A Poor Substitute

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Author's note: I just thought of this story suddenly as I was trying to sleep one night. I never really thought about doing this paring, but I kinda like Neji and his cool semi arrogant demeanor ;p This story is self-edited, and possibly not thoroughly enough. I apologize for my mistakes in advance.

WARNING: This is only an excuse to write smut. There is very little plot, mostly just sex and romance. You have been warned. With that being said, let us all assume everyone in this story is of legal age.


The cold bit at her skin as she flew from building top to building top, the wind whipping her hair around her face. She kept going over all the words she wanted to say, but her mind was racing too quickly for her to grasp onto them. Hopefully, once she got there, inspiration would just strike. 'Yeah right, how often does that happen?' She scoffed internally. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but she couldn't stop herself. She needed to see him, to make him understand, and to apologize.

It happened a few months ago on a mission. She never thought they would be put on a team together. It was practical, or so Tsunade had told them. She had said their skills would complement each other's. They were both extremely powerful and capable shinobi, thus the joint mission… just him and her.

It was cold that night too; she remembered how the rain and cold had saturated her skin into her bones as they flew from tree top to tree top. Eventually she was so cold and tired she had to beg him to stop. He quietly consented and they had made their way to a secluded cave off of the road, just outside of Lightening. Unsurprisingly, it was aptly named. As the ungodly flashes of light and thunder rolled around echoing through the dark cave, she had built a fire. They sat and shivered next to each other before she let out an irritated huff. It wouldn't do for either of them to become ill over some ridiculous notion of modesty, so they stripped and dried their clothes on a large stone she placed next to the fire. She had shivered for almost an hour trying to soak some warmth into her skin as their clothes dried. Eventually they had redressed and, although she was now dry and the fire was blazing, it was still unbearably cold. It was this same line of practical reasoning that led them to huddle closely together next to the fire sharing the only thin cotton blanket they had between them. It was practical, it was calculated, it meant nothing other than survival. They had both been wrong.

It was her hands that went completely numb with cold first. He noticed that her chakra pathways were blocked by the freezing blood in her own veins. "It's only practical," he had told her as he took her hands in his and cradled her body in front of the fire. There was but inches between them, but her skin itched with the feeling of phantom skin against hers. For minutes she stood stiff and nervous as her heart pounded. She couldn't even breathe. She had never been that close to anyone before let alone a man, let alone a teammate. The last bit made her a little bitter.

So as she held her breath and he held her loosely, her mind started to race in time with her heart as a thick tension filled air. Their bodies pressed together so closely yet not touching and she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to feel his hard muscle pressed tightly against the soft curves of her own body.

"Relax," he said to her softly, his breath blowing against the back of her neck causing her flesh to pucker with gooseflesh. She let out a gasp as places in her lower body began to tighten. It had only been a breath, but the sensation sent an electric shock through her nerves and her mouth went very dry.

She didn't need to be facing him to tell, she could feel his eyes bearing into the back of her head and was surprised she didn't go up in flames with the intensity of his gaze, but then again he had always been like that. He was always so careful, calm, and intense. Seemed to be a trait in people that she attracted, or was it that she was attracted to?

She decided then that she wasn't going to make a fool of herself. She was a medic after all and he was right, it was only practical. She took a deep breath and collapsed her body back into his letting out a content sigh as his warmth flooded through her. She felt so much better as her skin started to prickle with the heat from his body and the fire in front of them. His heat and his smell wrapping itself around her with their meager blanket and she let it engulf her senses. It actually felt nice.

She had started to drift off to sleep when she felt her long pink hair being pulled to the side, and it brought her awake with a start. For a moment she thought she imagined it but then she heard his deep voice as it vibrated through his chest against her back. "Relax," he whispered again against the skin on her neck and she shivered.

She didn't know what to do as he began to lay gentle kisses against her skin making his way up behind the soft spot behind her ear. Her heart was in her throat as he lingered there a moment before nipping the soft flesh and then sucking gently. She couldn't help it, a low moan came out of her throat before she could stop the traitorous sound and she felt him smile against her neck.

"Tell me to stop," he whispered as he turned her face to the side meet his and she met his eyes, gazing into their milky depths. He leaned forward until their noses were almost touching. "Tell me to stop," he repeated, breathing the words against her lips as he took her chin in his hands, "and I will."

Surprise and curiosity welled up inside of her as well as another emotion that she couldn't decipher. She stared at his mouth and wondered why she wanted nothing more for him to press those soft lips to hers. She wet her bottom lip without realizing it and held his lingering gaze.

"Please," she said suddenly, "don't stop."

He let out a shaky breath and brought his lips to hers. They were softer than she thought they would be. The kiss was so heartbreakingly gentle it almost brought tears to her eyes. "Please," she whispered again when he pulled away, and he brought his lips back to her with a bit more force. She couldn't believe she was kissing him, of all people.

The angle of her head was starting to become uncomfortable so she twisted around in his arms and threw her arms around his neck and he threaded his hands through her hair. The angle allowed him better access and he tapped his tongue against her lips asking for entrance which she gave willingly. It was like a dam broke the moment the hot wet muscle entered her mouth. She let out a mewl of pleasure and surprise as he explored the cavern in her mouth. Their height difference allowed him to tip her head back gently and kiss her more deeply.

They were both starting to breathe heavily, as their kiss turned from a gentle melding, to something more heated and urgent. It was like they were trying to feed from each other's mouths in a clash of tongue and teeth.

He finally pulled back panting as they both stared at each other in surprise. Where had this passion come from? Was it the hot fire in front of them? Could it be the crushing cold that forced them to seek each other's warmth? He looked at her uncertainly with a look she had never before seen in his eyes, at least not for her. His eyes darkened with a primal need, waiting for her to protest or to deny him what he wanted and needed.

She leaned forward and trailed her lips over the long column of his throat before taking his earlobe between her teeth and bit softly.

"Don't stop," she breathed again.

He groaned and tightened his grip on her hair and pushed her to the ground underneath him. The rocks were as hard against her back biting into her tender flesh, but she couldn't bring herself to care. He settled himself between her legs and began to kiss her again a little more forcefully. An ache began to grow between her legs as he started to rock against her gently, keeping in rhythm with their lips.

A fire started to grow in her belly and was making its way downwards and she couldn't take it anymore. Where before the cave was cold and biting, now it was hot and stifling. She brought her hands from around his neck and started to clumsily work her hands beneath his shirt pulling. Without a word he brought his hands down and lifted the shirt over his head and flung the unwanted garment away from them. She stared at the sculpted plane of his chest and bit her lip. He was masculine but incredibly beautiful.

Leaning forward she pressed her palms against his chest and ran her tongue over the ridges of his muscles tasting the subtle salty musk that was just so incredibly him and he groaned. She smiled to herself proud that she could elicit such a noise. She licked and sucked down his chest until her chin ran into the rough fabric of his pants. She looked up at him and saw his eyes were bearing into her with a burning intensity that she hadn't seen before. She bit the fabric playfully and let out a yelp of surprise when he suddenly grabbed her face in his hands and brought his mouth back down to her with so much force it was painful. She cried out but he swallowed her protests as he ripped her shirt over her head sending it flying to plop next to his. Then his rough hands found the peak of her breasts underneath her flimsy bra and all her protests were forgotten. It sent small waves of pleasure down her body as he slowly kneaded her supple flesh, and she began to feel a strange tingling sensation grow between her thighs. She threw her head back and moaned his name. It was hot, too hot, and the need to remove more clothing was almost stifling.

In a clumsy rush she fumbled with her skirt, trying to scoot out of it while he pressed her into harsh cold ground. He must have sensed what she wanted because the next moment he pulled back enough to allow her to remove the rest of her clothing as he pushed the last of his from his body. Then they stood frozen staring at each other uncertainly. The tingling sensation was growing and to her horror and embarrassment she felt a wet sensation dripping down her thighs.

This was it, there was nothing left between them. She hopped that he wouldn't change his mind. She wasn't the most well-endowed of their friends and would understand if he didn't find her all that attractive. She had hardly a chest to speak of, her hips were small, and her legs thin, but the look he gave her reassured her. He brought his hand back to her face to cup her cheek. "Beautiful," he whispered and kissed her again very gently. When he pulled back he regarded her sternly. "Are you sure?" he asked carefully.

She smiled and pushed a lock of thick dark hair behind his ear. The answer? Of course she wasn't sure. How was she supposed to be sure about something like this? She always thought there was some sort of switch that would just flip on and she would know, like a light that would just turn on, but she saw and felt nothing. How did one know they were ready for something like this? She wanted him, that much was undeniable, but she wasn't sure if she loved him. Did she need to? Truthfully she had never thought of Hyuga Neji that way. Perhaps the cold had frozen the part of her brain that allowed her the ability to reason, but she was burning with curiosity and lust so she really couldn't bring herself to care.

"Yes," she said suddenly before she could stop herself.

He gulped and nodded. "I'm sorry if this hurts you. If you need me to, just tell me to stop and I will," he assured her lovingly. He reached down and positioned herself at her opening and then he leaned forward pushing himself into her slowly one inch at a time.

Her mind was screaming at her. Stop, it hurts! It said over and over. This was so not what she was expecting. She bit her lip hard and buried her head against his chest and waited for the whole thing to be over.

Above her he was groaning. At least one of us is enjoying themselves, she thought bitterly. She was having trouble thinking about anything but the pain of the uncomfortable intrusion. When he was finally sheathed fully inside of her he stopped and looked down at her. "Are you ok?" he rasped. She couldn't bring herself to say anything, so she only nodded. He sighed and lifted his weight up onto his elbows and looked down at her.

"You're lying," he said sternly. She looked away and said nothing. "Sakura, look at me please," he half begged. She brought her gaze back up to him and let him see the tears that were starting to well up in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she gasped as the tears began to fall.

She felt ashamed. She wanted to be with him, really she did, but she couldn't hide the discomfort. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"Don't be," he said bringing a hand up and wiping her eyes gently with his thumbs. He pulled out of her then and she let out a pained cry and he lay next to her cradling her against his chest. "Don't be," he repeated as he leaned over and grabbed the meager blanket and threw it over them.

It was a while before they both fell asleep.


That was a few months ago, and ever since she had been doing everything in her power to avoid him, until tonight. Every time she thought about their brief sexual encounter it made her absolutely burn with embarrassment. He must think she was a terrible person. She had said yes, but her body had said no and then she did the most unspeakable and hurtful of things; she had done everything to make sure she never saw him again. It was a very difficult task. There weren't that many skilled trackers amongst her generation and none of them were as skilled as he was. She had been sent out a few times to outside villages on brief medical missions to gather supplies. Tsunade assured her he was best because he could keep her the safest, but she had protested. In the end she had been sent with Kiba, he was a great substitute after all, but that's all he was, a substitute. For someone she had never thought about before, now it seemed she couldn't banish Neji from her thoughts. No matter how much she tried she couldn't seem to get him out of her head. So she had had enough. Tonight she was going to see him, to talk to him, and to apologize.

Finally she reached the edge of the compound and jumped down next to a large beautiful courtyard filled with trees and flowers. There were tall buildings all around, new and pristine. She knew that his family had money, but the flagrant outward show of it made her slightly queasy. She wasn't from a shinobi family, hell she didn't even have a family anymore. Doubt welled up inside of her. What was she doing? Even if he did forgive her, what could she possibly have to hope for? He was the head of his clan, a powerful member of the village, what could he want from her? Well sex obviously, but did he want anything else? Maybe she was wrong to come here. Maybe she should…

"Sakura?" A masculine voice whispered from behind her.

She whipped around sending her pink locks flying around her face. He was there, standing next to a tree his thick dark waves falling past his shoulders. He was naked from the waist up, his bare chest gloriously displayed in the moonlight. He looked groggy and confused as if she had roused him from sleep; she probably had.

Every bit of remaining courage left her and she panicked. "I..I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come," she stuttered and turned to leave.

Suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder and she jumped. She slowly turned and looked up at him. His eyes reflected the soft light from the moon, the eerie glow bearing into her soul. She waited for him to say something, to tell her to leave, to tell her to stay, but he said nothing. He never was a man of many words, she thought. This is so stupid! She chastised herself internally, just say something forehead!

"I just want to tell you that I'm sorry," she mumbled looking at her feet. "I shouldn't have avoided you after the mission. I was just ashamed and embarrassed, but it's not your fault," she added hastily. "I just couldn't deal with what happened so I did everything I could to just wish it away, but it can't be wished away. I don't know what happened between us that night, but I just want to say that even though I don't regret it, it shouldn't have happened. I should have said no. It's my fault. It was stupid and unprofessional of me and I'm sorry," she said in a rush.

She waited, but still he said nothing. She chanced a look up at him and what she saw made the breath catch in her throat. The look on his face was pained, his beautiful eyes dark and confused as he frowned.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "I'm sor…,"

"Stop," he said suddenly.

She looked at him, unable to fight the confused look on her face. Had she said something wrong?

"Stop apologizing Sakura, you didn't do anything wrong. You're right though, it shouldn't have happened on a mission. It was completely unprofessional of both of us, but it was I who initiated the whole thing, not you. So please stop apologizing." He closed his eyes and she saw how his fists were clenched tightly, turning white from the strain. "I'm not stupid," he whispered softly, "I know that you do not love me."

"Ne.." she tried to say, but his eyes flashed open and he interrupted. "Let me finish," he said sternly. "I know that you do not love me, at least not right now, but I could give you so much Sakura. With me you could have a clan and a prosperous life." He closed the distance between them and took her in his arms pressing her against his broad chest, cradling her head. "I could give you anything you wished if you only ask. All I want in return is that you be with me, be loyal, and honest," he whispered into her hair.

For someone who was so stern and composed to suddenly sound so vulnerable almost frightened her. She thought about what he said. He could give her everything she had ever hoped for… but just not with him. He wasn't the one that she always dreamed would give her these things, but did it truly matter? He was never coming back. She couldn't ever truly love the man before her and it pained her to think about it. She was saving her heart for another, but that didn't mean she couldn't give him what he wanted. She could give him loyalty and honesty. She could give him more than that. She could give him respect, adoration, and her body. What else could he want?

"Okay," she said softly. "You can have everything that I am able to give," she whispered leaning into the front of his body.

He pulled back and looked at her, searching her gaze for any untruth. When he found none he smiled a true and genuine smile. He didn't smile very often so she cherished the moment, burning the image into her head. "You can have me Hyuga Neji," she said smiling back at him, "I'm yours."

Neji smiled more deeply. She let out a sharp yelp when he suddenly he lifted her up into his arms.

"What are you doing!?" she cried as he carried her bridal style across the garden up to an open screen and into what she could only assume was a bedroom, his bedroom. Her heart was in her throat as he lay her down gently onto his sleeping mat and lowered himself on top of her, putting his weight onto his elbows on either side of her head. "I would never hurt you," he whispered bringing his hand down to lightly brush his knuckles on the side of her face.

Sakura didn't know what to think, so she didn't. "Kiss me," she said back, and he did.

Like before it started out gentle at first, but then it became more urgent. He let his hands fall to hold her waist as he pressed the lower part of his body against hers and she cried out, loving the friction it caused as they fed at each other's mouths. His hair fell over them in a thick black curtain and she couldn't stop herself from threading her fingers through those soft strands as she rocked against him.

She remembered this feeling, the fire that started low in her body, fanned by their connected mouths. It was like something was boiling inside of her and was trying to bubble over. She felt a tingling sensation between her thighs and she knew her body was getting ready for him as a wetness started to pool between her legs. He brought his hands underneath her shirt then and pulled it over her head in one fluid movement. It forced them to part for a moment and he took advantage of the space to remove the rest of his clothing.

For the first time she looked down at him and it made her cheeks burn. She hadn't actually taken the time to look at him back in the cave, but now that she did she was glad she hadn't. It wasn't the first time she had seen the male anatomy, she had worked in a hospital after all, and Neji's wasn't exactly the largest she had seen, but he certainly was impressive. He wasn't so much long and he was wide and now she didn't question the reason why their first time had been so uncomfortable, besides the fact it had been her first of course.

The side of Neji's mouth lifted into a smirk. "I'll be gentle," he whispered, "I promise."

She looked back to him to see the sincerity in his eyes and nodded. She had no doubts that Neji would be careful with her. He had been so very careful the first time too. Feeling a bit of courage she reached down and took him in her hand and gave a soft squeeze. The action must have been unexpected because he gasped closing his eyes, and his fingers dug into her waist almost painfully. Her curiosity got the better of her and she started to bring her hand up and down experimentally watching as his lips parted and he began to breathe deeply.

Encouraged, she picked up her speed a bit letting his flesh slide against her hand more quickly in long languid strokes and smiled when he started to gently thrust into her hand. Becoming bolder, she brought her thumb over the tip of him, feeling a slight wetness, and rubbed slow agonizing circles around the head of him. He cried out then, his eyes snapping open, and he stared at her with lust hooded gaze. His eyes then flashed to her bare chest and before she could protest, he ducked his head and latched onto her nipple and sucked.

Shocks of pleasure shot down her body to her burning core and she bucked against his body. The action caused her to press his, now fully erect, manhood against her bare stomach and it caused them both to groan. She let him go and he pressed himself more forcefully against her chest as he began to lay soft kisses on both her breasts before licking a long slow line against the underside curve of the left while forcefully grabbing the other. She was bucking against him now like a wonton creature trying to do anything to relieve her aching desire.

"Neji, please!" she cried out.

He grinned against her flesh and then took her nipple into his mouth, flecking his tongue across it in slow circles. She practically screamed and arched her back off of the mat. Her mind was so clouded she barely registered the fact that she was no longer wearing her skirt, and her panties had been completely discarded.

He was no longer even with her chest, but now was resting his weight on his elbows on either side of her head, settling himself between her legs. She looked up to find him looking at her with lust and some other emotion that she couldn't quite decipher. His breath was coming out in pants like hers and his hair was staring to mat slightly against his moist forehead.

"Are you sure," he asked, echoing the exact same words he had said to her that night in the cave.

"Make love to me Neji," she whispered, leaning up to capture his lips with hers.

He made no reply as he took himself in his hand and rubbed his painfully erect member against her dripping folds, coating himself in her liquid desire. She cried out as he made contact with her sensitive clit, bucking against him, trying to force him inside. He stilled her by pressing her waist back onto the mat and brought his gaze back up to stare her in the eyes. Are you ready? He asked silently with his eyes. She lost herself in his milky gaze, trying to show as much adoration for him as possible, and cried out as he thrust into her suddenly to the hilt.

She started to whimper as she breathed through her mouth trying to relearn how to breathe. He brought a hand up and started to smooth her hair out of her face while making soothing noises and kissing her forehead as he waited for her to adjust.

It was a strange feeling, the pain was still there, but only slightly. More than anything the intrusion caused a sore fullness that felt better than it had before, but was still uncomfortable. He leaned down and kissed her and she allowed him to explore her mouth completely, swallowing her whimpers and protesting noises. As he deepened the kiss she allowed her hands to wander over his back trailing feather light circles across his flesh with her fingertips. Eventually she adjusted to the soreness and a new felling began build in her lower body, but he still did not move.

She groaned in frustration and brought a leg up and hooked it over his waist causing him to push deeper inside of her and they both moaned. Now given permission, he slowly pulled out of her inch by inch before plunging back inside of her quick and hard. It only took him a few tries before he turned his movements into a slow hard rhythm that had her mind spinning and her body screaming with a pleasure she had never felt before.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered that someone was moaning loud and deep and she was surprised to find that it was her. She bucked her hips experimentally then and cried out at the sensation as it forced him even deeper. He groaned and suddenly reached down and picked her up into his arms as he stood and carried her to the wall, still sheathed inside of her.

He pushed her against the cold hard surface and she gave a cry of protest when her head hit the wall. He didn't seem to realize because in the next moment he lifted her legs around his waist again, cupping his hands under her ass to hold her weight, and he was pounding into her as hard and fast as he could, her back braced against the wall holding her in place. Her mind was reeling in pleasure and she brought a hand up to hold onto something, anything, as she tried to adjust to his new speed.

He noticed her reaching out and brought his own hand up to hold hers above her head pinning it against the wall, and moved the other over his shoulder while he attacked her neck with his mouth and teeth.

He suddenly felt the need to own her, to mark her and make her his. Without thinking he took her sweet flesh of her neck into his mouth and bit down as hard as he dared until he tasted blood. The hot coppery liquid filled his mouth and he swallowed instinctively and it made him gag. Beneath him Sakura screamed and raked her fingernails across his back painfully drawing his own blood in return.

Something about their love making had nothing to do with love and everything to do with possession and need, their pain turning to pleasure as the desperation built higher and higher.

Suddenly she felt a strange tension starting to build low in her body as everything started to become too much. It sent a sense of urgency through her and she gasped out in frustration or anticipation, she wasn't quite sure which. "Ne..ji," she panted over and over again as he thrust in and out of her in an almost frantic pace. She needed something, anything, to release the coil that was wound so tightly within her. She reached out then knotting his thick dark hair in her hands and brought his mouth down forcibly against her own tasting her own blood in his mouth.

It was exactly what she needed. For a moment the sensation frightened her as the desperation reached its peak, and then the coil snapped and the world exploded around her, causing her vision to go completely white, while she arched her back and screamed.


Neji watched as the beautiful creature in front of him lost herself to an orgasm he created and groaned at the sensation of her pulsating wetly around his member, coaxing him to follow her into bliss. Truthfully he was surprised he had held out this long. He pounded into her mercilessly then, savoring the way she screamed his name over and over, but cried out when he suddenly lost his rhythm and exploding inside of her.

He moaned her name as he placed his forehead against the wall behind her letting the cold surface cool his aching head as he gently pushed in and out of her to prolong the sensation for both of them. When he was finished, the world was spinning and he realized he couldn't hold her up anymore. He opened his mouth to tell her as much but the strain became too much, and before he could help it, he lost his footing and they both cried out as and they tumbled to the ground.

He caught her as he landed on his knees painfully taking her weight. She landed with an indignant oomph and then stared up into his shocked face and began to giggle. "That was, well it was…wow," she said barely being able to contain her laughter.

The reaction confused him, he didn't quite understand why she was laughing, but decided it must be her way of releasing emotion and just smiled at her. He gazed at her happy face but when his gaze met the side of her neck he frowned. There, beneath her earlobe, was a set of angry teeth marks that were seeping blood. He reached up and touched the wound gently and his frowned deepened when she abruptly stopped laughing and hissed in pain.

"I've hurt you," he said sorrowfully. "It was not my intention, I'm sorry I got so carried away."

She brought her hand up and healed the mark easily and shrugged. Then she brought a hand behind his back and touched it softly. He resisted the urge to hiss in pain as she did, but his breath hitched and she noticed. "I'm sorry too," she whispered against his mouth as she healed his marks as well.

In that moment his heart swelled. She wasn't afraid of him. She still wanted to be with him and didn't seem to regret their coupling. It was more than he could have hoped for. "Thank you," he whispered. For a moment he pondered whether or not he could lift her to his mat, but decided that he rather not try and embarrass himself in front of the woman he loved. The thought startled him. He loved her. He loved her, but he dare not tell her because he knew she did not feel the same. He did not want her to tell him as much, so he decided to remain silent. Slowly he lifted himself to his feet and offered a hand down to her. He might not be able to lift her into his arms, but he was still a gentleman, so he smiled when she allowed him to lift her to her feet and they both walked to his mat together.

He couldn't believe how incredibly tired he was. He had never done anything remotely like what they had just done, and it seemed like his entire body was screaming for sleep… and a shower, but he would take care of that later when he was positive he could stand properly. He pulled her down onto his mat next to him and his heart soared when she pressed her back against his body, snuggling up to him as close as she could. He reached down then and pulled up a sheet over their bodies. He thought maybe she would want him to say something to her, women were like that weren't they? They always seemed to need some sort of emotional validation or assurance. He was confused, but slightly pleased when he realized that she had fallen asleep almost immediately and sighed in content as he laid his chin against the top of her pretty pink head.

It was strange how his feelings for her had crept up on him. He had been watching her for a while now. He had been carefully making his decision on which woman in the village he would pursue for marriage, and Sakura had just suddenly came to his attention one day after a long afternoon of training. The moment he saw her destroy half a mountain with her monstrous strength he knew there was something more to her than her exotic looks and foul temper. Then when he saw her amazing chakra control and her wondrous medical abilities he decided he would have her to be his. He knew with enough patience and determination she would come to him, but what he couldn't have foreseen was how much he would grow to care for and eventually love her. Where his emotion was not completely unwelcome, it did indicate a sign of weakness on his part that he was not completely comfortable with. He wondered if he was foolish, loving a girl that so obviously loved another, however he was certain that his feelings for her somehow helped progress their relationship, so he couldn't be too unhappy considering the results. If this night was any indication, she was going to be an amazing lover, wife, and eventually mother to his children. He had made the right choice, he could just feel it. Now, he only had to convince her of his plans.

He smiled, content that all his plans were falling into place, and then he slowly drifted to sleep.


"Cousin! Cousin! Please wake up cousin!"

Neji groaned and was only momentarily surprised to hear a softer more feminine groan next to him. His eyes snapped open and he grinned in satisfaction when the pink haired beauty next to him turned and regarded him with a smile on her face.

"Good morning, Neji-kun," she said as she blushed prettily beside him.

"Good morning, Sakura-chan," he replied. He lifted her chin and captured her lips with his own and smirked when she brought her arms around him to pull him closer. The kiss was chaste and sweet, but her wondering hands were not when they suddenly made contact with his morning arousal. He sucked in a breath as she took his member in her hand and started to stroke him gently. Suddenly there was a voice and he realized why they had awoken.

"Cousin! I must talk to you," the voice cried.

He groaned in frustration. "Hinata-sama, I can hear you. I am awake, but cannot come to the door. Is there something I can help you with?" He croaked out over Sakura's head as she quickened her pace, her strong hands pumping around his now painfully swollen member. He groaned when she placed her lips on his neck and began to kiss her way up his throat and licked the space behind his ear. He allowed her to continue her ministrations as he brought a hand to her hip and slowly began to play circles with his fingertips across her skin moving his way down till her reached her hot center and groaned when he found her wet and ready for him.

"Is everything alright cousin?" Hinata asked, her voice lifting in concern.

Neji had a moment of panic and embarrassment. Perhaps she could hear him and Sakura in their morning activities. He strained to control his breathing and voice as he placed a finger over his lips indicating Sakura to not make any noise.

"Yes, I am fine Hinata-sama, thank you for your concern. Is there something I can help you with?" He asked, biting his lip to keep from making a noise that would betray their activities.

"Of course cousin, I do not mean to disturb you, but I thought you should know. Naruto has contacted me to tell me that there is great news!" Hinata cried happily behind his door.

His interest piqued but was distracted when suddenly Sakura pushed at his shoulder and rolled him over onto his back. He let out a noise in surprise, but his eyes widened when suddenly she rolled on top of him and shoved herself onto his stiff arousal causing him to cry out in pleasure.

"Neji, what was that?" a nervous voice asked behind his door.

"Nothing!" he squeaked and immediately cringed, scowling at the girl on top of him. She only smiled and she brought her hands down to explore the muscle on his chest as she ground her hips on top of him.

Yes, he had definitely made the right decision. He only hoped that he could wake every morning with such a beautiful and strong kunoichi hot and ready for him. He may be a calm powerful shinobi, but he was also very much a man.

He lifted himself then to a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her back and shoved her down as hard as he could impaling her more deeply. Above him Sakura threw back her head in a silent cry, for which he was grateful, and began to bounce more quickly up and down. He watched in fascination as she used his body to thrust in and out of her own in a hard rhythm, her hands fisting in his hair in a not entirely unpleasant way. He brought her face down for a kiss and smirked when she moaned softly in the back of her throat.

"Cousin," Hinata interrupted, "Naruto tells me that Uchiha Sasuke has returned to the village! There are people gathering around the Hokage's office now to see him and learn of his fate. They are saying he might be forgiven and allowed back into the village," she said, barely able to control her excitement.

Above him Sakura froze, her eyes going wide. "Sasuke," she whispered. Her eyes suddenly lost their light as she stared off into the distance as if she were focusing on a memory only she could see. Neji watched her worriedly as she suddenly snapped back into reality. She paled and looked at him with what could only be seen as horror.

"Sakura?" He whispered.

She threw herself off of him then and he watched as she scrambled for her clothing and threw it on quickly. Then his heart restricted painfully in his chest as she flew out his screen door leading into the Hyuga compound without so much as glancing back.

"Isn't that wonderful cousin?!" Hinata cried happily, barely able to control her enthusiasm, from behind his closed door completely oblivious to the sounds of his heart breaking.

Neji said nothing as he stared dumbly at his open screen door after the pink haired girl that had just left him behind. He really was just a poor substitute wasn't he? Perhaps he was just a fool all along.


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