What?" Gajeel mumbled.

"Do you like blue hair?"

"You have blue hair don't you?"

"But do you like any blue hair?"

"I like your blue hair bookworm."

Levy smirked, "Good… now I don't have to fucking kick Juvia's and Wendy's butts."

Gajeel smirked, "Knew you were jealous."

"You should stop talking to him Levy. You're starting to sound like the big loaf," Pantherlily remarked as he continued to feign sleep and shove his tail up Gajeel's nose. Gajeel blew Lily's tail out of his face, now not worrying about waking up his cat and Levy giggled.

"I love you bookworm."

"Go back to sleep Gajeel."

"Damn it!"

"You're never going to outsmart her you know."

"Go back to sleep Lily!"

The trio fell back to sleep under the morning light.

Extra: Fairy Tail's Fairy Tale

A loud crash was heard from the library and before anything needed to be said, Mirajane had bounded over heads and bodies to get the best seat in the house. The other member's of Fairy Tail followed after her, flooding into the library like a river.

"Your plan is never going to work Mirajane!" Cana crowed loudly as she slammed her keg down on the library floor and took a seat on top of the empty barrel.

Mirajane span on her heel and smiled at Cana, "We'll see!"

"I cannot believe you can write spells that can project up giant screens."


"Giant screens!"

"Project, project!"

Fried grinned at Bickslow, "Anything for revenge."

"Anything for your demon of a woman," Bickslow teased.

"I popped the popcorn!" Natsu shouted.

"I have the ice cold drinks!" Gray added.

"Why did it choose the three little pigs?" Lucy cried, "That's not romantic!"

Juvia coughed as she held up a book lying on the ground, "Juvia suspects that this was what Gajeel was reading before he got caught in the spell."

Everyone blinked at the rainy mage before they turned their eyes to the large screen that was being projected out of the scroll that Levy had deciphered. "Gajeel reads…" Evergreen murmured…

"About little pigs," Wendy chimed.

"Assign the rolls everyone assign the rolls!"

"Gajeel as the wolf!"

"Levy as the smart pig!"

"We'll be the dumb pigs!"

"I can't believe you guys just called yourselves dumb," Romeo grinned.

"Anything to be with Levy," Droy replied with a nod of his head.

"Little pig, little pig, let me come in!"

"No, no, not on the hairs of my chinny chin chin!"

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow this house in."

"Oh wow… she's terrified…" Cana snorted.

"I feel a little bit guilty now…" Erza added.

Mirajane only continued to hum.

"Good thing I was in the library when that stupid thing went off then."

"FOOL!" Pantherlily bellowed.

"That was cuter than I thought it would be," Mirajane muttered.

"Oh it would be nice if Gajeel was a wolf again," Wendy chirped, "Like the one in the Little Red Riding Hood!"

"Oh then Levy would definitely be Little Red!" Lucy agreed.

"NO!" screamed Mirajane as fairy tale on the screen changed, "Do you know how sensitive this spell is?"

"Wow Mira, you'd make one hell of a scary grandmother…" Natsu laughed.

Fried smacked his forehead along with the rest of the guild.

Lucy held up her hands to high five her two comrades, "Good job us three." Wendy returned her high five in mild embarrassment and a smidgen of guilt.

"Good job for what Luce?"

"Nope, definitely you bookworm."

Romeo blinked, "Did he just smell her?"

"Do not question," Erza muttered, "Men…"

"That is how a man does it!" Elfman shouted.

"Have you ever done that?" Evergreen questioned. Elfman stared at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

"That would explain why you smell so good."

"Smooth…" the men muttered.

"You really think I would let my boyfriend crawl though a window?"

Everyone turned to Lucy and Natsu. Said girl shook her head, "Low blow Levy-chan… low blow…"

"You've learned some horrible habits from that wolf! I will not let your sexual play with him dribble into your real life!"

Everyone's faces were twisted into expressions of horror.

"Levy-chan! Our Levy-chan!" Droy and Jet cried from the images.

"There is nothing sexual about biting!"

"Wouldn't be too sure about that," Cana grinned.

"Beauty and the Beast!" Natsu shouted. Everyone looked at him, "What… don't you think it's perfect?"

"Yah…" Lucy replied slowly, "That's why its weird coming from you."

"That's kinda mean Luce."

Lucy shook her head and giggled, "Sorry." She kissed him on the cheek.

"You don't have to look at me if you're going to cry."

"Aww," Lucy squealed.

"That… was oddly sweet of him…" Erza mumbled.

"Oh admit it Erza. You're a total hopeless romantic," Mirajane grinned.

"Oi! That isn't going to do anything."

"Sometimes you have to wonder about Levy's sanity," Macao sighed as he covered Romeo's eyes.

"Hey dad! I'm totally old enough."

"Anyone sane would cover their eyes right now or else Gajeel will skewer you when he finds out," Juvia chirped knowingly as she pressed Gray's face into her chest.

"Stupid fucking meddlers in every world those fucking four are."

"We are not!"

"Sleeping Beauty is pretty romantic," Bickslow grinned.

"That's stupid, the woman is always asleep," Lisanna muttered.

Bickslow wiggled his eyebrows (though no one could see), "I know…"

"I trust you… I trust you Gajeel."

"K.O." Pantherlily grinned.

"Is that my pretty princess you weak excuse for a lizard?"

"NO! Laxus!" Fried bawled as he fell to his knees. Mirajane patted him on the head absentmindedly. Best decision that Jet and Droy had ever made.

"Really? That's the one sound that you retain as a dragon?"

"Really… that's the one sound he retains as a dragon?" the guild asked in unison.

"You always get hurt unnecessarily when you change the plot of the story Gajeel."

"Does that really have to do with anything?" Erza asked.

Fried shook his head, "Nope."

"Gajeel's just an idiot who always gets hurt on his own," Pantherlily clarified.

"I just wanted to touch you."

"K.O." Lisanna and Lucy screamed before they looked at each other and laughed.

"Oh don't you think that Cinder Levy has a nice right to it?" Wendy asked. Mirajane smacked her forehead again. "Oh! I'm so sorry Mirajane!"

"Stupid Gajeel, Levy-chan belongs to us," Droy mumbled.

"Haha, wouldn't it be funny if he was a woman or something," Jet crowed.

Satan Soul was suddenly on their heels.

"But Gajeel! You make such a voluptuous woman!"

"They're real! They're real!"

"Try the very back of your closet. Though this probably means that your character is supposed to be all showy and well…Boing!"

Gray narrowed his eyes, "Do you think Levy could be…"


"Guys don't like to be compared do they?"

"Gray-sama would definitely win!"

"How would you know Juvia?"

"Who the hell wouldn't know Gray? By the way… you're not wearing pants," Lucy snickered.

"Figure it out yourself shorty. Actually no, it would be better if you never know. I'm going to go make a scene."

"That kind of resistance is manly!"

"You pinned me to a bloody tree!"

"Andddddd, she went there," Cana grinned, "Bad luck Mirajane."

"We're not done this yet!" Mirajane growled.

"Swan Lake!" Cana cried, "Take that Mira! No happy endings for that one!"

"Your smile… the bird's… well… your smile is nice."

"Smooth." All the men nodded.

"Can't believe that Gajeel is capable of this," Cana muttered darkly.

"You think that saying … that is basic?"

"I agree, do you think saying that is basic Luce?"

"I love you Natsu," Lucy grinned.

Natsu turned the colour of Erza's hair before he timidly stared at his fingers, "L-love you t-too, Luce."

"I can't even tell the actual girl that I like that I love her! What the hell makes you think that I'm going to be able to tell a crappy copy of her that! You're not even a crappy copy you gloomy woman! You're nothing like the beautiful shorty!"

No words could describe the chaos that ensued in the guild at Gajeel's words.

"He llllllikes her," Happy trilled.

"I like fish," Happy mumbled.

"Then you'd probably like the Little Mermaid," Lucy grinned.

Mirajane's eye twitched.

"Stop hitting my ass!"

"No, no Levy. Smack that ass," Cana grinned.

"There… you see her…. sitting there across the way… she don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her…"

"Didn't know you could sing Lily," Mirajane sang.

"Didn't know I could sing either."


"Now that was expected," Romeo laughed. The guild joined in. Happy pouted.


"Did Levy just…" Cana moaned.

"YES!" Mirajane screamed.

Somber's Corner

LOL LOL LOL... most recent episode (filler) of FT made my day. Gajeel is officially... a dork LOL. I will also stand by my statement that Gajeel doesn't know how to dance and what happened in that filler came after the events of this story where he learned LOL. Loved it beyond all possible reason though, spammed the scene like crazy. Those two are so freaking cute - if they don't become officially cannon (they practically already are)... I'm going to shoot someone LOL

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