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Kiss Me. Bite Me. Love Me.

Chapter Six

~ Garrett ~

She is just as beautiful as I remember, perhaps even more so in this human shell. Her purity and fragility make her thus; like a delicate white rosebud nearly to blossom. It makes me tingle in anticipation. I want to see her bloom.

Isabella has always been somewhat of a delicate creature, always. As a child she made herself small and meek, hardly speaking to anyone outside of Peter, Charlotte and myself. As a adolescent, she was stuttering shy and always so dedicated to her studies and the written word. In fact it wasn't until the year 1791 after her blossoming into womanhood, a still virtuous age of 321, did I see her true self emerge.

Strangely enough, it was after she made the young Major. He was a breath of fresh air where Peter cloistered her. He made no demands of her, forced her to live her un-life and he positively showered her with affection. He truly did or should I say 'does' love her.

Peter may hate the crazy bastard, which I understood too. I wouldn't want a woman, especially one belonging to me and looked like Isabella to flounce the days away with another man. Another man that professed his undying love and affection upon her daily.

He quickly became the light in Isabella's dark and it ate Peter to no end. It hurt him that Isabella would go to Jasper instead of himself in times of comfort and need. It also made the already uptight noble incredibly bitter which is why I suspect he'd punished Jasper as he did, sending him to Maria on purpose was dirty business and I bet my un-life on the gamble that he's been neglecting to share information with our little princess for just the same reason.

He's absolutely terrified that Isabella will go screaming straight back to Jasper's arms the moment she re-awakens.

Personally, I loved the honey blonde from the South, although he does look ready to take a bite out of me at any moment. Perhaps he's just pissed at Isabella? A fellow can dream can't he?

"What the fuck are you doin' here, Garrett?" Jasper growls lowly, his black eyes boring into mine with such intensity that were I a lesser man, I might have turned to ash under his deep gaze.

Can't have that, can we?

Smirking, I give him a mocking little bow. "Feisty, Feisty, Jasper. Really, is it so bad to see me here?"

His lips twitch but there is absolutely no amusement in his eyes. "That depends on why you're here." He snarls, lips curling over teeth as his obvious protective instincts come roaring to the forefront.

It's terrible, I think, the way torturing him so makes me giddy to no end, but I honestly can't help myself. It's just like old times; with Charlotte twirling about the room, Jasper entertaining Isabella and all of us annoying Peter to the pits of Hell. It makes me want to rub my hands together like the mad, cackling scientists of cinema's silver screen. It's truly diabolical.

As much as I wish to try the Major's patience this night, I decided against it as he truly doesn't look up to the mood. As a matter a fact; I don't believe I've seen him look so pissed off since Peter informed him that Bella was still alive and well, trapped in this human shell. He was bloody murderous.

I fear that one of these days that the Count will eventually push Jasper too far and the Major will make good on a promise he made many years ago. I shudder to remember that day…

"Are you going to state your business here or not?" Jasper asks, louder this time for what I believe is Isabella's benefit. The woman in question quirks a brow high on her forehead showing her blatant confusion of the situation.

I smile at both of them. "I believe I have just as much right to be here as you do, in fact, I believe I have more…" There's no need to elaborate on what I mean, he knows damn well who and what I am. He also knows better than to test my patience where my little Soră (1) is of concern.

Sighing deeply with defeat he takes a more humbling stance and directs Isabella to the room that has been purposefully hidden from her. "Keep an open mind," he whispers reverently into her hair as she passes.

Without removing my eyes from his, I jerk at the lock lightly and it breaks under my grip with ease. "Careful of what you wish for, Unul mic." I wish for nothing more than to kiss her crown and remove the trouble weight from her brow. She's positively terrified about what she is about to see, and with good reason. Her whole world is about to change and once changed… it can never again be what it once was.

It is my selfishness that compels me to do the reprehensible things I do to her now, but I have longed for her company for so long now, even before the betrayal of Charlotte, and Bella's…

"My god," She gasps, most likely taking in the largest and most telling nature of her past, hung beautifully above the fireplace. It has always been Peter's favorite and admittedly, mine as well. Our little rose blossom is beyond stunning and oh, so very happy. It was commissioned several years after Isabella's first bloodletting, a right of passage among noble vampires. It was ritualistic, barbaric and Isabella abhorred it, but it made Peter so happy, it in turn made her happy as well.

Before I can comprehend myself, Jasper flies past me, frantic and clutching at his Bella as her knees go week. Hmm, not quite the reaction I was expecting. Hear-tell from Alice, our Isabella is tiring of the Count's cat and mouse but she's not throwing anything, she's not cursing his name or making idle threats we all know she can't follow through with. She's in tears and clutching an all too familiar frame to her bust, completely ignoring what should be the frightening wedding tapestry hanging right above her button nose. Oh, dear.

"Shh…" Jasper coddles, shushing her repeatedly and trying to pry the sharp crystal photo frame that is digging into her still buttery flesh. She must have plucked it straight of Peter's desk.

The strong smell of her salty tears permeate the room as well does the crimson liquid that flows from her cut palms. My eyes dart to Jasper's face immediately, concern and protective instincts practically radiating out of my arse. He growls lowly. "I can control myself!"

Of that, I have no doubt but as Isabella fed him directly from her flesh from the time he was changed until her slumber, I'm sure the temptation must be of a magnitude I can't fathom.

"Is- Is this me?" She questions me directly, turning the photo over so that I may have a look. "This can't be me…" Her face is dejected as she knows more than anyone that it is indeed her.

The similarities are too great and the fact that Jasper is standing next to her, stupid grin on his boyish face… she knows, she has too.

Sucking in a deep breath she points a bloodied finger at my likeness. "Who are you? No. That's not right… Who are you to me, both of you?"

Jasper goes to stuttering almost instantly, tripping over his own feet and tongue as he tries once again to shed her of the delicate portrait that if ruined could not, ever, be replaced. It wouldn't have mattered to him at all, if not for it being his own possession. Another of Peter's punishments for something done long ago, something that to this day I believe Jasper to be undeserving. It was just a kiss, after all, but Peter took it as the greatest offense against him. Isabella remains unawares, she was slipping into sleep and Jasper thought she was dying.

"Jasper, stop!" Isabella demands roughly, and like a petulant child, he does.

"Now," she says firmly, thrusting the tattered portrait once again into our viewing. "Who are you?"

I decide to spare the poor boy and get the biggest shock factor out of the way, though I am uncertain that her relationship to me will be more shocking than the fact that she, herself, sired Jasper. "Might I look at your wounds first?" I ask politely, smiling to myself before she ever opens her mouth. I already know her stubbornness and curiosity will not allow it.

"No." she responds curtly. No surprise there.

"Alright then," I tell her as I glide into a high-back style of wingback chair and ottoman that I believe has been reupholstered since I last visited this homestead. "I'm your brother."

Her eyes almost cross as the shock of what I have told her registers on her beautiful face. "You mean- like, like…" Poor rose bud can't even string words together.

"You are my younger sibling, three hundred years my junior to be exact."

"You seem much older than three hundred years old," she states condescendingly, then turns pale as she realizes that wasn't even close to what I meant. "How old are you?"

"Seven hundred and seventy years young, my dear."

"Oh God! Oh God!… That means… Oh God!"

Yes, that meant that she was in fact four hundred and seventy years old, a lot to take in, especially for someone who previously thought themselves to be human. Jasper grimaced as the revelation passed across her face, for a good long moment I thought she was going to be sick, and I couldn't blame her for a second.

Pardon my French but, fuck! She thought she was a honest-to-god human until fifteen minutes ago, and in some sick way, I had taken that from her. Peter was just as fault in my mind, he should have had her well aware before my presence was ever called upon, but still, I could see where Peter was having a hard time. My sister was one of the most stubborn women I've ever met, but I had news for his Highness: She was going to be twice as pissed with him for keeping such secrets.

With tear of what I am sure were both equal parts frustrations and rage she rounded on the Major again. "And you? What are you to me, Jasper?" she whispers, her gaze frightful but unwavering. She is committed to finding the truth and I would truly feel sorry for Goldie Locks should he lie to her now.

He sighed heavily, running a fidgeting hand through his unruly hair. "You are my maker, you saved me from my mortal death… you told me you couldn't bare to see me die. You have been my everything since that day."

~ Bella ~

"That- that can't be!" I exclaimed to the two, clearly insane vampires standing before me. "Maria sired Jasper!" One had to be insane. Just had too. Garrett was just like Peter and Charlotte, impossibly more beautiful than even a normal vampire. Normal vampires? Maybe it's me that needs the padded room?

"It's true Sora, I was there on the day you made the claim on his life. You begged Peter to let you change him and as normal, Peter can deny you nothing." Garrett informed with a whimsical smile.

That insanity theory was beginning to seem more and more likely.

I wanted to scoff in his face… Peter not deny me anything? What a crock. It's all the man has done since I met him.

Then there's Jasper, standing there with that adoring look on his face, like I was his sun, moon and stars all rolled into one. That's when I noticed it… For as much as the supernatural races have told me I'm observant, I clearly am not. It was hanging there, right in front of my nose since I walked through the door, a tapestry. There was no denying the resemblance. The likeness of me was uncanny and though, it wasn't exactly what I had imagined myself as an immortal the vestige was incredibly more so.

"Peter really is Dracula, isn't he?" I whispered as I studied the two characters woven into the finest materials, I'm sure. I wanted to deny everything, claim that it must have been one of my ancestors but down to every detail the woman in the red dress was me. And I was standing next to Peter, eyes glowing in the same chocolate-covered-cherry way.

"Yes," My brother responded. "And you are Lady Tepes, confined for the last twenty-six years inside this shell to protect you from those who wished you harm."

I could only nod, I knew it was true… my strange dreams, the unhealthy pull to Peter.. Oh god, the blood, it tasted fantastic and now I know why.

"Are you gonna be alright, Bella?" Jasper asked, concern lacing his voice, even tinting the air. He must be projecting.

After taking a shuddering breath, I smiled. "Yeah, I really think I am."

"Come child, let us leave these rooms…" my brother started. I had a brother. "Peter will no doubt sense that I am already here and he knows I abhor secretz. He will likely be put-"

Garrett cut off just as Jasper pulled me behind him and a voice floated into the room, a voice filled with fiery anger. "Peter is already here!"

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Mostly just a filler chapter. We'll find out more about Bella and how she came to be in her human shell in the coming chapters. Sorry for the Cliffy, you know how I love them.

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Sora = Sister

Unul mic = Little One

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