"Alenko! Wrex! Suit up and report to the Mako." Joker's voice is loud through the bay speakers. Of course I'm already suited up - no krogan would be caught without his armor. Across the bay I see the turian heave a sigh of relief. Then he looks at me and his left mandible twitches in a smirk. He's been whining like a baby after every trip planetside:

"I never knew Shepard hated us that much."

"I thought I was going to die!"

"Thank the Spirits for my helmet – it muffles the screams."

"I'm thinking about letting my shooting take a nosedive. Maybe then she'll leave me back on the Normandy."

I actually hear him chuckling as we load into the Mako. Even Alenko doesn't gripe that much and he's a human. He is using the full harness rig, though, and I see him triple checking the buckles. He even straps on his helmet with the visor sealed. I see Shepard roll her eyes at him. "The atmosphere is earth normal, Kaidan," she mutters. He responds with a nod and a brief "ma'am" and checks the harness again. What a baby.

Thirty seconds into the mission I realize the turian was actually understating things. "Shepard! What are you doing?" I bellow as the Mako's wheels squeal in protest from the impact of what had to be a hundred meter drop. "It's a short cut!" she yells back. Then, "Wrex? Are-are you crying?"