Love The Way You Lie

Summary: Ethan was in his house alone and then later he woke up in other house. He was kidnapped, but who kidnap him? Jesse kidnapped Ethan and then they learn they never knew.

A/N:Omfg I got idea when I was listening to this song and watching the video. My friend was shock that I was going do maybe 20 something so yeah I hope u enjoy it. It's really sad it's a JessexEthan story. I don't own My Babysitter's a Vampire or/and characters.

Ethan P.O.V

After school Benny and I was hanging out where my parents was going out for their honeymoon. Later a 5:30pm we got bored. "I'm have to go home Ethan bye." Benny left. Then I sighed because I was alone because my sister went to her friend's house for a while. I just sit here until it was 9:50pm. I went to bed so I could see the next day.

Jesse P.O.V

Tonight was the night that I kidnap Ethan so nobody could find him. I went to his room and put my hand on his mouth so nobody could hear him. Then I gave him something so he could go back to sleep. I put him in the bag and then I left from his house. I take him where no one could find him it wasn't a good looking house but I bet no one could find him. I put him on the bed and watch him sleep. I feel something I never knew. I smiled at him sleeping enjoy it. Maybe I have feelings for him. I was thinking about giving revenge and get Sarah and I together, but now I change my mind what if I told him my feelings. Will he feel the same for me? This is going driving me crazy already. Why is love drive you so crazy? I sighed. I kissed him on his forehead and left.

Ethan P.O.V

I woke up in another place. I was shock. Where was I? Is this a dream? I looked around if somebody was there. Later I saw Jesse downstairs. I was shocked. "Jesse di-did you kidnap me?" I asked. He nodded. "Why you kidnap me you know people is going look for me!" I shouted at him. He sighed. "It's a long story Ethan you don't want to know." My heart was racing I just went upstairs and sat on the bed. I have this weird feeling when I see Jesse. It's like when I see Jesse it makes me happy, but at the same time angry. Am I in love with Jesse? Do Jesse have the same feeling that I have. I looked at the time. It was 9:30am I must get dress. But I didn't got my cloths. I just go to Benny's house to dress up. I went downstairs I was about to leave until I saw Jesse. "Where are you going?" He asked. "I'm going to school what else?" I said. "No you not you going to stay here." "Um no I'm not. If I want to go to school I GO TO SCHOOL!" I shouted. "Listen here I don't know who you talking to, but you better not talk to me." He shouted at me. I got angry at him. "I'm talking to you because you're the only person in here ok?" I shouted back. I was about to leave the house until he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. "DUDE LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed at him. "NO I LEAVE YOU ALONE IF I WANT TO!" he screamed at me back. But then he kissed me and I enjoy it. I didn't stop him from stopping him. He put his hand under my shirt while I touch his hair. "I love you Ethan don't leave." He whispered to me. "I won't because I love you too Jesse." He kissed me again. And I never knew anything like this and so as Jesse, but we love it.

A/N:I hope u like it! I going be M because of some of the sex they going have (oh shit I just told u that they were going to have sex!). Oh well so enjoy it! P.S. why I keep on forgetting what Ethan's sister name is? Mmmmm I just got bad memious like i forget how to spell it...