"When I was in my senior year of High school, just before Christmas, Blaine proposed to me." Off to his side, he knows Blaine is pulling a face. "He'll tell you he didn't. That getting engaged in high school, when the love is young, that it's dangerous—" now he won't look at Finn and Rachel, he knows they're preening, clutching, stupidly pleased with themselves to have made it a decade out of high school and still be together, married, mostly without hiccups.

Kurt looks at Blaine, at the crisp white shirt, now rolled up to his elbows, the black bowtie and the red rose and the now-jauntily-placed top hat. At the raised eyebrow and the soft smile playing at his lips. "But Blaine gave me a ring and promised me forever and he said…the things he said that day, I thought he'd never be able to promise me more, to make it more…" Kurt has to swallow, he's practiced this, rehearsed, steeled 't cry."I thought what he gave me then was everything, was the most romantic, perfect, special moment I'd ever have and we both know, somehow, we'd be together forever and so maybe it's not so terrible that I agreed to marry him before he'd even asked."

Every single person in the room knows this story now and they laugh and Kurt takes the moment to squeeze his eyes shut and take a hot breath of air and squeeze Blaine's hand behind the table and stare at him for a long hard second.

"But then Blaine gave me more. He gave me New York. And most of you. A career I love and a home." He finds his dad down the table, looking glassy eyed. "He gave my dad grandkids because somehow he managed to convince me we could do twins. That it'd be fun." He finds the twins standing off the side, not quite old enough to comprehend much more than a party.

Dark haired and blue eyed, a girl and a boy dressed up in silly party clothes and grinning at the balloons. They'll be four in a month. "Blaine gave the twins everything too."

Under his Blaine's hand spasms and Kurt knows he won't last long. Needs the solid form of Blaine against him or else he'll fall apart. He takes another breath. "And then he proposed properly. He meant it with every ounce of his being and we both knew it was time and—" another glance down and he can feel the inquisitive looks he's getting. He grins. "Oh he doesn't believe me! He thought it was terrible. But he asked me to marry him and it made perfect sense. So we did. And here we are."

That's not how the speech ends but Blaine's tugging him down, trying to pull him off balance. Kurt only manages to gasp out, "Married," before all his friends and family and applauding and whooping and Blaine's get him sprawled in his lap. And Blaine's kissing him, hands on his cheeks, fingertips in his hair, lips caressing back and forth over his.

Grinning and giggling and holding tight with both hands. Blaine drags his mouth up to Kurt's ear and repeats back: "Married. To me."