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Warnings: Spoilers up to Darkest Mercy, expecually for Darkest Mercy. And slight slash.

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I can't do this without you.

Niall stared blankly into space, in what has lately become his usual form. The Dark King's throne room was empty and dim. All his subjects have left in fear of what their king may do. He hadn't been himself ever since the death of the former king, and he knew it. Yet he wouldn't admit to the fact that he was quickly losing his grip on reality.

I need you.

Irial's death had, at first, just left him angry and upset. Now he was completely numb. So numb that he was beginning to black out and forget things. It scared him to no end, yet he denied all of it. Yes, Iri's death had left the king confused and lost. He has lost his way in darkness and can't find the way out.

Please make it stop.

Niall turned his gaze towards the door where Gabe stood. The words on his arm were overlapped and squirming with life. Had he really given the hound that many orders? He couldn't remember anymore. He watched the Gabriel wander off back out the door, shaking his head. Was he really that disappointing? Did he even care at this point?

Irial. I can't. I can't live without you.

His gaze flicked to the cage hanging above him. His friend, his brother, had been place in that god forsaken cage by him and to be quite honest, he hardly knew why. There were too many blackouts in his memory, to many holes, to puzzle what was left together. Something was wrong. That was the only thing he knew for sure.

Iri, please.

The gancanagh closed his dry weary eyes, giving them a much needed rest. He missed him, the one who he once thought he could never forgive. He needed him, the one who turned him into something he hated. He couldn't manage on his own without him, the one he could no longer deny his feelings for. He was drowning and only that one faerie could pull him back to the surface.

I love you. I need you. Come back to me.

But that faerie was dead, murdered by War. Even in his dreams, he was haunted by the fact that the one he cared for was dead. Gone to him forever.

"How could you." Niall whispered, like a breath of wind. "How could you."

I am here, my Gancanagh. I am here.

Always and forever, I will be here with you.