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"For the last time, no."

Julian's eyebrows were furrowed and his arms were crossed across his designer tuxedo. He moved his lips into what he hoped were an apologetic smile. Normally, he wouldn't hesitate, but for some reason he just wasn't in the mood that night.

"Really sorry, ladies, but I have to politely decline all of your offers to dance."

The gaggle of girls gave him a disapproving look as he walked away from them with sure, solid footsteps. He didn't need them and their slender exorbitantly priced dress garbed bodies, the heavy mounds of make up caked all over their faces, nor the glitter shimmering unnecessarily from every exposed area of skin.

Most of all Julian didn't need to be around to see any of them break into tears. Julian was pretty sure he had spotted some quivering lower lips back there.

He stopped when he reached the darkest and quietest section of the ballroom. Peace was finally found.

Julian glanced over the dance floor sullenly. A slow song had begun playing. Every couple in the ballroom instinctively lost themselves in the newly found romantic atmosphere. Julian averted his eyes as the couple closest to him started getting a little grabby.

He instead directed his attention to the view outside through a window at the end of the room. There was a full moon that night. Julian laid his elbow on the windowsill, propping his chin up on his hand.

Julian exhaled loudly. He wondered where Logan was. He hadn't seen him in a while. Certainly he would rather spend a night in lockup than feign pleasantries meeting all these ingratiating political bigwigs. When Logan had mentioned that the dress code was strictly black tie, Julian had a feeling it was something to do Senator Wright. And so it was.

Julian recognized some of the guests from newspapers and television, he couldn't for the life of him be bothered to remember their names, but he did know that they were all friends of Senator Wright. He shuddered. Politics was low on Julian's list of interests. Not for the first time, he wondered why Logan had invited him.

The thought of leaving the party had crossed Julian's mind more than once. He had caught Logan's eye plenty of times in the last two hours. Julian failed to receive any form of response, except for that one time where Logan rolled his eyes at him.

So far as Julian could recall, everything had been smooth between the two for the past week. After racking his brains for the possible cause of Logan's odd behavior, he gave up. It was probably something to do with his father, Julian hoped.

Eventually, Julian stopped tapping his root and humming nothing in particular. Logan had stayed as far away from him as possible throughout the entire time.

Julian sipped his martini resignedly. The hands on his watch showed 11.45pm. That settled it. He would only wait up to midnight, then goodbye to Logan it was.

As the minutes ticked away, Julian amused himself with the thought of dancing with Logan.

Now, that was a dance he fancied.

The mood turned sappier than ever as the lights in the hall were dimmed. He hadn't the faintest idea what the objective of the party was. Julian shook his head incredulously. He whipped out his phone, fingers flying across the touchscreen.

The text to Logan said: J is outta here, man. Don't bother calling! :(

He pressed send.

Message sent to Logan: 11.58pm

A soft voice spoke from behind him.

"What do you think you're doing?"