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Every moment for last eight months had been a reminder. Every moment on this accursed boat was gut wrenching. Every moment away from Percy was another minute that was lost to time. Every day for the last eight months had been like living in isolation. The constant reminder that he was gone had been like being stabbed in the stomach. She had never felt helpless before, it was lke lying on the grass with her very essence pouring out of her, she was fading. The only problem was that the one person, the only person who could heal her three thousand miles away. He probably doesn't even remember me. She had come to this conclusion months ago. Ever since Jason had come back from his quest she had believed nothing else. She had believed that the only reason Jason had received his memory so soon was because he was favoured by Hera, or as he had said Juno.

There was no way in the world that she was going to get her hopes up just to get them smashed to the ground if he stared at her blankly, having no clue who she is. It's only right she thought I disrespect the queen of the gods and she takes it out on the love of my life. The only way she can. Life had always been cruel to her, in more ways than one. But now the fates had gone too far. They had taken the person who had always loved her- who she had always loved- away from her. She was broken, and the only one who could fix her was Percy. Her seaweed brain, that stupid, annoying, insufferable, one of a kind boy who had stolen her heart was the only one who could fix her.

The ship lurched as the ship rapidly decreased in speed. The entire vessel came to a standstill, as if held back by a barrier. Annabeth knew she should be outside with the other campers but she couldn't make herself face the music. She had become so distanced from her family now. The people who had known her before Percy was taken were shocked by the drastic changes that had occurred to her personality. She was a completely different person without Percy, even Clarisse had tried to comfort her. It was rare enough for them to get along in the first place, but when they had found out about the Roman camp she had been completely supportive. The memories of that day came flying back to her.

She sat on the beach hugging her legs and lost in her thoughts, not caring in the slightest what people thought of her. The gears in her mind were recoiling from the taste of heartbreak but she couldn't bring herself to believe that Percy would remember her. For the better part of her life she had been at camp half-blood, training and training. She had had fun of course, her whole life wasn't just learning to fight. No, it had been fun at times, chasing the Stoll's, hanging out with Luke before had turned, talking with Chiron and just messing around with people in general. It had gotten even better when Percy had come, not that she had ever told him that. After the 2nd Titan war she had thought they would be together for as long they wanted. But no, Hera just had to but in and take him. She heard footsteps behind her but she didn't turn. It was probably just some younger camper coming to tell her that Cabin 9 needed help with the blueprints. She knew she'd have to go help out soon, she did want to help get her boyfriend back but she had to do this first, she had to get it all out.

Out of the corner of her eye Annabeth could see the figures approaching shadow. It was too big for a young campers silhouette. Maybe It's Thalia, but Annabeth shot down the thought almost immediately, it was nigh on impossible that the hunters were here yet. The Conch Horn would have been sounded faster than you could say 'Camp Half-blood'. The waves came further assure as the person got closer. The Idea of getting up and leaving before she could get comforted sprang to her but she squashed the thought immediately, if someone wanted to talk to her they would find a way eventually.

With a huff and a dense thud, she saw Clarisse drop onto the sand beside her. Without looking at her back at her she continued to stare at the darkening horizon. "He'll be alright, you know?" Clarisse said, Annabeth was shocked, she didn't know how to answer. But thankfully Clarisse continued as if she were alone. "Don't you dare tell him I ever said this, but he's strong enough to deal with the Roman's" She glanced at Annabeth she spoke slowly but meaningfully, choosing her words with care. "You of all people should know that, after all you two have been through. Annabeth, you know his fatal flaw, you been to Hades and back together and I'm speaking literally here and I'll bet you next to anything that you know his mortal point! You know him better than anyone and the same goes for him, if he's stupid enough to forget you he'll have the entire camp his heels who'll want some kind of payment for what he's done to you not to mention Me, You, Thalia and probably half the Aphrodite banging him over the head when he gets back either way."

What she said made sense, of course it did. Deep down Annabeth knew that Clarisse was right about those things but she didn't want to admit that because it would make her dwell on the questions that she was really afraid of asking. She turned her head to look at the girl was sitting beside her. For so long she had been too afraid to present herself to the daunting prospect of truth. "What if he found someone else?" As soon as the words escaped her lips the world came crashing down on her. There was nothing to onto anymore, nothing to steady her as she tumbled through her grief.

Her eyelids burned as once again she broke down into tears. One droplet after another, Annabeth was unable control her outburst. She sat there, eyes distant and her facial features distorted by sadness and tears waiting for the answer that never came. The girl just moved closer and gave Annabeth a hug, content to just sit there and be the listener to her worries…

Annabeth was jarred back to the present by Leos' hyper voice ringing through the ship. "Attention all present demigods," He said. "We will arriving at Camp Jupiter in approximately 10 minutes. Also, would all and counsellors, Oracle's, Lieutenants of Artemis and Lord of the Wild please report to the main conference room for a war meeting as soon as possible. This is the supreme commander of the Argo II signing off." Getting off the flour Annabeth sighed, this day could end in war, or it could be the best day of her life. She could get Percy back.

She sat at the Ping-Pong table. Chiron had insisted before they had left that they should take it with them. He had said that it would be a reminder of home over the next few weeks and that it would be a good source of entertainment for the 50 ADHD demigods in the coming weeks. Annabeth had been the first person to arrive apart from Jason and Leo Piper who had already been there. When she had first walked into the room the two boys had both been playing against each and laughing at each other while Piper sat in the corner laughing at the expression Leo made whenever Jason used his wind powers to make a save. They all froze when they saw her through the open door. Before she had walked in she assumed that Jason had hit the ball towards Leo but at that Annabeth had walked in causing him to lose concentration and the Ping-Pong ball to hit in the forehead. The ball caught fire on impact. She cracked a smile while the others burst out laughing at Leos' expense. Now she sat across from Piper, staring deep into space with her eyes glazed over she let their casual and light weighted conversation flit through her head, sometimes she caught random words but though nothing of it until a few minutes before more people started arriving, Jason's tone had changed drastically. Careful to keep her expression under control so they didn't notice her listening, she started paying more attention to them.

Jason Leaned forward, "Do you think she's listening?" He asked Leo and Piper. Annabeth saw Piper look at her cautiously. She pretended to pay no attention to any of them. She whistled as if to get her attention but still she acted like a zombie.

"Annabeth," She said, "Are you listening Annabeth?" Like I'm going to answer that, she thought. Piper turned back to Jason, her eyes lingering for a moment longer. "I'm getting worried about her," She continued. "I mean, she looks so sad. But no I don't think she's listening to us. Just thinking about Percy." That was partially true, every second thought Annabeth had was about Percy. That was one of the only ways she had survived the past eight months. By thinking about Percy, where was Percy? When would she find Percy? And most of all, Does Percy remember her? By asking herself these questions she had a way of coming up with new ideas'. She tried to answer these questions differently each time but it was difficult.

Jason nodded. "Do you think he'll remember her?" He asked her. "I mean I remember some people but there's no way for me to tell if I'm still forgetting some one important. I'm starting to think it would completely break her." As he said this he glanced at Piper. They had been getting closer and closer but by unspoken agreement they had decided that it would be best if they didn't get together in case Jason had someone they didn't yet know about.

Leo shifted uncomfortably, "You would want to hope to hope so, for his sake and ours. I don't think I would be able to stand it if she got worse. She'd be even scarier." He said and they all laughed. Annabeth sighed inwardly. Was she really acting that badly? Yes,she thought, I should probably try to set a better example, at least for now. People don't have to know if I'm secretly crying my eyes out inside. She knew it would be an artificial happiness and it probably wouldn't fool anyone but she had to try. For Percy, she thought and smiled. She Started laughing, drawing the attention of the three sitting around her. She was thinking rather what she would do to Percy if he didn't know her and she found it quite amusing. Coming back to reality found the trio staring at her as if she had finally gone mad. She smiled widely, making them look even more scared. "Err…. Annabeth?" Leo asked cautiously, "Is there something funny or….." He left the sentence hanging.

"What?" she asked innocently, "Aren't I allowed to laugh? Or do think that I'm just getting even scarier? Or that I'm just completely broken now? It wouldn't just take Percy you know?" She said the last part looking at Jason. They gulped and he was about say something but then Rachel walked in. Annabeth sat back only then realizing that had leaned forward in anticipation of their reaction.

Rachel paused at the door as if she sensed the tension coiling throughout the room. She shrugged and moved to next to Annabeth. Rachel had one of the few people Annabeth was still close to. It hadn't mattered to Rachel that Annabeth had wanted to be alone. She had stuck by her. She was still close to Grover and Thalia too but there were few other people she still liked hanging out with, she didn't mind though, that would all change soon enough. It had too.

Everyone else soon came after that. Taking seats next to their closer friends and chatting while they waited. They were making an effort she knew- they were trying to keep the tension low even though they were nervous. Someone cleared their throat at the head of the table and everybody looked. It was Jason, he was standing there looking nervous. He motioned for Piper and Leo to come stand with him and they jumped up to help as if they had planned the whole thing. Jason cleared his throat again, taking his time to choose his words carefully. "So, um, yeah….." What a great choice of first words, Annabeth thought. "We just wanted to discuss our game plan before we got there and to, um, well we, we need to know what we are going to do if Percy doesn't remember." He blurted out.

"Nice going man, get them to shut in the first two sentences…" Leo muttered into the awkward silence that had followed Jason's stutter of a speech. All eyes had turned to Annabeth. She was the closest person to Percy, the one person that he confided everything in. It was only natural that they choose to look to her instead of Grover or Thalia. She let out a deep sigh, it had inevitable, she knew, that they would ask this and she figured she would have to answer their questions.

She took a Ping-Pong ball off the table and set her eyes against it, not looking up.

So there is my first chapter. It is supposed to take place just after Leo sends the scroll to camp Jupiter. Hope you liked it I'll update soon.