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[Chapter 1]

(Severus Snape's POV; 3rd Person)

Severus sat a table after the Potter brat vomited on his Lord's robes, a shot of firewhiskey in his hand. Two identical shots sat on either side of him in the pales hands of both Malfoy men. All three had been drinking themselves into oblivion as well as laughing hysterically since the incident happened.

Draco seemed to be happy it happened, while Lucius and Severus were both grinning like mad hatters. Potter was good for something, after all!

[Chapter 2]

(Harry's POV; 3rd Person)

2 months later

Green eyes opened, dull and dead. Chapped red lips bled, and between his shoulder-blades, there was a feeling of burning, extreme pain. His stomach was upset, as it always was so far into his pregnancy. He was allowed minimal contact with his parents and Sirius, all three sad and angry at the snake faced man with crimson eyes. There was no contact between him and his siblings.

He was beaten daily, or had been, until he finally cracked and submitted to Voldemort. The man had threatened his life, he refused. He threatened his mother and father's life. He still refused. Sirius', refusal. But his siblings, and he cracked.

Groaning softly under his breath as he heard the door open, he turned and buried his face in the pillows. He ignored whoever it was until he felt the edge of the bed dip, and a hand as cold as ice rested on his shoulder.

"Potter," was whispered softly, and for the longest time he couldn't place the face that belonged to the voice, or the name that belonged to either. He was tired, and hungry, he just wanted to sleep. To get away from this hell.

"Potter, wake up. It's time for your potions." Ah, Snape. Always the man for potions, he now recognized the man as he turned over and glowered at the dark haired man. Said man had a small frown on his face as he placed his hands on Harry's distended belly, before his thin lips curved up into a small smile at the child kicking his cold hands. Harry gasped softly, his own hands moving to swat Snape's away so he could feel his child kicking.

"First time, then?" came the amused voice. He nodded tentatively, rubbing on hand on his belly as the other stayed still. He allowed his eyes to fall shut as he waited for his baby to kick again, and slightly fell into a panic when he couldn't feel anything.

Snape noticed and gently placed a soothing hand on the middle of the large bulge, placing a phial of Nutrient potion at his lips. He tilted the phial, and Harry swallowed the cool liquid almost greedily, his stomach growling for regular food.

When Snape bent to press his lips to the baby bump, Harry nearly jumped in shock and fright, not sure what the man was doing, being so close. He squeaked, however, when Snape rose and flashed two elongated canines Harry's direction.

Well, that proves THAT rumour about him being a Vampire, he thought darkly, rubbing his belly. This motion seemed to sooth the baby, though he or she still wasn't moving.

(Snape's POV; 3rd Person)

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Severus exited the room without saying a word, wondering what had compelled himself to sooth the child growing inside the young man who was unfairly being kept against his will. It didn't at all help that Severus had just proven a theory the Hogwarts students had been debating about for the past 15 years of his life; He was a vampire.

He took long, confident strides down the hallway, wishing he could be with his brother, his mate and their bond child. It was all he could not to start running. The three soothed his nerves, much like he had done to Potter's unborn child; Which was odd. Normally the boy didn't smell so…feminine.

He shrugged, having reached his destination. His hand reached out and gripped the knob, turning before pushing the door inwards. A pale woman sat with a pale child, both looking up when they heard the noise of the door. Identical twin grins spread over their lips as they rose as one entity and moved quickly to embrace him. Another figure came from the attached bedroom and looked up, lifting a brow in his direction.

"Is he alright, Severus?"

"I had hoped so when I gave him his potions this evening. He's giving up, brother."

"What do you mean?" the blonde man's brows became furrowed, as he contemplated what the Potions Master was telling him.

"Our Lord will not allow him to rid himself of the child the normal way, and so he has decided to do it himself in his own way."

"Which is?"


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