Naruto: And we're back!


Naruto: You, I'm really going to beat you up

Natsu: I'm still waiting btich!

Erza (groans): When will you stop this act? Konsu does not own Fairy Tail or Naruto

Cana: Let's

Mirajane: Begin!

After a long day at the bar Mirajane was ready to relax. The customers were rowdy like always, horny like always, and like always she took it all with a smile. It was such a tiring thing. There was no such person who always smiles, Mirajane was positive such a person did not exist. This did not mean Mirajane did not like to smile, in fact she enjoys smiling, being happy and kind quite a lot actually. However this did not mean she enjoyed having her kindness taken advantage of.

"The next guy who decides to rub my ass will be put six feet under."

Sure Mirajane had mellowed out over the years, but she still had quite the devil streak within her, something that would never really go away. A knock at the door draws Mirajane's attention. A twitch formed in her eyebrow. Six times before during this time of night, almost close to midnight one of the customers at the bar would come to her hotel looking for a good time. Unfortunately for them, Normal Mirajane was far less tolerant than Barmaid Mirajane and the end result was the man and the many others after him being sent to the emergency room. Mira's arm changed into a demon's arm at the thought of the pig headed morons not learning there lessons.

"One second, I'll be right there."

After dressing in her robe to cover her naked body, Mirajane answered the door and was surprised to see Cana Alberona with a guest of all things. Happy and surprised, Mirajane ushered them in, finding Cana's blonde-haired companion very familiar. There was something about him that made her head, body, and soul ache. She keeps an eye on him as he leaned against the wall, and as Cana took a seat on her bed.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you so soon Cana-chan, but why are you here and with a friend no less?" The demon arm vanished from Mira's hand. "Please tell me it's not another ploy to get me to live one of your fantasies again. I believe I told you if you tried to do so again I would rip apart that chest you're so proud of." A dark malicious aura surrounded Mirajane. She ignored the splutters and blush coming from Cana and took a seat on the couch near the window.

"No it's not! I learned my lesson Mira-san!" Mira's raised eyebrow said she did not believe Cana and the woman in question knew it. "I'm serious. We came here to ask for your assistance with a little problem. Well not as much as little, but not big yet." Cana rambled on and only stopped when Mirajane narrowed her eyes at her.

"Get to the point. My patience is wearing thin."

"Phantom Lord has a friend of his," Cana saw Mirajane opening her mouth and continued on before she could get a word out. "And is planning on targeting Lucy next." This news had Mirajane's full attention.

"Tell me how you came about this information!"

Cana turned to Naruto for help, and the man wasted no time in answering.

"I found out after a clash with a few of their mages. They believed me to be knocked out, but I heard it loud and clear. They'll be after Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail and Ultear from the Magic Council. I don't know why they want them or why they captured Wendy, but I will save her and protect them with or without your help. You have one minute to give me an answer; I already wasted enough time coming here."

A sigh escaped Cana at how irritated Naruto seemed. The guy was really in a foul mood and she could understand why. His friend was captured, his little sister was next on the guild's capture list and from what she picked out from his words, another friend, Ultear was also on the list.

"Calm down," In a flash of light Mirajane was dressed in a black dress with white trimmings framing the neck line. "The moment Lucy was brought into the equation I was already on board," Mirajane turned to Naruto and gave him a bone chilling glare, a cold chill passed through the room. "I don't know what kind of connection you have with Lucy, but she's a member of Fairy Tail. She's family, we take care of our own and will destroy anyone who dares to take our kin from us. What's the name of the guild we'll be destroying?"

Lip curled in a snarl, Naruto answered in a growl.

"Phantom Lord."


The two were unaware of the stare Cana gave them and if they were they would not have cared.

"So what now?"

The answer was a simple one and the two, Mirajane and Naruto answered it in unison.

"We go after Phantom Lord."


Phantom Lord

In the dark with no on one to talk to, Wendy sat silently, chained to a wall. Jose lied, she should have expected it, but she foolishly believed his words. There was no regret however. She did what she believed was right and no one would blame her for it, not her hero and not herself.

"I blame you Wendy."

Carla had to be different however.

"Sorry Carla but I couldn't leave it as it was. He was hurt and I was the only one who could heal him.

"And that's precisely why you shouldn't have done so. The moment you healed him he could have done far worse than throw you in a cell. He could have killed you Wendy. Do you understand? He could have killed you. You have to think of all the possible possibilities and what the consequences of your actions will bring." Reasoned Carla quietly.


"But nothing. I know you Wendy and I know my words are going in one ear and out the other because of some foolish belief that you must help those you can with the power you have."

Of course Carla would bring that up. She was right and Wendy knew it. However this did not change anything. What she did was right, Wendy firmly believed this, and she would not change her decision for the world. A foolish, yet wise mage said something to her one day, something that her forever.

"I won't abandon anyone in need. If I have the power to help someone I will, I'll worry about the consequences later!"

Not the most inspirational words in the world, but combine them with the incident that day, they became pretty damn inspirational. Although it was that incident that set Wendy down her delusional path, it was also that incident that gave Wendy the power of Perverted Slayer Mode as Carla called it. The cat made a promise that day when that disgusting power awakened in Wendy.

She was going to murder the man who caused such a change in Wendy, and if she could not, she would claw him fiercely across the face.


The wall near the window across from Carla and Wendy exploded. The two girls screamed as rock and debris cut at their bodies. The wall was no longer there and in its place was a familiar blonde-haired man. Wendy and Carla stared at Naruto in shock. The man ignored their looks and held his out for Wendy, forgetting about Carla.

"Wendy let's go!"

"What about me you buffoon?"


Ten Minutes Earlier

"So what's the plan?" Asked Cana.

"Go in guns blazing of course." Scoffed Mirajane.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Agreed Naruto.

Staring between the two of them to see if they were serious, Cana sighed knowing that they were and glared at them both.

"You're both fucking stupid," Naruto and Mirajane looked insulted. "I'll make the plan here then. Naruto you'll rescue the girl. I don't know how, just do it. Mira and I will find Master Jose and figure out what his plans for Lucy are."

"Doesn't matter what his plans are?" Questioned Naruto glaring. "If we simply keep Lucy safe it shouldn't matter!"

"Sounds like someone is in love," Teased Mirajane. "But we need to find out what his goals are and find proof of them. Cana and I can make this happen."

"And why do you need proof?"

"For out Master. If there's someone who can stomp this out completely it's him."

Rising from the ground, Mira glared at the Phantom Lord base. The woman's fist clinched in anger. If it was up to her she would destroy all in her path, but that would be wrong for many reasons. One of which if they failed to do this right a war would erupt between their guilds. No matter how much of a badass (self-proclaimed) she was, Mirajane was not stupid. This incident could blow up in Fairy Tail's face if they attacked another guild without warning. Naruto's words meant shit. Just because he said Phantom Lord was planning something concerning Lucy did not mean they were. It was however worth looking into, because when it concerned a member of their guild there was nothing she or any other of her friend wouldn't do.

"Are you sure you weren't delirious when you heard them mention Lucy?" Asked Mirajane quietly. Naruto turned to her frowning. "Why does Lucy concern you? What's your relationship with her?"

Rising to his feet, Naruto answered, the color tone of his skin, hair, and clothes becoming darker as he activated his Dark Invoke.

"She's my sister."

Staring at Naruto intently, the familiarity from before comes back at full force. Yes, she was sure she knew Naruto. There was something, something at the edge of her mind threatening to break through whatever block was holding the memory of the boy back. Head aching painfully, Mirajane shook her head and focused on the task at hand.

"We should get going then."

Nodding in agreement Naruto watched the girls make a run for the castle that was the Phantom Lord base. They moved swiftly, their forms nothing more than blurs. Watching closely, Naruto's attention focused on Mirajane and despite himself, he smirked.

"Goth Girl became quite the beauty."

The moment Mirajane and Cana entered Phantom Lord Headquarters, Naruto leaped high in the air, the Dark Invoke empowering him with the powers of darkness, making him stronger, faster, and making it easier to use his Dark Make. He slammed his fist on his palm and roared loudly.

"Dark Make: Arrows!"

A hundred black arrows formed from darkness strikes the side of the headquarters, destroying on impact. Now that the wall was down, he could now search for Wendy and her annoying cat.


This however wasn't necessary because the wall he destroyed lead to the room where Wendy and Carla were imprisoned. Catching the scent of Wendy's power, Naruto grinned and held out his hand, calling out to the girl as he did.

"Wendy let's go!"

No sooner had he said this, he received an irritable reply from Carla.

"What about me you buffoon?"

Rolling his eyes, Naruto entered the room further and found the two chained to the wall. It was easy enough to free them, all he had to do was destroy the chains with a burst of darkness enhanced strength. Once they were freed, Naruto motioned them towards the hole in the wall.

"Let's move!"

Already on Wendy's back, Carla sprouted her wings and dived out the window. However, Naruto did not follow, his eyes were glued on the door. It opened, revealing the Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel Redfox. The Dragon Slayer laughed at the sight of Naruto, his body taking on a metallic shine. Cursing venomously, Naruto held his hands out and black orbs of energy formed as Gajeel charged him with a shout.

"Didn't think you show up so soon Nine Tails!"


Three floors above Naruto, Mirajane and Cana casually made their way to Master Jose's office, escorted by two members of the Element Four, Aria and Totomaru. The moment they entered the headquarters they were intercepted by the Element Four. To avoid a fight, Mirajane quickly thought on her feet and said they were there to speak with Master Jose. Rightfully suspicious, the Element Four held them at the entrance while they telepathically spoke with their master about them. It did not take long for Master Jose to decide what to do with them, and had his strongest mages escort them up. Along the way up an explosion rocked the base. Juvia and Sol left to investigate leaving Cana and Mirajane with their current escorts.

"You better pray you had nothing to do with that!" Sneered Totomaru.

Huffing at Totomaru's words, Mirajane returned the sneer with one of her own.

"And you better pray I don't catch you looking at my ass!"

The man gulped at the ominous aura Mirajane released. Rolling her eyes, Cana wondered how this will play out. Mira lied on the spot when confronted by the Element Four. She didn't know if she should hug her friend or punch her for the lie. It would have been easy to simply fight, but it would have been trouble. Not only would it be the Element Four, four S-Class Mages against the two of them, one S-Class Mage and her, but also a Dragon Slayer, a Wizard Saint and God knows how many mages. It would have been suicidal to go in gun blazing. Worse still was the fact that a war could erupt if this was not handled with care.

Another explosion rocked the base and Cana nearly toppled over, but was saved thanks to Mirajane grabbing her arm.

"Stay on your feet Cana-chan." Smiled Mirajane.

Rolling her eyes at the false smile, Cana nodded regardless and continued on in silence until they reached the Phantom Lord Master's office. The door was already open when they arrived, and they walked in alone. The moment they entered a glow appeared beneath them and they found themselves immobilized. There was a purple magic circle beneath their feet, one designed to trap anyone who passes over it.

"Mirajane Strauss and Cana Alberona. What are two of Makarov's children doing here?"

The lie slipped out of Mirajane's mouth the moment she heard those words.

"We were in the area." Shrugged Mirajane smiling. "And wanted to say hi. That's not wrong is it Master Jose?"

"It wouldn't be if that's what you were here for," The room shook violently. "Sounds like your friend is having a good time with Gajeel-kun."

"Friend? I don't recall having such a violent friend Master Jose."

"Still sharp in your responses Mirajane."

"I believe they dulled over the years Master Jose. But I believe you want to hear why we're really here," Mirajane's eyes grew dark. "We heard rumors as of late concerning your guild and our own. I wish to know, is it true?"

While Master Jose looked impressed by Mirajane's boldness, Cana looked horrified.

"And what rumors would that be girl?"

"About the war brewing between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail," Mirajane lost her smile and this point. "And how you plan on kidnapping Lucy Heartfilia to spark this war." The ominous aura Mirajane released earlier returned with a vengeance. A chill passed through Cana at the feeling and Master Jose raised an eyebrow in interest.

"I have heard of these rumors as well," Jose relaxed in his chair. "And unfortunately they are true."

The ominous aura increased and a heavy pressure settled in the room. Eyes dark, power cackling, Mirajane was ready for a fight. In a flash, four cards were in Cana's right hand, a blue aura surrounding her left.

"It's very unfortunate that you two will be the first of many causalities. I was only planning on using the mission Phantom Lord received to capture Lucy Heartfilia to spark this war, but killing you both will be more than enough."

"Don't think we'll be so easy!" Snarled Cana.

"Calm down Cana-chan," Ordered Mirajane softly. "Master Jose who hired you to capture Lucy?"

"That's confidential."

"I see. I guess even a trashy low level Guild Master such as you must respect his clientele." The magic seal holding the Fairy Tail Mages is destroyed by Mirajane once she raised her foot and stomped the ground forcing her magic into the seal. Before Master Jose could react, Mirajane stomped once more and the ground crumbled. As she and Cana fell, Mirajane gave Jose a friendly wave and a wink.

Outraged, Master Jose slammed his fist on his table destroying it, shouting orders for Mirajane's Cana's capture.


"I like this mode of yours. What do you call it Nine Tails?"

This fight was too fun for words. Gajeel was truly having the time of his life. This one on one fight was exactly what he expected it to be. Nine Tails was truly strong. He knew this from the get when he managed to continue fighting even when Aria used Metsu on him. Considering how much magic he had running through him, Gajeel was sure the guy should have been dead or damn near so. He was actually, and looked ready to drop, but a strange red energy exploded from the man soon after and he was fighting once more. He was powerful, but quickly and soundly defeated with the Element 4 and himself ganging on him. Now however it was one on one and Gajeel was a getting a real for Nine Tail's power.

"It's called Dark Invoke. I'm empowered with the Forces of Darkness." Explained Naurto punching Gajeel in the face and he grunted from the pain exploding in his face. Punching Gajeel was like punching steel. The name Iron Dragon Slayer was not for show. Skidding across the ground slightly, Gajeel right himself and continued his attack on Naruto.

"Forces of Darkness? Interesting, too interesting kehehehe!" Laughed Gajeel. "I still don't see why they call you Nine Tails."

Bruised all over, Naruto glared at Gajeel.

"You wanna know why they call me Nine Tails?" The darken whisker marks on Naruto's face darken further. A black-red energy bubbles around Naruto's body, gushing out his pours qickly, surrounding him in a cloak of energy. From that cloak a tail bubbles, and then two. The fangs in his mouth grow larger, his hair becomes wilder almost like fur, his hands changed to claws, and his power sky rocketed. A thick pressure settled in the hall the two were in. Gajeel's smile is wiped clean. The feeling from Naruto completely changed. This was no longer a mage, this was something else entirely. If he had to describe the feeling in words, it would be a demon was now before him. As a third and then fourth tail sprouted from the cloak of energy, Gajeel felt fear settle in his heart. It was shocking, really it was, but he acknowledged it. However, just because he was afraid, it didn't mean he was not going to fight. Oh no, he was going to bring it and beat the shit out of Nine Tails.

"I'll show you why they call me Nine Tails." Finished Naruto as a fifth, sixth, and then seventh tail appeared on the cloak. The man was now on all fours, growling like an animal, his red demonic eyes piercing through the wide-eyed Gajeel. His claws dig into the floor as if it was dirt, and with a mighty roar he charged Gajeel.


A dozen floors below, Mirajane skidded to a halt. The feeling, the evil feeling spreading through Phantom Lord, she recognized the feeling. A deep feeling of fear swallowed her up in that instant. The memories she blocked so long ago returned with the force to bring her down to her knees. Now she knew why Naruto looked so familiar, he was him, that boy, the demon child from so long ago. They had to leave and now. The evil power flooding Phantom Lord was stronger than it was seven years ago.

"Mira let's go!"

A hand grabbed Mirajane's and pulled her along. Returning to her senses, Mirajane smiled gratefully at Cana.

"Sorry I lost myself there."

"I noticed. You may be stronger Mira, but I'm still your senior. If anything happened to you I wouldn't be able to live with myself. So I'll say this once and only once. Keep your shit together!"

Initially shocked, Mirajane could not help but smile at Cana's words. This was when Cana was the most reliable. She may not be the strongest, but she always looked after her juniors, much like Lucy. It was a respectable trait, unneeded when it concerned her, but respectable.

"Jolt of Fate!"

Cana's shout brought Mirajane out of her musings and she saw over a dozen people unconscious on the ground, smoking, twitching in pain. Still being dragged, Mirajane noticed a light emitting from Cana's back pocket.

"Cana-chan your pocket."

Grunting in response, Cana already knew about it. She knew about it for the past five minutes, she did not need Mirajane to point it out to her. Her Help Lucy Card was activated and that meant one thing.

Lucy was in trouble, and this was a big deal, because Lucy was never in trouble.

Lucy: I'm in trouble? Why am I in trouble? I wasn't even in this chapter!

Naruto: I'm going full Nine Tails

Cana: That looks pretty scary (Cana takes a large gulp from her barrel of beer) Is it always like that?

Naruto: Not as of late. I usually go Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and be done with it

Cana: That's sounds cool. What does that look like?

Naruto: Join me for a drink and I'll show you

Cana: Asking me on a date? You know Lucy wouldn't like that

Naruto: Why wouldn't she

(Behind Naruto, Lucy glares at him, an aura of death surrounding her. Naruto turns around, sees this, and gulps)

Naruto: Lucy?

(Lucy stomps off angrily)

Naruto: Wait. Lucy what's wrong? (Naruto runs after Lucy) Wait Lucy!

Cana (Laughs): Maybe he's not so dense

(A piece of paper appears in Cana's hand in a cloud of smoke and she reads it)

Cana: He's very dense – Hinata Hyuga. Eh? What the hell?