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29 Tries

The Epilogue

There's a boy whose face I know.

It's not a particularly special face – he's got a nose, two eyes, a mouth; everything you should expect to find. But he also has a dimple in his left cheek and a scar through his eyebrow and a tooth that sits crooked on the top. His smile lifts up on one side and his nose is dusted with pale freckles that stand out when his face turns red. His hair is bright and gold and cut like a bowl; his eyes are green and full of steady stares and darting glances.

As I walk through the halls of the school we share, I'm looking at the backpack of the girl in front of me, reading the notes her friends had written in permanent marker – so it'll last forever – and I know all of that, without glancing his way, and know the laugh I hear is his.

I've never talked to him before, not really. One time I was in the same movie theater and we sat in the same row, and I'd said 'excuse me' when I passed him and he'd said 'sure', but that is the extent of our relationship.

I don't know him, but I know his face. I've never looked at him, but sometimes I think he's looking at me.

Today, my math class talked too much and we got assigned seats. He's sitting next to me in the back row.

He sighs, and I know what that looks like without seeing. His pencil scratches over paper and I know his answers are wrong.

I never look over at him. I turn away to make faces at my friends and pass notes when the teacher's back is turned. I'm afraid I might see brown hair and thin lips and glasses – a face I don't know. For some reason, it terrifies me that he might be a stranger, even though he is.

"That's wrong," I whisper to him one day. I look over at his paper; next to the problem he'd written '4' as if he hadn't even tried to figure it out. I feel him frown.

"Then what's the answer?" he whispers back. I shake my head, eyes back to my own equations.

"Figure it out yourself," I reply.

"I can't."


Then I look at him, and he's looking at me like I've said something so incredibly interesting that he needs to read the words in my eyes.

I feel a prickle of something familiar and I know he feels it too.

I'm the girl whose face he knows.

"Maybe you should tutor me." His lips are pulling up on one side and I can see the dimple screwed into his cheek. His tooth is crooked and there's a scar through his eyebrow but I smile back because all of it feels so great to actually see.

I nod, pushing a word through my smiling lips. "Okay."

We turn away and we don't talk again. Until the next day, and the next, and the next. I find out things about him. He's funny and cynical and he has a little brother named Joey who thinks he's the best thing since canned bread. He likes sports and cars and saying 'crud' and so many other boy things that I giggle a little and that's something that makes him smile. He's stubborn and easily frustrated and he's more than once crumpled up a page of math and thrown it across the room to the recycle bin. Eight times out of ten, it makes it in.

All of these things fall into place in my mind like there were spaces waiting for them, and every bit of information I absorb and accept like I already knew it all. All the time we spend together is spent in a bubble of a pink, nostalgic feeling and I don't care who sees us or hears us because none of them matter but him and me.

And one day, weeks and weeks later, he looks at me and there's another something I recognize. Something soft, mixed with hesitation and a pulse of nervous energy that escapes through his drumming fingers on my desk, which was pushed up against his while I taught him about quadratic equations.

I swallow and my face turns hot because I know something's coming that will change things.

He clears his throat and runs a hand through his hair and says my name as if I wasn't already rapt in attention.

His face is red and mine is too, and my heart is beating hard and fast and I feel...hope.

The gentle lapping of his face and his words adds to the feeling, giving it strength, letting it grow. Roots dig into my heart and stretch up to bloom in my mind, a connection fueled by the drumming of his fingers against my own.

I smile, and he looks at me and smiles too. Hope.

"There's something I've wanted to tell you for a really, really long time…"

I know, I want to say. I've always known. But it seems too strange to think that I do, that I have. That this has been going on longer than we realized.

He rakes over me with green, green eyes. His blonde hair makes me wistful; the scar in his eyebrow makes me sad. He makes me...

We lean forward. We breathe. We tangle our fingers together and that, at least, feels new. We are the only people in the world. I might cry. This bubble of conversation feels far too intimate, too intense. He's telling me. I should listen.

I already know.

I always have.

His voice is low, unfocused. "I just…don't know how to say it."


He whispers the words softly, defiantly, nervously, definitively, tenderly, uncertainly, adoringly, hopefully, desperately, finally, against my mouth, where they stay and sink and spark.

I let out a breath that felt held for a thousand years.

I've been waiting.

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