Sheridan lay on the couch, her hands steeped in front of her face in their usual manner. She breathed a heavy sigh and sat up slowly. Joan was asleep in her chair, laptop and empty cup of tea on the floor beside her.

Sherlock watched with sleep drooped eyes. Joan did not look comfortable curled up on the chair with a thin duvet covering her. Sherlock stood up and tugged her sleep shorts down where they had ridden up. Pulling her dressing gown tightly across her body she padded over to where Joan sat.

"Joan…" Sheridan whispered softly, brushing Joan's bangs out of the way and kissing her forehead lightly.

"Hm… Sher…" Joan mumbled, sitting up straighter and rubbing at her eyes.

"We should really move to the bed." Sheridan spoke softly with a small smile. Joan nodded but did not make a move to get up. Sheridan's smile grew as she reached her arms out and tugged Joan up into a hug.

"Love you…" Joan's voice rumbled into Sheridan's chest. Joan was still half asleep as Sheridan led them back into her room. Tucking Joan into the bed and then snuggling in next to her, Sheridan replied.

"Love you too."