Title: What the Staff Knows

Author: Starfleetdream

Series: TOS
Codes: Sa/Am
Rating: [K]
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't profit
Feedback: Yes, please
Summary: Drabble - The Vulcan Embassy staff observes. Has there been a bonding?

What the Staff Knows

"He spends a significant amount of time with the human."

"More time than Embassy business suggests."

"She knows of our ways."

"She is his companion at events."

"They translate ancient poetry over meals."

"They appear to debate for sport."

"He ventures out onto open bodies of water at her invitation."

"He voluntarily walks in the rain with her."

"He tolerates her human emotions."

"He is un-bonded."

"She is un-bonded."

"He protects her."

"He has dismissed his clan's matchmaker."

"They have touched."

"They have gone to the Healer together."

"It is not logical to assume, but it is acceptable to hypothesize…"