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Time floats in the nothingness, keeping time flowing forever and ever. Time has been in this world full of clocks and ticks for as long as Time could remember. Time does not remember much before life in this world full of time. The things Time could remember are little and few, but Time remembers clearly that Time was once a human. The objects handing around Time's neck is the key to these memories, the keys that keeps Time remembering that Time was once a human or played the part of one at some point in time, in one reality or another. The blue crystal was something Time considers especially precious to Time, something Time remembers calling Partner. The purple crystal and the yellow crystal were something special to Time because it belonged to the ones Time remembers calling Sister. The red crystal was something especially special because it belonged to the one Time called Master and Savior. The ones these crystals belonged to and the time spent with these people were lost to Time, but Time always kept them with Time because they reminded Time of the time when Time was a human.

It is because of this, that Time would sometime act out of selfishness and do things that Time should never do, and that would be to interfere in the lives of those who exist in time, the mortal ones. However, this time when Time acts, it is not only out of selfishness, but because the life that Time needed to interfere in this time around was actually Life itself. Even a single Life was important no matter how many Life's exist within reality. If one Life was to go out, then Life would become unbalance. The balance of Life is essential because it balances out Death, and in concurrence, it balances out reality itself. This is why when Time feels the presence of a Life beginning to die out, Time decides to interfere.

Take note, this is not just because Time was once friends with Life when Time was a human in multiple realities, but because Life is essential to reality itself.



Sleepy, he was too sleepy to make a move. The boy lies in a puddle of his own blood. How he became like this he does not remember. The few things the boy, Naruto Uzuamki (6), does remember is that he was running, running away from the glares, from the cold eyes of the villagers. He could no longer take it. To live in a place where there is no parents, no friends, no love, was unbearable for the boy and so he ran. Naruto did not know how far he ran or for how long but when he finally stopped running, he was in a forest far from home. The forest was dark, the forest was scary, but Naruto was away from the place he called home, the place he wishes he could truly call home. However, soon after arriving in the strange forest, a large figure, something the boy vaguely recalls resembling an oversize cat had lunged at him. Soon after that, Naruto fell into darkness, and when he came to, he was in a puddle of his own blood.

The boy did not know he was dying, but the demon within him did, and it tried in vain to heal his container with its power. However, because the child had not fully tapped into his chakra, it was extremely difficult to heal him. Unfortunately because of this, the demon could not heal the boy fast enough to stop him from dying. The demon curses his luck for being sealed within such a boy. Weak, insignificant, that is what the demon saw the boy as. It wasn't fair. Why did the demon have to die because the boy was a weakling who could not stand up to a few glares or handle the pain of loneliness? Stupid humans, stupid Fourth Hokage, stupid Kushina Uzumaki, the demon curses them all to hell, including the little whelp dying on the ground. However, the demon was not like the boy, it would not give up, it would not die without putting up a fight, and it continues to force out its power into the boy to heal him, to prolong his life enough for someone in the stupid village to rescue the boy and finish the little healing it had already done.

A sound of a ticking clock is heard from all around. It is even heard from deep within the seal on Naruto's stomach, reaching the demon's ears. A blue energy clock appears beneath Naruto, it flashes brightly, and it's ticking sounding throughout the world. The light becomes intense, blinding everything. The light clears, the ticking comes to a stop. Nothing is left of Naruto Uzumaki in his world, except for a puddle of blood.


Heartfilia Konzern


It was a normal peaceful afternoon. The villagers were busy and happy. Children ran around playing games, adults were at work, and one Layla Heartfilia (24) was having a stare off with a traveling merchant. By Layla's side was her cute daughter, Lucy Heartfilia (5). The young girl was staring from her mother to the merchant curiously, not sure what was going on, but was excited nonetheless to be out shopping with her mother once again.

"Thirty Jewels." Layla demands sternly.

The merchant shakes his head.

"It's fifty jewels madam, no exceptions."

Huffing in annoyance, Layla suddenly smiles mischievously, and gives Lucy a wink. Focusing her attention on the merchant once more, Layla gives him a soft kind, almost flirty smile, and a blush decorates her cheeks.

"So you're saying you can't lower the price for me?"

The merchant gulps, sweat sliding down his face, as his eyes drift down to Layla's dress that seems to hug every inch of her body. In response to this, Layla's blush darkens and she leans away a bit, but keeps her memorizing smile.

Minutes later, Layla and Lucy are walking down the street. Layla giggles happily and stares down at her happy daughter holding the Nikora the Canis Minor plush doll. Hearing her mother's giggles, Lucy giggles as well and gives her mother a big smile.

"Thanks mommy, I love him."

Lucy hugs the doll to emphasize this, causing her mother to go into another fit of giggles.

"I can see that Lu-chan," Lucy beams at the nickname. "Now let's hurry home, I'm sure your papa is waiting for us."

As they walk, Layla could hear a faint ticking sound in the distance. The ticking was slowly becoming louder the further she moved down the road. The ticking soon becomes so loud, Layla covers her ears wincing. It did not take a genius to know what was happening. A mage was casting some powerful magic and it was close. Reaching into her tiny purse, Layla draws out a set of golden keys. Grabbing one of the keys, Layla thrust out her arm, and chants.

"Open the Gate of the Ram, Capricorn!"

In a flash, Capricorn appears next to Layla's side. Eyes widening at the sight of the


Capricorn moves to bow, but Layla stops him. There was no time for formality. Something, someone powerful was casting a dangerously powerful magic. It was truly nerve wrecking, a feeling Layla never enjoyed. However, what Layla truly never enjoyed was being the sole person to feel certain phenomenon's that others could not. Taking a glance at Capricorn, she saw that he looked as serious as ever, meaning he did not hear what she was hearing. Glancing around at the people passing by, she saw they too did not hear the loud ticking.

'I'm in another one of these situations.'

However, whining from Lucy draws Layla's attention. Staring down at her daughter, she saw that Lucy too was holding her ears. Tears were brimming behind her eyes, clearly not being able to take the loud noise. Sighing deeply, Layla removes her hands from her ears, and place one on Lucy's head. In response Lucy stares up at Layla, the tears now streaming down her face.


Giving Lucy a small smile, Layla turns to the silent Capricorn.

"Can you take Lucy back to the town and watch over her until I return."

Knowing Capricorn would follow her request without fail; Layla gives him and Lucy one last smile and runs off for the source of the magic she was sensing. Ignoring Lucy's cries from behind, Layla continues onward, trying her best to push past the pain of the annoying, painful ticking. This was hard to do however. Not only was the ticking becoming louder, but it suddenly gained surround sound. How this was possible, Layla did not know, but she knew whoever was causing it was obviously bored and doing it just for fun.

Not that she would ever know, but Layla's ranting thoughts were true.

Nearly stepping on the end of her dress, Layla stumbles a bit, and nearly trips over a rock.

"Aw damn."

Not needing such a hindrance, without hesitation, Layla rips a portion of her dress, forming a slit, and continues on towards the noise. Moving closer towards the border of Land Heartfilia as Layla sometimes call it, the woman comes to a stop seeing a woman in the distance. This is not what made Layla stop. What made Layla stop was the many blue magical clocks appearing and disappearing around the woman, something that leaves Layla in awe. Above the woman ticking loudly was an even larger magical clock. Moving closer, Layla saw a pocket watch in the silver-haired woman's hand. The number zero is seen engraved on the back, something that intrigues Layla, but not as much as the woman surrounded by the magical clocks, and the small boy covered in blood by her feet.

The woman, Time, glances up at Layla, and when she does, the ticking of the magical clocks come to a stop, and Layla become frozen to the spot. Staring at the woman, Layla gulps as an intense fear begins to overwhelm her. Although the woman said nothing, the sheer presence the woman gave off was something not human. The presence Time gave off was not something a Celestial Spirit or any demon Layla has ever came across possessed either. No one has ever felt like such a frightening thing before, something that could possibly erase her existence without batting an eye. At this moment, Layla regrets charging headstrong to the source of the noise, because now she was going to die, leaving her husband and daughter alone. Tears gather in Layla's eyes at the thought of this. She could only imagine the intense sadness and loneliness the two would go through if she ever dies and leave them. Taking in the appearance of her executioner, Layla saw that Time was a woman with short silver hair that reaches a little past her shoulders, wearing an eye patch decorated with a clock over her right eye only revealing her left golden eye that had multiple rings circling the iris. Time was clad in a long black and blue robe, and hanging around her neck were three crystals attached to a blue energy string.

"Layla Heartfilia."

Time speaks in a slow raspy voice.

"Take…care…of…this…child. He…is…very…special…to…you…your…daughter…or…is it…that…he…will…be…special…to…you. This…Life…needs…to…live…Life must…never die," Time's voice become stronger. "Do not worry…I am not here…to erase your existence. I am here to prolong Life's….existence until he…opens the gate. When the gate opens…then this Life…is allowed to die. However…until then…he must live and continue living until it is open," Time's expressionless face melts into a small smile. "Take care of him, he is an old friend of mine…or he will one day be…or is it that he already is and will be again," Time shakes her head and waves her hand. A cold chill passes through Layla's body a second later. Unnoticed to Layla the number on the pocket watch shifts from zero to one, once Time continues speaking. "Time is a mysterious power…is it not?" Time's smile melts off her face and it becomes expressionless once again just as the one on the pocket watch becomes the number zero once more. "Farewell…Messenger…of…Life." Layla blinks and Time was gone.

The fear Layla felt fades just as quickly as it came. The clocks all vanish, even the clock that was on the bloody boy. Not knowing what happened, Layla scans for Time but found her nowhere.


Hearing the painful groan, Layla rushes to Naruto's side. Kneeling at his side, Layla checks him over and found to no surprise that he was gravely injured. Blood soaks Layla's hands as she removes his shirt. When she does, she cringes at the sight of Naruto's chest. There was a small portion of it missing.

"My god."

Covering the rest of his torso were multiple claw marks. Deducing that Naruto was mauled by an animal, Layla knew this was the cause of Naruto's critical condition. Tears gather in her eyes at the sight, unconsciously picturing Lucy in the same condition. She could not allow this boy to die. It had nothing to do with Time, no; it had to do with her pride as a mother. However, she had no idea how to save him. Moving him would only make his condition worst. She knew no healing spells, because they were rare and pretty much lost to the world. Gripping her dress, tears flow down Layla's face.

'What can I do to save him?'

Staring at the large wound, Layla's eyes suddenly scrunch up. Not sure if she was seeing right, she stares a little closer.

"What in the world?"

It was slow, but the hole on Naruto's chest was slowly closing. Amazed at the sight, Layla continues to stare on.

'Regeneration Magic, I've never seen such a thing before.'

An idea hits Layla, a risky one, but an idea nonetheless. At the rate things were looking, Naruto would not survive another minute. His body was healing too slowly to save his life. There could be two reasons for this, Layla deduces. One, Naruto's magical power was barely active. Two, his magical power was too low to heal body.

'But what if I give him some of mine? I can boost his power and possibly.'

Not going any further with the thought, Layla brings her hand to Naruto's stomach and begins pouring in her magic. A golden light engulfs them both. A seal appears on Naruto's stomach, catching Layla's eye. Curious about the seal, but not questioning it at the moment, Layla focuses on her current task on helping Naruto. To her immense joy and relief, the hole on Naruto's chest was closing faster, at an almost inhuman speed. The claw marks covering his torso also heals, and unlike the hole in his chest, these heal almost instantly. In a manner of minutes, the wounds covering Naruto heal.

"Whew." Layla collapses back drenched in sweat, panting heavily. "That took a lot out of me."

Grinning, Layla stares down at Naruto. The boy was alive, which was good. He was breathing easy, color returned to his face, and he was talking in his sleep.

"Hmm…thanks for the ramen mom, it was delicious…I love you too."

Giggling at the sight, Layla pulls Naruto into her lap, and hugs him closely. Saying nothing, Layla just holds the sleeping boy. Hugging him was enough for now. Deep inside her being, she knew this was the right decision. However, Layla ponders her next course of action. The boy obviously had a mother from what she heard him mumble in his sleep. Finding out where she was and returning him to her was the first course of action. However at the moment the boy needed rest and Layla needed to return to her daughter.

Giving Naruto a small glance, Layla giggles at a very interesting thought.

"I bet you'll make a perfect playmate for Lu-chan."

While Naruto was being hugged by a beautiful blonde on the outside, he was being hugged by a beautiful red head on the inside. The boy was crying, the woman was crying, and yet the two were smiling happily. Within the seal, the demon, Kyuubi huffs and closes his eyes. Things were not as they should be. The demon could no longer sense the presence of his brothers. The energies of the world were different, yet the same. However, none of that matter at the moment, what did was that the boy's chakra has grown strong enough for the demon to begin mixing his power with the boy's. The seal will weaken by this action, not enough for the demon to break free, not yet, but overtime it will, and when it does, the Kyuubi will kill the boy and roam free once more.

"All in due time Naruto Uzumaki, all in due time."

The Kyuubi chuckles at the inside joke and close its eyes, falling into a deep slumber. Nothing was going to stop it from causing endless destruction, not even the blood of an Uzumaki could stop it now.

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