It All Starts With A Bottle

Chapter 1

"I know! Let's spin the bottle!" Amelia explains. I raise my eyebrows and quickly scan the room. Everyone's pretty might doing the same thing. "Come on! It'll be fun!" she urges. I sigh and get up to find a clean, empty bottle.

Being with friends on a Saturday night, with nothing to do, this'll work. It had initially started off with me and Amelia, but then the house started filling up. Amelia invites her boyfriend, Tray, who brings along his friend, Alcide, who brings along his friend, Eric, who brings along his friend, Bill, who brings along his friend, Quinn, and then all of them bring their girlfriends, which causes me to invite Tara and Pam. Yay.

When I come back everyone is ready. I look around where to sit, there's a spot next to Eric. My face instantly reddens. I've had a crush on him since we started being mates. At first I thought he was just a dick footballer, but he's not. He's actually got real good taste in music, has this weird sensitive side where he lies his head in your lap on the couch and, not to mention, he's pretty fucking sexy.

Eric pats the cushion and I plop down. We go through the rules about how if it's your honey you can do more than kiss, if it's the opposite sex you don't have to kiss on the mouth but anywhere else, and blah blah.

I opted out of who goes first. It was Bill. He spun, got Alicde. I noticed Debbie, Alcide's girlfriend, stiffen and couldn't help but giggle a little. Bill reluctantly kissed him on the cheek. We were all super drunk already so I didn't bother pulling him up on it and saying why didn't you just kiss his hand.

The game went on for a while. I ended up getting kissed by Selah, Bill's girl, on the cheek, Quinn, which resulted in tongue, but I didn't want to mention it to the room, Bill, Alcide, Amelia, on the lips, Debbie, on the hand with disgust from the both of us, and Pam, on the nose.

Eric spun again, having got no guys, which he seemed immensely satisfied with and landed on me. I cringed. I had never kissed Eric before. He seemed pleased. That struck me as odd. He always shivered when he had landed on everyone else. I didn't think about it much as the next thing I knew I was being pulled closer by two strong, warm arms.

"Finally I have you" he whispered, so low no one but me could hear, that peaked my interest. Did he mean in his arms, did he mean on the bottle, or was he talking about something completely different. I was rooting for the last option.

I was then smothered in his kiss. He held my hair in a clump and let his other hand wander down to pull me closer. I was so lost in him. I knew Eric never dated, just fucked and left, moved on, fucked and left, moved on, but he was just such a good kisser and he smelt so good and… oh god!

I reached my arms up and pawed at his back. I could feel him smile at me responding and he deepened the kiss. Our tongues dancing with each other's. I moaned a little when he started kneading my breasts.

"Ah guys, hello! Awkward!" I heard Amelia sigh. This seemed to snap me back to reality as I pushed off Eric and sat back up straight. I could see Eric's arousal sticking at attention and immediately felt guilty for not helping him hide it.

Everyone was grinning at us and waggling their eyebrows. I blushed and Eric leaned over. 'No! Leave me alone, I'm drunk I have no self control' I wanted to scream at him but just sat there. He brushed his lips past my ear and said, so gently only I could possibly make it out. "I look forward to that again soon, and don't blush, you're beautiful" he winked at me as he sat back in his previous position.

Holy fuck I am so confused.


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