Fipp: This was inspired when I was going through the FFXIII-2 Gamefaqs boards and someone quoted Cauis' speech on the many versions of Yeul he had known, and someone quoting a line from Doctor Who.

This made me consider Yeul's incarnations to the Doctor's incarnations, and how theire' different from each other.


The Many Incarnations of Yeul

Throughout the numerous centuries, Caius had known many different incarnations of Yeul. Each version of the girl was unique, having traits that none of the others had.

A Yeul who loved to sing. A Yeul who loved to travel. A Yeul who loved to collect flowers.

While the stronger aspects of who she was always remained, Caius was nervous when meeting the new incarnations, as he didn't know what they'd be like.

There had been one who spent her days sleeping at the beach. One who raised a chocobo from the egg. One who knitted. One who drew wonderful works of art.

He had loved each Yeul, and suffered their entire lives knowing that they would be lucky to live past their twentieth birthday.

Of course, while he had loved each and everyone of them, there were some that he preferred over others.

One of them, had loved to cook, however she was not too good at it. Every day, three times a day, she would cook meals that consisted of burnt meat, watery soup, dry vegetables, and questionable desserts. She never really seemed to notice if something was too sweet, or too salty, or unbelievably sour.

He still ate her food though, even though he suffered from frequent stomachaches.

Daredevil Yeul was another he didn't like. Despite her short life expectancy, she found it fun to try and see how close to death she could get. Throwing rocks at Bombs until they exploded, bungee jumping over lakes with very hungry monsters, and once trying to fly a burning airship through a small hole in a cliff.

More often than not, Caius had to save her, and would have died at least three-hundred times.

One Yeul had a great interest in chemistry. She would spend hours working with various chemicals and beakers, working on numerous experiments that he never really understood. This, in itself, wasn't too bad, except more often than not, something exploded, turned into acid, or came to life and tried to eat him.

On one occasion, all three happened at once. Caius did not like fighting exploding acid monsters who were hungry.

There were many more versions that were less preferred. Another Yeul had an odd fascination with fire, and this ended with him in flames. Another had a very crude sense of humor for very vulgar jokes. One who liked practical jokes that sometimes went too far. One who tried to be a mimeā€¦

In his opinion though, the worst version was the eleventh Yeul he had met. She had a very disturbing habit that, no matter how much he tried to stop it, she always managed to repeat. He was almost afraid that this habit would turn into a curse that not even he could save her from.

"What is that on your head?"

"This? Oh, it's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool."

Caius then promptly killed the fez, and any other fezzes that followed.

There had been many versions of Yeul, some of which had been the cause of much grief on his part. However, he would not have changed any of them.


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