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Anyway, this is a rather mature fic inspired by a not-at-all-mature picture of Pinky drawn in a Minerva Mink-type style. And, well, by all the cross-dressing Pinky does throughout the series! Even in the comic books, lol. Everyone falls for the beauty that is Pinky in drag! XD

Including Brain~

If there was one thing Brain had learned since laptops and wireless internet had been brought to the lab, it was that the people on-line were perverse. More, they were always on-line. Future world leaders, current world leaders, past world leaders - they were all always on-line. They needed to capitalize on this somehow, but Brain was still trying to work out how.

The short, large-headed mouse leaned back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully after inputting a code that would locate and list the websites of the world that were accessed most. Excluding social networking, as that had been a previous plan Brain preferred not to dwell on. None of those "viral videos" either, which was another plan Brain preferred not to dwell on... even though he secretly checked the hits every night. Pinky's ridiculous video compilation of him falling in various locales was more popular than his well thought out and intricate piece of the important scientific discoveries of the past ten years.

He added another characteristic of "web surfers" to his mental checklist: they were charlatans.

While The Brain perused the internet, Pinky played with his special dress-up box. It had all sorts of fun little costumes inside! And accessories! Humming to himself as he pulled one of the dresses over his head, he was going for a flapper girl look, the lanky mouse stumbled over to the mirror in their cage. Very 19... umm... 50s was it? 80s? Oh, it didn't matter.

"Naaaaarf." He complimented himself as he twirled, but the pleased smile faded after a few moments and he sighed heavily. It was no fun playing dress-up if no one was there to see how you looked. Tip-toeing over to the cage door, Pinky peered over at Brain click-clack-clacking away at the keyboard. He was still working on his plan thingy, and he'd been told not to bother him but... surely it wasn't too distracting if he just looked at his dressing up for a second.

Tail wagging at this brilliant idea, Pinky quickly dug around for a hat to match and some costume jewelery to complete the look. Satisfied with his appearance, he ran over to his cagemate. "Look, Brain! I have a feather on my hat!" And he did, a nice purple one.

Brain just waved a hand, watching website links beginning to appear. "That's wonderful, Pinky. Go away now; I'm busy."

"Just look real quick, Brain! Narf! Pleeeease?" Pinky waved his arms frantically, leaning over to place himself in his field of vision. "I dressed up all nice!"

"I don't know why you do that when it's unnecessary," Brain grumbled. It did odd things to his system when Pinky dressed up, things that were becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Steeling himself for a quick glance, he took one and looked back to his computer screen. He hit a few keys with his mechanical hands, wanting the top ten websites that appeared to open in separate tabs. "It's fine if we were in 1928."

Even if it was one of the shortest looks Pinky had ever received from Brain, he clasped his hands together and grinned broadly. "Oh really, Brain? Is that when the flippers visited from Sparkleland?" Oh, he'd been way off! But at least Brain had seen his outfit. He held the hem of his dress in his fingers as he swayed, glancing up at the computer screen. If Brain was finished soon, maybe he'd get to play on it for a little bit before it was time to take over the world. He also wanted to check on those coloring books he'd bid on. reBay was a magical website.

"Humph. Flappers, Pinky. And they didn't visit from anywhere. They were simply impressionable young women, bent on changing the status-quo of their time. They wore their dresses above the knee and smoke and drank in public with men." There was a little ping, alerting him that the program was through, but he'd been keeping his eyes so strictly trained on the screen that he'd already been clicking onto the first tab.

And with a startled blink, he x-ed right out, cheeks reddening. He went back to the list, belatedly reading the URLs. Oh, they clearly weren't all pornography, but they all had one vital thing in common - women. Beautiful women, at that. He leaned back, folding his arms, but quickly had to hit mute as one of the still-opened tabs began to make sounds Brain certainly didn't want Pinky to hear. He really should've expected this. With a couple of clicks to the mouse (and whoever had come up with that label needed their head examined), Brain made sure all the tabs but the list were closed.

Pinky stared at the screen, blinked a moment, then his eyes grew wide as it occurred to him what Brain had been hiding from him. "Oh, umm... poit." He twisted his tail nervously, turning his back to the screen and looking at his friend shyly. "Egad, sorry, Brain. You should've told me you were... um, looking at those kinds of things." He wouldn't have bothered him if he knew, though his cheeks warmed slightly as he entertained the thought of Brain actually looking at those strange pictures. Personally he didn't really see the appeal.

"What are you talking about, Pinky? I wasn't looking at..." The actual knowledge behind the words suddenly dawned on him. Brain spun, latching onto the top of his friend's dress and dragging him downwards. "How do you know what that was?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Pinky asked, holding his arms out for balance as he adjusted to the new height. "It's all over the internet!"

Brain gaped at him for several long moments, attempting to process this new information. Pinky knew. But the thought that he most likely didn't understand helped him recover. Shaking his head, he abruptly released the mouse. "Pinky, you are not to look at things like that." He'd have to put password blocks on more than just reBay, it seemed.

Smiling wide, Pinky nodded firmly. "Oh, don't worry, Brain. I don't like to look at them. Troz. But, I didn't mean to bother you during your... private time." He thought about how that sounded, the warmth had yet to flee his face, so he tacked on: "Zort." Much better.

His own cheeks heating up, Brain took a step back. "I wasn't having... private time, Pinky. It was an accident. I don't look at things like that, and neither should you," he added, still trying to wrap his head around someone like Pinky knowing about that sort of thing. He seemed entirely too innocent to know. "They're inappropriate and vulgar."

For some reason, it relieved Pinky to know Brain didn't like looking at them either. He understood it being an accident, that was how he'd found them after all. He'd covered his eyes and quickly clicked out of all the windows. It baffled him that all those people didn't care that they were so... exposed where everyone could see them, doing very private things. But he prided himself on being tolerant, so he wouldn't judge them. Maybe they liked all the attention, like those people on all the reality TV shows.

"I won't look at anymore of those pictures, Brain. Promise!" Pinky saluted as he beamed at his cagemate.

"Well." Brain blinked, a little stunned for a moment. He was looking at Pinky now and hadn't been able to prepare himself for it. The blush in his cheeks deepened a bit, a small tremor going down his spine. He looked... lovely. Very lovely, actually. Clearing his throat, he turned away to return to his work. Now that he had the list, he needed to figure out what to do with it. "I need to get back to work, Pinky."

"Right, Brain! I'm gonna play more dress-up!" With a twirl, Pinky waved goodbye and skipped off back to the cage. He'd create another pretty outfit to show Brain, even better than the one he had on now. Because on the second look, he could tell Brain liked it. Well... he either liked it or it made his head hurt, he wasn't quite sure, but he'd go with the first one.

After checking to make sure Pinky wasn't looking at him, Brain swallowed hard and opened the pages again. He clicked through quickly, glancing guiltily over his shoulder every couple of seconds. This was mortifying. Humans were mortifying.

Once he was satisfied, though, he leaned back and considered. There had been enough links that hadn't gone directly to pornography that a plan was still feasible. More tasteful imagery could be used. Perhaps they could create a false website, one that would require payment to see the more vulgar things. Of course, they'd be paying for nothing, so word would get out quickly. Instant communication was, as the label implied, instant.

That wouldn't work, then.

Other schemes were considered, rejected, tweaked - all in a matter of moments. He had a vague idea, but it was the specifics that had his mind whirling. He left the computer to go to his blueprints and his notebook. Technology had its uses, but he worked and thought much better with hard copies before him.

Muttering to himself, he began to write, crossing out holes in the ploy, expanding upon minor details. They were coming up on eight o'clock, his usual deadline for creating a comprehensive plan. With a single minute remaining, he leaned back and scanned the plan. And a smile tugged at his lips, a gleam in his eyes. It was perfect.

"Pinky! Come over here!"

Donning a dress befitting of Marilyn Monroe, she was rather lovely after all, Pinky leapt up from where he'd been watching TV and wandered over to where Brain had his notes spread out. "Brain! Do you think I look better as a blonde or a brunette?" He held up a wig of each in his hands, weighing them as if he were a scale. "They're both quite nice, I just can't seem to choose!"

Brain personally preferred him as a brunette, but wasn't about to say so. "I believe Ms. Monroe was a blonde," he muttered. "Now pay attention, Pinky. I've perfected our plan for what will end up being the next several nights."

"Egad, more than one tomorrow night?" Pinky tossed the brown wig aside and dropped the blonde one atop his head. "What are we going to do for all those nights, Brain?"

"Well..." A little embarrassed by the plan, Brain looked away from Pinky to the blueprints and tapped his fingers together. "We're going to fake one of those websites that show, well... you know." Which he still wasn't entirely comfortable with. "But we won't be showing anything vulgar. They'll be those teasers one uses to gain traffic to a website that's either still in construction or will have to be paid for. We won't have the popularity necessary for being one of those sites that charge for their imagery, so we'll be in construction for a period of three weeks. I've made all the calculations and that should be ample time to generate enough interest.

"And once the teasing imagery has done its job and we are the number one visited site, we'll open, as it were. But rather than the derogatory imagery the populace will be expecting, the page will open to a hypnotic message I provide, a message that will convince them to follow me! Those who don't see it will show their friends and family and soon we'll have the entire world convinced that I am their rightful ruler!"

"Egad, Brain! Brilliant!" Pinky applauded, remaining attentive for a good portion of the speech. He'd been a little apprehensive at first, but Brain cleared that up just fine. No bad pictures. Only good ones of lovely models in lovely outfits- "Oh, wait, no." He immediately dismissed it, unconsciously popping a hip out and placing his hands on them. "Won't we need a girl to take all the pictures of? Poit." Those kinds of pictures tended to feature women more often than not.

"Of-" He stopped, scowling. "You're right, Pinky. As much as I detest it." Brain folded his arms, glaring at the plans. He'd forgotten about that. Not only were the majority of world leaders men, the majority of the populace that used those websites for... ick were also male. So for this ploy to work, they would need a female. A gorgeous one at that, if he was going to be able to attract as much viewership as he needed.

The only females he knew that fell into that category wouldn't speak to him and the only females Pinky knew were... unsuitable. They could spend the remainder of the evening trying to track a woman down, but that would set them back and, as always, once he thought of a plan, he wanted it put into action immediately. So how on earth would they find a-

His thoughts were broken into, his face whapped by white fabric. "Pinky, stop twirling around like an imbecile. Your dress keeps- Wait just a moment." Pinky's dress! His eyes gleamed. "Yes!" he exclaimed. "Pinky! Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"I think so, Brain," He stopped his spinning, choosing to grab hold of the skirt with his hands and create waves within the fabric. "But I don't think I could pull off being a red head, it'll make me look pasty."

"No, Pinky. You! We'll use you as the model for our fake website!"

Blue eyes went wide and he dropped the hem of his dress in favor of clasping his paws together by the side of his face. "Really, Brain?" He gasped, his heart all a-flutter. He'd get to dress up in all sorts of things, and then Brain would have to look at him because it was part of the plan! "Oh, fun-fun silly-willy!"

"Yes, I'm sure." Brain rubbed his hands together, his focus more on their future success than on what he was actually doing. "Go find something suitable to wear, Pinky. Something slinky. You may need a corset." He turned away, hands clasped behind his back. He needed a camera.

"Um, Brain." Pinky scratched the top of his head. "A slinky is a toy. Not a dress."

"It's also an adjective." He glared over his shoulder, flipping through his mental thesaurus for a useful synonym. "Something clingy."

Alright, that made more sense. "Right, Brain! I'll do my best!" Pinky nodded, prancing away to his dress-up box. Surely he had something that would suit Brain's needs! He took a moment to wiggle happily, letting out his bouncy energy before immersing himself in the clothes. This was going to a good plan, he just knew it!

While Pinky dressed, Brain set everything else up. They'd made use of video cameras so often that they had more than enough equipment hidden in the basement to set up what amounted to a photoshoot. It didn't matter what anyone believed the pictures were for; he knew better and so did Pinky. A means to an end.

He adjusted one of the light sources, went back to the camera to peer through the lens. He just needed Pinky to make certain that everything was in its proper place. Hm. Perhaps they'd need props. But the moment that thought crossed his mind, it was banished. The only sort of props websites like this tended towards were... were absolutely out of the question.

It had been rather difficult to get the corset tied right by himself. He got himself all a-tangle several times before he finally managed to cinch it enough to give his body this funhouse mirror type shape. One could also compare it to an hourglass, but Pinky would rather be a funhouse mirror. Sand got rather itchy and tended to chafe after all.

With this new figure it was also much easier to slip on the clingy dress Brain had instructed him to find. It was a dark, dark red, a bit too intense for Pinky's usual taste, but dressing up meant being daring so he was willing to try! He also made sure to put on nylons, there was a slit on this dress that went rather high up the side. Now to accessorize!

Glancing around, Pinky blinked at all his choices. "Poit." Brain hadn't told him what else to put on. He supposed he'd just have to surprise him! Plucking up the blonde wig again, he fluffed it up and debated whether he should put it up or down. He liked the length, so left it as it was, moving on to make-up. Models wore make-up after all. Pinky brushed on just a touch of blush and lipstick, then finished it off with some elongated lashes. Mascara was a tricky thing though, and he didn't normally use it because he tended to poke himself in the eye with the bristles. But this was for Brain after all, and he said he'd do his best.

Finally slipping on a pair of Darbie heels, he wobbled around to look for Brain. It actually didn't take that long to get used to the shoes, soon he was swinging his hips as he walked and having a grand time doing it. "Brain! I'm finished! Narf! Come look!" he called out.

"I'm sure it looks fine. Just come over here so we can get started, Pinky!" He climbed onto the top of the camera, already irritated. He'd been about to go and find his cagemate. He'd been taking an exceedingly long time to throw on a dress. Normally when they were required to don some sort of outfit, Brain was always finished before his counterpart. It was ridiculous, really. How difficult was it to put on a single article of clothing? It was part of the reason why he generally assigned Pinky the part of a female. He dreaded the idea of him having to put on more than one thing.

Brain lifted a small screen he'd fashioned and attached to the side of the camera. Serving as a viewfinder, it allowed him to be atop the thing to press the shutter. "We need to get these taken and out of the way so I can begin setting up a website. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to falsify a domain?"

"Umm... no. Poit." Pinky sashayed over to where Brain had set up shop. It was ridiculously difficult to skip or twirl in this dress, and not nearly as satisfying since the skirt didn't bubble up. When he got to the base of the camera, he waved up at him before striking a pose he'd seen Myra Tanks instruct all the lovely ladies to do on Next Best Model. "How's this, Brain?"

"It's f-" Brain broke off, having to blink several times. That was not Pinky. It just couldn't be. "That..." He looked from the viewfinder he'd created to the mouse himself and back. "Pinky?"

"Yes, Brain?" Pinky tilted his head, easing out of the pose to stand more naturally, folding his arms behind his back. He couldn't tell yet if the reaction was good or bad... he had yet to see him look so surprised. "Is it... did I do it right?"

Yes, that was Pinky's voice. But... but... He swallowed, leaning forward to stare down at him. "Well. You did... wonderfully." He had to clear his throat and lean back again, gestured to get him to step back. "Move back, Pinky. I need you in the best position- place!" he corrected, face coloring. "Place."

Beaming at the praise, Pinky followed the directions without needing to be told twice. He glanced over his shoulder as he stepped backwards, wary of tripping over his dress or heels. "Narf. Right here, Brain?"

"There, yes." He let a hand hover over the shutter button, not entirely certain about this plan any longer. Perhaps they should've just found an actual female. He knew his pulse wouldn't be racing quite this much if they had. "Just... pose, Pinky." He cleared his throat, steeling himself against it. It was only Pinky. "Every click of the shutter is good for ten shots, so feel free to move as much as you like."

As he fidgeted with the dress, a little nervous now that he was in front of the large camera, Pinky distracted himself by wondering if The Brain was getting sick. It sounded like a sore throat to him. It was just playing dress-up, just showing off for his very best-best friend. With that in mind, Pinky easily slid from one feminine pose to another, mimicking a lot of what he'd seen on TV at first but then gradually doing his own thing. It was hard not to burst into a fit of laughter for some of them though, he was certain he looked rather silly. Luckily, the corset was tight enough to remind him anything other than soft giggles hurt.

Finally, with his back to the camera and hips canted to the side, he coyly glanced over his shoulder up at the viewfinder. Pinky waited for the shutter to click before addressing his cagemate. "Are we almost done, Brain? My thingy feels really tight." Meaning the corset, of course. How women wore these astounded him.

They probably could've been done at least seventy pictures ago, now that Brain had been asked. But it was the second part that caught his attention, widening his eyes a hair. "What?" he squeaked and had to clear his throat. "Your... your what?"

Pinky's brow furrowed minutely, he'd have to get Brain some cough syrup before he got worse. Oh, he'd make him some tea once he changed, that would surely help! But for now, he squirmed a little uncomfortably. "My thingy. With the laces. I can't breathe very good with it." he clarified, turning around and running his hands along his chest and stomach where the pinching was.

"The- Oh." He didn't know whether he should feel relieved or disappointed, so mortification overruled both. "Yes, Pinky, we're through. Feel free to remove it."

Smiling up at him, he nodded and began to fidget with the zipper of the dress. "Were the pictures good, Brain? Zort. That was so much fun! Except for the not breathing part. Egad," Pinky stuck his tongue out as he tried fruitlessly to undo the dress. But the clingy material made it almost impossible. "Brain? Can you help me, Brain? The dress is trying to eat me and keep me forever!" He was flattered that it liked him so much, and a little scared about getting eaten, but he really wanted to give all his clothes a chance to be worn.

Brain's initial response, a resounding yes, was quickly dismissed and replaced with a very firm no. But then he forced himself to actually think and took a few steadying breaths when he realized that refusing was juvenile and suspicious. He was neither. Cheeks burning, Brain climbed off the camera and strode over to his friend. "Of course. Here, Pinky." He had to lift to his toes to reach the zipper, the mild irritation helping somewhat. It kept a lump from forming in his throat as he drew the zipper down.

While the corset was inducing the most discomfort, undoing the dress relieved him of some slight pressure and he sighed gratefully. "Thanks, Brain! It took an awfully long time to get it on the first time, mostly cuz the lacy things were so hard to tie. I had to stand in front of the mirror and that didn't help either. It made everything backwards! Like troz!" As he explained his trials, he slid the dress down, thinking very little of changing in front of his friend. He had to kick off the heels first though, lest he get caught up in the heap of fabric now bunched around his thighs.

Brain didn't know why he felt the need to keep his gaze trained just above Pinky's shoulder, but he didn't bother fighting the urge as his hands set about undoing the laces. This had been among his (few) poorer ponderings. He really needed to figure out a way to put a stopper on this distracting attraction and having him purposefully dress to look attractive was clearly not the way to do it.

He was extremely glad that he wouldn't have to see Pinky like this again. "You did an excellent job despite the difficulties."

For some reason, feeling Brain untangle the laces of the corset sent little jolts of delight through him. It seemed so much more intimate that the dress, so much closer. His cheeks flushed as he stepped out of the dress, careful not to move too much and make Brain leave. He liked having him near, it made his tummy tickle and head fuzzy in the most pleasant of ways. But he had to keep focused on undressing. The nylons were next, and boy were they itchy. The things girls did to look pretty! Which reminded him, he wanted to see the photos! He hoped he looked as pretty as a real model, even though he ate cheese and food pellets. Real models didn't seem to eat anything. And they were mean to each other. Maybe he didn't want to be like a real model after all, maybe just a pretend one.

"I looked like a pretend real model, Brain?" he asked as he slid one leg out from the pantyhose. Good thing it wasn't summertime.

"You looked like a..." Brain made the mistake of looking down, watching the stockings slide down his legs. "A real real model," he managed, clearing his throat again and quickly getting back to work on the corset. The sooner he was normal, the sooner he could move on and reclaim his sanity.

"Poit. But real real models don't eat, Brain. And they get into cat fights! Except they always forget to bring the cats." Pinky pursed his lips as he pondered this, though the clearing of Brain's throat distracted him from it. "Zounds, Brain. You must be getting real sick if your throat's all tickly. I'll make you some tea if you want, that should fix it right up! Oh, naaaaarf." He exhaled with great relief, breathing freely as the constriction finally loosened enough. "Oh, thank you, Brain."

"I didn't say you acted like a real model, Pinky. That would be more of an irritant than I could sanely bear." Brain rolled his eyes, taking a step back. He was normal enough now that it was easier for him to control his hormonal reactions. But the idea of hot tea, and with it some separation from Pinky while he prepared it, was appealing. "Some tea would be enough thanks, actually. I need to..." Lower my pulse. "Get to work."

"'Kay!" Pinky nodded, tail swishing back and forth. Almost forgetting that he still had on the wig, he removed it but didn't touch the make-up. He'd have to wait until he could look in the mirror. "And then can I see the pictures, Brain? Once your tingly-tickly-scratchy throat is all better?" He clutched his own neck as if that would emphasize which body part he was referring to.

The pictures. Oh, dear, he was going to have to go through them all. His heart skipped a beat. "Yes. Then... then you can see them."

"Hooray!" Quickly throwing his arms around Brain, Pinky gave him a small squeeze before letting him go and skipping off towards the kitchen area.

Brain went to the camera, leaned heavily against it with a hand pressed over his rapidly beating heart. It was becoming harder and harder to convince himself that maintaining his distance from Pinky was for the best. So he pushed it all to the side and retrieved the memory card from the camera to start placing them on his computer. All of the extra pictures had taken too much time; he'd have to work quickly to get the website up and running.

While the water for the tea boiled, Pinky went to the sink and washed his face. Much better. "Narf." He dabbed at his face with a piece of napkin, then set about collecting the thimbles for the tea. He put a tiny dollop of honey in Brain's, since his throat was hurting and honey helped that a whole lot. Plus it was yummy! Though he got it all over himself and had to wash again, those lids did not function very well. He also added a squeeze of lemon, mostly because it tasted very good as well.

He hoped this would make Brain feel better, if he got sick then he wouldn't be able to continue with his plan thingy and then he wouldn't take over the world and then he'd be sad. Pinky would do anything to keep that from happening, even if more often than not it was his fault something went wrong. But he could at least make sure his friend didn't get any sicker. Carefully cradling the thimble, Pinky carted it over to the computer. "Here, Brain! Tea time!"

"Thank you, Pinky." Working on html coding had certainly calmed him down, so he took the thimble from his friend and managed not to jolt when their fingers brushed. He took a careful sip, giving a quietly pleased hum. The honey was immediately noticeable and was wonderful even though he wasn't getting sick as Pinky incorrectly assumed. There was nothing quite like Pinky's tea. He was inane and often bumbling, entirely too hyperactive for anyone's good, but he made this perfectly. "Excellent as always," he murmured.

Pinky's chest seemed to swell with the praise. "You're welcome, Brain!" He leaned in slightly, just to brush his fingers against Brain's forehead. It was an innocent enough gesture, meaning to check for a fever, but he couldn't ignore how soft his fur felt. And warm, but not in the fever way. No, this warmth sent tingles through his whole arm. He immediately brought his hand back, holding it behind him as he rocked on the balls of his feet. Smiling sheepishly, he spoke just a touch softer than his normal exuberance allowed. "Feel better, Brain. You can't take over the world if you're sick. Troz."

The warmth that filled him had nothing at all to do with a fever, and he took another sip of tea to hide the blush until he could control it. Inane and bumbling and sweet as can be. Perhaps if it weren't for the sweetness, the attraction would be easier to ignore. "I appreciate that, Pinky, thank you. I'll be fine."

Sitting down right beside his friend, Pinky nodded. Blue eyes fixated on the computer screen, all the jumbled letters and codes making zero sense but they were interesting to look at. "Is that how the pictures get on the computer, Brain?"

"Actually, Pinky, this is how we gain a website without having to go through the usual channels. This way it will be appear in most searches, as we want as many people to find it as possible." He looked Pinky over rather cautiously, resisting the urge to scoot away. His pulse, which he'd worked so hard to even, became erratic once more. "Explaining the intricacies of coding would most likely go over your head, though. Do you want to see the pictures?"

"Oh, yes please! Narf!" Pinky giggled, looking over at Brain with eyes full of anticipation.

Tearing his gaze away, Brain set aside the thimblefull of tea and hit a few keys. The first picture came up and the bottom dropped out of his stomach. This was going to be... impossible. Particularly with his friend sitting just beside him. He was going to need a very, very cold shower by the time this was through.

Pinky on the other hand just started laughing. "Oh, I do look rather fetching!" It really was one of his better dress-up costumes, though he still preferred the lighter, flowy dresses. This one was very intense, the contrast of colors made a dramatic statement. And his expression... he grabbed onto his toes and rocked back and forth as he grinned. He'd been pretending he was looking right at Brain for that one, instead of the silly viewfinder. Speaking of which, Pinky turned to look at his friend to get his reaction. "Is it what you wanted, Brain?" He blinked, Brain was making a strange kind of face.

"What? Is it-? Oh. Yes." There were so many things Brain was going to have to do with these pictures. They needed to be formatted, some of them compiled into a wallpaper of sorts, split into groups to be sent to the optimal locations and the optimal times... And he could barely look at the first one without his heart hammering and his mind fogging.

Legs crossing, Brain settled the thimble between his legs and gestured to the miniature keyboard. "Just hit the arrow key when you want to move to the next picture, Pinky."

"'Kay!" Pinky leaned over and tapped the arrow key, humming to himself. He glanced at Brain briefly, considering his reaction was sort of similar to when he saw his flipper dress earlier only more. He must really like them then! Shifting his attention back to the screen, he couldn't help but be amused. Dress-up was so much fun! This time especially because Brain watched him the whole time, he didn't even pretend to ignore him like he sometimes did, thinking Pinky wouldn't notice the pretend part.

"Oh, I like this one!" It was sideways shot that showed off the slit in his dress. Oh, yes, nylons had definitely been a good move on his part. Pinky didn't linger long on many of the photos though, most of them looked very similar and pressing the arrow key was a lot of fun too.

Brain was starting to see the appeal in the degenerative websites, which was a problem. A very cold shower as quickly as possible. He took a sip of the tea, forcing it passed the lump in his throat and as long as it was taking to get through them, he'd definitely taken more than necessary. That was also a problem. He really and truly did need to get a better handle on this attraction. It was clearly blossoming into something inappropriate and uncontrollable.

Finally Pinky arrived at the end of the file, clicking the arrow key one last time with a flourish. "The end!" He chirped, flopping down on his back and splaying his arms and legs out as if were to make a snow angel. "Egad, that was fun, Brain!"

"Thrilling." Inappropriately so. Brain cleared his throat, took a moment to make sure no unwarranted physical reactions had occurred before taking another sip of tea. "Alright, Pinky, you can go and do... whatever it is you'd like to do for the remainder of the night while I finish all of this."

"Poit. You don't need anymore help?" He asked, tilting his head back so he was looking at Brain upside down. Yep, his head still looked big-chubby-round from this angle too.

Brain considered the offer, looked back at the last picture on the screen. Perhaps he could solve part of his problem. "Do you have the attention span required to go through the photographs again and pick out your favorites?"

Sporting a huge grin, Pinky nodded, only to bop himself on the counter given that he was still upside down. Laughing, he sat up and turned around to face Brain. "Oh yes! I already know which are my favorites, Brain!" He exclaimed, clapping his hands together.

Brain nodded slightly. "Do you remember how to use folders like I taught you? I want you to move your favorites into a new folder while I finish the coding." He slid the windows to either side of the screen, pleased when they snapped. That new snap feature was extremely useful at times.

"Oh, I do remember, Brain. They're not wings or kites or food or magic flying carpets." He listed off all the things a folder wasn't used for on his fingers, thinking of the physical, paper folder. "Or racecars or boats!"

Brain reached out, grabbed Pinky's snout and pulled him closer. "You challenge my peaceful inclinations, Pinky." He released him to demonstrate, dragging a photo at random and dropping it into a newly created folder. "Just put your favorites in there. Understand?"

"Right, Brain! Put my favorites in there!" Pinky mimicked the dragging of the photo, delighted when the little icon disappeared into the other folder-shaped icon. "Narf! What about your favorites, Brain?"

"Don't worry about my favorites, Pinky. I'll... go through them later. Particularly if you select too many." He gave Pinky an absent pat, finding a solution calming him down considerably, and pulled over his small keyboard to get to work. "Keep quiet now, Pinky. I need to concentrate."

Making the zipping motion across his lips, Pinky bobbed his head in understanding before turning all his attention to the pictures. There were several he remembered really liking around the middle, when he'd been the most comfortable. He'd just settled into his own style, rather than trying hard to look like what he thought models should look like as he had in the beginning of the shoot or tired like the last few pictures. Not that any of those were bad, he loved them too! The middle just had his favorites.

Pinky starting humming quietly, forgetting the 'keep quiet' order, as he stared at one of the photos. He liked it, but was it a favorite? Leaving it alone, he figured he had enough anyway. Plus, what he really wanted to see was which of the photos were Brain's favorites. He pressed his hands to his cheeks as they warmed suddenly, unable to contain his smile. When the folder had fifteen of the seventy-some-odd pictures, Pinky sat back and turned to watch Brain do his coding-thingy.

He was nearly finished when he felt Pinky's eyes on him, so did his best to ignore it. He managed it but for a quick glance. "Well?"

"I'm finished, Brain! Poit. It's your turn now." Pinky announced, only after he'd been acknowledged. Sometimes it was fun watching Brain work when his forehead would get all scrunchy and his face did all sorts of weird things as he concentrated.

"My..." He flicked his gaze to Pinky's half of the screen, blowing out a steadying breath. He'd finished the coding, so he didn't have another excuse readily available. "Oh. Are you sure you're finished?"

Pinky glanced from the screen to Brain and back again. He didn't want to pick too many favorites, especially because he had to leave room for Brain's. More sure of himself, he nodded. "Oh, very sure, Brain! Zort. I want to see which ones you like now." His tail swished as he gazed at his cagemate expectantly.

Oh, wonderful. He saved the coding and used the keyboard to full-screen the photographs. It was a good thing he'd taken the time to learn all the keyboard shortcuts. The last thing he wanted just then was to have to lean over Pinky to get to the mouse. He went through Pinky's selections first, steeling himself against any reactions. This was all a part of their plan. He just had to remember that and none of this would bother him.

Three pictures in, he was very much bothered. It was difficult to use his eidetic memory to pick out his favorites from the first run-through when the first run-through had been spent in a fidgety, heated state. The second run-through wasn't any better at all. "This may... take some time, Pinky."

"That's okay, Brain!" Pinky beamed, flattered as he assumed the reason it would take a long time was because his friend liked so many of the pictures. "It is rather difficult to choose."

"Exceedingly so," he muttered, scowling slightly. He hoped the irritation would get him through the selection process. It was rather surprising to discover, then, that many of Pinky's selections would've been his, but he managed to find another fifteen. Including one of the last pose, where Pinky's back had been to the camera and he'd been looking over his shoulder. It was a personal favorite, though he'd never admit it aloud if he could help it.

Pinky had wiggled with delight as he took note of the pictures Brain selected, inwardly pleased that he was fond of the middle ones too. Though he was intrigued by the last one, but he supposed he looked fine, if a little tired and breathless. Once he'd finished, Pinky jumped up and started twirling around. "What next, Brain?"

"I have to insert the coding of the selected images where they'll appear on the webpage. Maybe three or four for that... Then the rest are going to be 'leaked' to popular forums. Hm... Perhaps I'll create a spam post on your viral video... It should get enough attention if I post it at the optimal time. Or if I locate my previous codings, I can place it as a top-rated comment no matter the time I post it."

"Naaaaaaaarf." Most of the words went right over his head, though the web-savvy ones certainly registered with him. He was going to be putting the photos in a lot of places, Pinky realized, not just one website. Glancing at the computer screen, he ceased his spinning and felt a strange sort of twisting in his stomach. Well, it was alright that people saw the pictures. After all, dress-up was most fun when people saw you. Somehow when he wasn't applying the thought to Brain it didn't make him feel as good. He'd dressed up special for his cagemate, it seemed sort of... personal.

Perhaps he shouldn't have picked his favorite-favorites. "Egad, Brain... a lot of people are going to see them." He twisted his tail nervously, finally looking from the screen to his friend.

"Exactly, Pinky. That's the entire point of the plan. We're attracting viewers in order to take over the world, remember?" Brain's scowl faltered a bit when he finally looked Pinky's way. His tone gentled automatically. "You knew that before I took them, Pinky."

But it seemed more real now with the actual photos in front of him. Egad, he'd just wanted to make Brain happy. Still, there wasn't anything bad about the pictures, and they weren't so private like those weird ones that popped up every now again, so he supposed he was alright with it. And as long as Brain was okay with it too... "Right, Brain." Pinky nodded to show he was back on track. "Oh, I hope people will like them!"

"I'm sure they will, Pinky." Brain waved his hands to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome and got back to work. Numbers and codes and binary - so much easier to work with than flesh and blood and emotion. "Our having the world depends on it."

This is a finished fic, btw. It's 4 chapters, the third one the most mature of the bunch. But that's only in the latter half so you can skip it easily if it makes you queasy XD

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