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This is set a couple of years before ANH. Also this is my first story so please try not to be too harsh! Thanks, hope you enjoy I will try to upload as often as I can.

"What is thy bidding my master?" Vader said kneeling in front of the emperor's throne.

"Lord Vader my scientists have perfected the virus, and now we need to test" the emperor stated coolly "Do you have any suggestions?"

"No my master" Vader replied

The emperor stood up from his chair and slowly walked down the stairs to stand in front of Lord Vader.

"You may rise"

Vader rose to stand in front of the emperor.

"I have a suggestion for where the virus should be tested, I have chosen Tatooine"

Vader stiffened slightly but did not say a word

"I know that you despise the slave trade and that is where the main trade is running today, am I right Lord Vader?"

"Yes my master" Vader was fuming inside; he hated it when he was a slave and hated the slave masters immensely, but did not feel that the slaves should have to suffer. "What of the slaves?"

"They will most likely die from the virus" the emperor glared down at Vader "Is that a problem Lord Vader?"

"No my master" Vader replied bowing his head

"Good, we will be arriving to Tatooine soon; I want you to make sure that the virus is sent down immediately along with surveillance"

"Yes my master, it will be done"

"Good see to it then" the emperor said while waving his hands in a shooing fashion in front of Vader before turning around heading back up the stairs.

Vader nodded and turned leaving the emperor alone to his throne.

The emperor sat down and smiled to himself he could feel the anger rolling off his apprentice, it was so invigorating.

Lord Vader strode down the ships corridor swiftly toward the hanger bay; he had just been notified that they were orbiting Tatooine. He had already ordered the group of scientists to meet him on the deck, and that the surveillance droids be ready.

Entering the hanger bay Lord Vader was curious to see at least 30 rebels that he thought they had already interrogated and killed within the last three months lying on stretchers. Upon further examination some of them seemed to be rotting, as he got closer he could see some of the rebel's skin falling off their bones.

Lord Vader noticed one of the scientists injecting one of the fresher subjects with some sort of vaccine. The scientist looked up and smiled, Lord Vader stood in front of him and spoke.

"Is the virus ready to be shipped out?"

"Oh, yes my lord that was the last one" he said indicating the dead rebel he had just injected.

"This is the virus?" Lord Vader questioned

"Yes my lord, the virus is in these dead rebels" when the dark lord did not respond the scientist continued "the rebels are the virus, the virus kills its victims and reanimates them to do the emperors bidding"

"And what is his bidding?" Lord Vader continued

The scientist was smiling down at his dead rebel. Looking back up at Lord Vader

"It's amazing really, we won't have to use any more living people to fight this war anymore, because once these rebels" the doctor waved his hand indicating the 30 dead rebels in front of him "attack the living, that is they have to bite, or scratch them then those people in turn will become the emperors dead soldiers"

Lord Vader was horrified, what a sick thing to do, to use dead people as soldiers. Only the emperor would think of such a thing, Vader thought.

"If you are ready?" Vader said impatiently just wanting this ordeal to end quickly.

"Yes, we are"

The scientist looked back at the other scientists and ordered them back while he pressed a button on his pad and each of the stretchers formed semi-translucent shields. Pressing another button each of the stretchers zoomed out of the hanger bay and into space traveling to Tatooine.

"The surveillance droids!" a tech officer yelled to a couple of techs who had prepared several droids for the mission. Pressing a few buttons on each of the droids they all took off after the "virus" towards Tatooine.

Vader watched as the virus and the surveillance droids quickly disappeared out of the hanger bay. He sighed to himself and thought of his mother and his time on Tatooine. About the Lars his step father who was probably dead by now, and his step brother. Were they down their? Vader growled at himself, why am I thinking like this? He barely knew the Lars, sure they treated his mother kindly, but then they had given up on her when she was kidnapped by those wretched sandpeople. Now there's one species he was glad the virus would kill. Satisfied with the way his thoughts were going Vader nodded to the crew and made his way back to his suite, having a slightly sinking suspicion that something or someone to him was important down there on Tatooine.

The twin suns burned brightly down on top of Owens head. He was frustrated with his young nephew, irritated that he had to call his name over and over again to no avail.

"Luke!" Uncle Owen yelled for the third time "where the hell is that boy?" Owen growled to himself storming down the stairs into his home

"Luke! Damn it boy you better answer me!" Owen yelled again as he turned in to see his wife Beru in the kitchen making dinner.

Beru looked up at him and raised her eyebrows "Did you check the garage?"

"No, but I have been calling him for awhile, what the hell is he doing that's so damn important, that he can't even answer me" Owen growled again as he turned and walked out of the kitchen and headed to the garage.

Beru shook her head; Luke always found a way to get under his uncle's skin, even if it wasn't intentional.

Beru sighed and turned back to cooking dinner.

Owen walked out of the homestead and started for the garage

"Boy are you in there?" Owen yelled

"Yeah there's a boy in here" yelled back a young voice

Owen walked into the garage to see speeder parts everywhere, and a large oil spot forming on the sandy floor. Looking on Owen could see a mop of sandy blonde hair pop up from under a half put together speeder. Owen always wondered how Luke could fix anything or build anything for that matter. Shaking away the thought Owen looked at Luke sternly.

"I have been calling you all day" he said angrily

Luke looked at him and gave him a crooked smile "Not all day, I would have heard you then"

"Alright smart ass, I need your help get up and meet me outside, we need to fix the perimeter before nightfall, then you can come back and clean this mess" Owen said while indicating the large oil stain.

Luke smiled sheepishly before replying a "Yes sir" and getting up quickly to follow his uncle out the house


Luke and his uncle had almost finished with the last of the repairs when Luke spotted someone coming toward them.

Luke impatiently taped his uncle who looked up at him annoyed

"What is it Luke?"

"There's someone coming"

Uncle Owen stopped his work immediately and looked to where Luke was pointing, getting up he walked over to the speeder and grabbed out the binoculars.

"Well?" Luke asked impatiently bouncing up and down on his heels

"He's human alright, but something's wrong with him…he's hurt maybe, I don't know" Owen muttered the last part before handing the binoculars over to Luke who grabbed them eagerly.

Luke peered through the binoculars to get a glimpse of the intruder. It was a person alright, and he definitely looked hurt, the human was walking funny and Luke could see the man twitching slightly.

"How did he survive this far into the desert, with no supplies?" Luke said out loud

"Don't know seems strange though"

Luke nodded

Owen went back to fixing the last part of their perimeter system, while Luke continued to look through the binoculars

"We should help him"

"No" Owen said "Last thing….and done" Owen got up and grabbed the binoculars from Luke who was looking at his uncle.

"Why? He obviously needs help, at least something to…."

Owen cut him off holding his hand up in front of him

"No Luke, we don't even know if he does need help, we don't know him, there's no reason for you or me to risk our lives for someone we don't even know"

Luke shook his head

"Unbelievable, what if it was you or Aunt Beru in a situation like that?"

"We never would be, now quit arguing and let's go before your aunt gets worried, the suns are about to set"

Luke looked over to see Tatooine 1 and 2 beginning to set darkening the sky into an array of reds, oranges, purples, and blues all jumbled together to make the last of the day's sunset.

Luke looked back at his uncle and stubbornly planted his feet firmly to the ground and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"It's not dark yet, we have at least 30 minutes or so!"

"Luke, I don't care how old you are, or what you think for that matter on this topic, but under my roof you do as I tell you and I say get your ass in the speeder now" Owen said menacingly

Luke faltered for a moment, wanting to comment that he wasn't under his roof at the moment but instead he added "Can I at least give him the rest of my water and directions to one of the safe houses?"

Luke knew that the desert was dangerous at night, and he didn't want anybody to be caught out in it. That was one of the reasons there were many safe houses that were built out in the desert years ago by the first settlers to keep unfortunate travelers safe from the unforgiving desert. The shelters also had medical, food, and limited water supplies for its travelers in need. Luke stared at his uncle waiting for an answer

"Come on uncle it's my water, and we only have so much time before it gets dark" Luke pleaded

Owen defeated slumped his shoulders looked back at Luke and nodded. Luke grinned and grabbed the rest of his water and ran out to meet the stranger walking toward them. Owen shook his head, that boy always wanting to do what's best, some day it will kill him. Owen got into the speeder and waited for Luke, pulling out a farmer's almanac he kept in the glove compartment he opened it and continued to read about the newest vaporators coming out.

Luke had slowed down as he neared the man

"Hi, sir I thought that you might want some water and a place to…"

As Luke approached the man a fowl stench filled his nostrils. Choking from the stench Luke self consciously took a step back from the man. He was at least 20 feet from him and the smell was horrible. Covering his face with his hand Luke looked up and gasped.

The approaching man wore tattered clothes and as he looked closer he could see that through his clothes the man had numerous holes in his stomach and chest, in fact the man looked dead.

"umm…Sir are you ok?" Luke asked unsure if he should continue with the conversation. He had a bad feeling about the approaching man.

The man approaching suddenly started to pick up the pace, moaning loudly as it came closer to Luke. Luke could clearly see that the man seemed to be dragging his feet across the sand making a strange scraping noise. Now the stench was unbearable Luke felt his stomach turn making him feel queasy. The man was now only a couple of feet from Luke, its arms stretched out in front of it growling.

Luke backed up putting his hands in front of him

"Wow, guy just calm down I'm here to help you" he held the water out to the guy expecting the man to grab it but instead the man roughly grabbed Luke's arm

"Hey!" Luke yelled trying to push the man off of him, but to his horror the man was pulling him closer and trying to bite him. Luke moved his hand from over his face and used it to push back the man's head away from him he then unsuccessfully tried to wrench his arm free, but the man had a solid hold on him.

"Get off!" Luke yelled at the man that was continuing to growl and snap its jaws up and down trying to get at him.

"Uncle Owen!" Luke yelled not wanting to look away from his attacker.

Owen snapped his head up looking to where Luke had cried out to him and to his horror he saw Luke fighting the man off of him. Owen threw down his magazine and quickly started up his speeder and sped over to where Luke was struggling for his life. Reaching Luke Owen jumped out of the speeder grabbing his rifle as he made his way quickly over to Luke.

"What the hell is going on? Get the hell off my nephew!" Owen yelled as he pointed his rifle at the man, and almost stumbled over himself from the terrible stench that came off the man attacking his nephew.

Luke was still holding the things head back trying to prevent it from biting him, his arm was getting tired but he had no intention of letting this man thing bite him

"I don't know he's crazy!" Luke yelled "Aaahhh!" Luke's frustrated scream came out when the thing had grabbed his arm that was holding the man's head away from him, pulling Luke closer. Luke had tried to pull his other arm free but it was stuck in another iron grip. The thing had started to snap toward his face Luke leaned as far away as he could from the man, his teeth inches away from his cheek. Luke choked on the stench that came out of its mouth. Luke gritted his teeth and continued to try and pry his arms out of the strangers grasp.

"Get out of the way Luke!" Owen yelled at him

"I can't!"

Owen went to the side of Luke and the thing that held him, and aimed for the man's arm and shot.

The laser bolt made a sizzling sound as it went through the strangers arm, but the stranger didn't seem to notice its full attention was on its prey Luke, attacking mercilessly.

"Hurry Uncle" Luke cried frantically still leaning as far away from the strangers snapping jaws.

Owen just stared at the thing that held his nephew, how in the hell did that not do anything? He thought to himself. Aiming again Owen fired at the man's side; nothing happened frustrated Owen aimed again firing several times.

The thing let go of one of Luke's arms before falling down and pulling Luke with him.

"Aaaahhh" Luke screamed as he was pulled on top of the man. The thing continued to snap its jaws at Luke trying to get a bite out of him. Luke struggled to his feet awkwardly trying to keep the thing from biting him and trying to pry his arm from the things iron vice grip. Putting one of his boots on the stranger's chest Luke Yanked back hard, Luke heard a loud pop and a burning pain accompanied his shoulder as he tumbled backward out of the strangers grip.

Owen quickly ran and helped Luke up, stunned at what had just happened

"How in the hell is this thing still alive?"

Luke groaned as he rubbed his arm, looking back at the thing that was growling loudly and getting to his feet.

"Come on Luke" Owen yelled as he grabbed his nephews arm and pulled him toward the speeder.

Luke gasped as his uncle grabbed his arm and dragged him to the speeder, letting go of Luke's arm Owen ran around to the driver's side and Jumped into the speeder Luke did likewise. When they were both in the speeder Owen sped away from the thing that had attacked his nephew. Luke looked behind him he could barely see the man that had attacked him, but from what he could see, it looked like it was following them.