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Chapter 11 and Epilogue

Steve and Danny stood at the window to their interrogation room at headquarters, watching as Chin and Kono talked Wells into confessing. Steve had wanted to be the one to talk to Wells, but Danny had vetoed that quickly enough. He hadn't wanted to take any chances on them getting this man put away. Steve understood what Danny meant, that Steve's anger and personal feelings towards the man could jeopardize the case if he got carried away, but he wasn't thrilled about it.

"Did you know that there was a six week old infant asleep in the house when you started that fire? There was also an eight year old girl watching TV."

Wells face went white, "I didn't know! I swear I didn't."

"Well, we have no proof that you didn't know," Chin said, leaning forward over the table, manfully not showing the surprise he was still feeling from Danny's revelation an hour prior, "That's attempted homicide right there. Especially since you started the fire right under the nursery window. That will go along great with the arson charge."

"Look, man, can't you cut me a deal?"

Chin hummed thoughtfully, "Well, that depends on what you offer me. I could drop the attempted homicide to reckless endangerment if you give me something good. Tell me who hired you."

"I wasn't hired by anybody. I was getting revenge on McGarrett."


"He cut off my line of supply, man. I was making good money of the stuff I got from Hesse. When I heard that McGarrett was the one to put him behind bars, I figured a little payback was in order."

"So you were gunna burn his house down? You figured that to be a viable revenge plan?"

Wells shrugged but didn't respond.

"All right." Chin stood up and walked out, Kono trailing behind him. He looked at Steve and Danny, "He'll be extradited out to North Dakota after his trial here for the arson. I don't think they'll keep him here, given his connection with Hesse."

Steve nodded. He figured that was going to be the case, "I'm going to be there when they fly him out."

Danny and Chin exchanged a look, "That's not really a surprise," Danny said, clapping Steve on the shoulder, "Here's an idea," Danny continued quickly, changing the subject, "How about we talk to Rachel about keeping the kids tonight, let her have the big fireworks with them? We can stop and get dinner then swing by the Home Depot, pick up supplies to fix those holes until you can call in a contractor, and you are going to call a contractor so help me God. We can have the barbecue tomorrow? Grace would love to have fireworks two days in a row."

"Yeah, brah. It'll be a good way to celebrate solving this case," Chin said, nodding.

Kono grinned, but her face held a pinched look, "I still can't believe it took the case to tell us you're a dad now, boss."

Steve rolled his eyes, "You would have found out tonight anyway. Let it go, Kono."


Steve looked up from the grill Chin had brought, his being too small to cook for nine people, when he heard Grace scream. She was down in the water with Kono and Ben and Steve had looked up just in time to see the eight year old fly through the air and hit the water. He laughed when she popped up and jumped onto Ben's back in what looked to be a futile attempt to pull him under. He just swung her around and tossed her again.

Chin and Malia, who had only started dating again after Chin was cleared of his charges, were sitting around the table with Rachel and Stan talking about some of the improvements the hospital had made recently. Steve was still boggling over that one, that Danny had invited his ex and her husband to join them. Steve wasn't going to say no, not after all the help Rachel was offering but it was still throwing him for a loop.

Malia had commandeered JJ as soon as she and Chin arrived, cooing over him while Steve puffed up his metaphorical feathers in pride. Rachel had brought the kids back around noon, once Steve had been satisfied with the patch job he and Danny had done on the house. Or, rather, that he had done and Danny had supervised after one of Danny's attempts at helping made the hole bigger.

Kono approached him when he was flipping the burgers, dripping wet which showed she had just left the water, "Hey, can I talk to you as Steve the Friend and not Steve the Boss?"

"Sure," he answered warily and then winced when Kono suddenly whacked him on the head, "Hey! That hurt!" He whined, rubbing his head. "What was that for?"

"We're ohana and you didn't even tell us you had such a cute son! You totally kept him away from us. That's rude, brah!"

"I'm sorry. I was..."

"You were what? Too engrossed in your honeymoon phase with Danny?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Steve looked sheepish, mumbling something.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you."

"Yeah, okay, maybe I was too focused on JJ, Danny, and Grace. But in my defense, I really busy setting everything up."

"You know, you could have asked us for help. We'd have gladly done it. And with all the cousins and nephews Chin and I have, we could have supplied a lot of baby stuff."

"I am sorry Kono. Cath dropped the news on me so suddenly that I was completely panicked and at lost. Are you really mad?"

Kono reached out and squeezed his shoulder, "It's okay. I get you felt overwhelmed, but remember us next time you knock someone up," she added joking.

"So no more Steve-whacking?"

"No more Steve-whacking," she agreed, smiling.

"You enjoyed it way too much!" Steve complained.

"Hell yeah! It's not every day you've got a free pass to hit the boss!" she ran away, laughing, Steve hot on her tail.

"Are you going for charbroiled Stephen? I can assure you that Grace does in fact have taste buds that work. Actually, she's rather particular about her burgers so you might want to get two off right now so that there is still a bit of pink in the middle," Danny yelled from afar when Steve didn't come back soon enough.

Steve looked at Danny with a scowl as he made his way back to the grill, "I've grilled burgers with Grace over before and she's never complained."

Danny tilted his head back to meet Steve's eyes, which made him look a little smug, "Not to you, she didn't. She didn't want to hurt your feelings. She informed me after we got home that they were a little on the tough side."

Steve opened his mouth to retort that his burgers were always perfect, when Rachel walked over with JJ, "Your son is in need of a diaper change. As I am officially off duty, I am passing the task on to the proper person."

"I'll take him," Danny said, "Steve is a little proprietary over the grill, even though it's not technically his. He'll spend the rest of the night complaining that I didn't cook the food right."

Danny slipped JJ out of Rachel's arms as Steve spluttered over his shoulder, "Will you stop talking like I'm not right here?"

Danny looked up at Steve, "I'm just telling the truth, babe. You don't want me to start lying now, do you?"

Steve just shook his head and leaned down to press a kiss to Danny's waiting mouth, both of them ignoring the catcalling and whistling that sounded like it was coming at them in surround sound, "Go change him before he starts howling," Steve ran a finger along JJ's palm, which was waving up in the air, "I'll pull two burgers off for Grace."

Danny looked down at JJ, who gave them both a gummy smile, "He's got a minute or two before he starts complaining. I'll make it inside."

Steve watched his partner walk into the house with his son and grinned. Life was looking pretty damn good again. Now…he just had to tell Mary.

The End