AN: I'm actually trying this. I'm gonna come up with 29 ways Wally almost confesses to Kuki WITHOUT using any of the scenes from the show. I must be a masochist. This first one is cute and kinda funny, but they will all have different themes.

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29 Tries

Attempt #1 – The Best Friends

"Hey, Numbah Four? Who's your bestest best friend in the whole wide world?" a petite Oriental asked cheerily, propping her chin on her sleeve-covered hands.

The Aussie in question looked begrudgingly at her, at her shining brown eyes and waiting smile, before passing a sigh through his lips in frustration and turning his attention back to his GameBoy. She was so cruddy annoying. "Numbah Two, doofus."

Strange as it seemed to the common passerby, Wally and Hoagie got along very well. Even though one was a portly, brainy nerd who spent his spare time building airplanes and chasing skirts and one was a pocket-sized hooligan with a big mouth and a bigger attitude, the two got along like two Reeses cups in a pack.

Kuki knew the two were best friends, so why was she bothering him with this now?

The girl's lower lip jutted out, her almond-shaped eyes scrunching up in preparation of fake tears. "But Numbah Foooouuuur..."

The blonde scowled as Mario's life ran out, a decrescendo of bleeps signaling the end of his game.

"Aw, crud. 'But' nothin'!"

"Well, aren't we friends? Don't you like me?" she demanded, hugging a Super-Plush Pukerific Rainbow Dorkie to her chest.

Numbah Four blushed, a pink color that stretched from the roots of his hair to the nape of his neck. "S-sure, Kuki. Whatever."

"Then why can't we be beeeest friends?" she pressed, stretching the word out with an upward inflection, something Wally used to find incredibly annoying. Not so much anymore.

"Because Numbah Two is my best friend," he repeated, twiddling his thumbs impatiently as he waited for the game to restart, desperate for a distraction from the pretty Asian splayed out next to him.

"But what about meeee?"

"You're different." The words rose from his stomach, up his throat, and through his lips before he could stop them. They wound through the air and hung there, heavy with sudden awkwardness.

"Different? What does that mean?" Kuki's eyes brightened with interest, her head tilting to the side. Silky black hair fluttered around her shoulders at the movement, swinging like willow branches from her head.

Numbah Four turned a fiery shade of scarlet.

What now? How do I save face?

Then an idea struck him; why should he? There was no one else around, and Numbah Three was the one that had asked. Maybe it was about time he spit his feelings out. Hopefully, she would spit them back.

If this was anyone but Wally, the imagery would have been disgusting.

Setting into a new determination, the Aussie tossed the GameBoy to the side, where it bounced unhappily on the couch cushion, trilling a tune.

Wally turned toward Numbah Three, looking at her steadily through his bangs, though his insides were squirming and he felt like he might barf.

She just looked surprised, waiting patiently for him to answer.

"," he swallowed; this was harder than he'd thought.

After a few seconds of silence, Numbah Three leaned in, a small, expectant smile on her face. "Yeeees, Wally?"

"I...n...mmm...I..." he cursed himself for stuttering and sounding like such an idiot. This was a bad idea. Very, very bad.

"I could never be best friends with a cruddy girly-girl like you!" he blurted.

Kuki's scream of rage and astonishment was almost drowned out by the mound of purple plush that swung up to smack him in the face.

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