notes – I apologize for lack of updates! I'm currently stuck in a block, but if anyone is interested, I do have like 4 WIPs going on now. For the time being, this will be a collection of drabbles that I've been writing and not-sharing on ffnet. Expect not just Yukiatsu/Tsuruko but other pairings and friendships and just the super peace busters being super. Thank you very much for the continued support!

yukiatsu,tsuruko (post-series)

When he thinks about describing Tsuruko in one word, he thinks 'measured'. It's not the first word that comes to his mind, but it's the most appropriate one at the moment. She is always controlled when she is with him, frowning in that sort of way that isn't exactly unhappy or angry, never smiling with more than a slight curve of her mouth, her spectacles precisely tilted. Tsuruko sets these unsaid limits on herself and Yukiatsu has never seen the need to press her about it. He's used to her little quirks, as much as she is used to his.

It is when she's talking to Yadom– sorry. It is when she's talking to Jintan, does she get careless. She lets a laugh tumble out in between a conversation. A quiet, modest one (but it is still a laugh and it is still genuine), and Yukiatsu can't help but feel… shortchanged, somehow.

She lets Poppo touch her shoulder and then on the hand when he talks, never pulling away or showing discomfort. Yukiatsu stares at the spectacle from the corner of his eye before folding up his thoughts and storing them at the back of his mind. It doesn't mean anything to him. This is what he tells himself. It's not like he's ever attempted (or been interested) in getting close to Tsuruko, so it would be foolish to get jealous over something as frivolous as this.

Frivolous, huh. Is he channeling Tsuruko now that she's abandoned her stereotype?

But when he watches Tsuruko and Anaru conversing in the only way they know how to – a feeling of mutual hostility buttered with respectful acceptance of one another – he realises that Tsuruko might be discriminating him. The two girls exchange words that begin out stiff and slowly soften up, and they sound agreeable for once. Anaru offers a smile to Tsuruko, and Tsuruko returns it with one of her own. It's small, but it's there. Yukiatsu is immediately bent on figuring out why she lowers her guard for everyone but him.

"Tsuruko." He stands next to her as they wait for the train on the platform.

"Yukiatsu," she replies.

"Listen," he tries again, turning to face her this time.

"I am," Tsuruko says though she doesn't look up. "I always am."

The boy stops. He looks at her carefully this time. Really looks. She has her nose in a book and a pink flower in her hair. Maybe she hasn't been discriminating him at all.