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Title: Our dream

Rate: K+

Summary: ''You know, the one who would like to marry you is an idiot'' he said, and she punched his arm. ''But I admit that I am an idiot. '' he said in his mind.

The night was silent, and the star was shinning in the sky, that was a cold night. Kanata was about to go to the roof, to have a star gazing time, while he reached the roof, he saw there was a blonde who was already sat there, staring at the sky, she didn't notice that her housemate was on the roof too.

''What are you doing here, Miyu?'' Kanata asked, he stared at the girl, who named Kouzuki Miyu, her mother was Kouzuki Miki, just finished her work in NASA. Miyu turned and look at her brunet housemate, her best friend, her worst enemy, also the one she had a special feeling with him, is this love? she didn't know.

''Just star gazing.'' Miyu sat, at let out a space to let Kanata sat beside her. ''And how about you?''

''Same here, '' he said and gave her a warm smile, then he started to gaze the star, feeling the uncomfortable of silent, he started to find topic to start, but he couldn't, but thought that she was really silent tonight, didn't like the days before, he couldn't help but smirked. That made Miyu gave him a question look. ''Nothing, just think that it was the last day we can gaze the star together, and after tonight, I can gaze the star peacefully.''

Remember that she would leave Heiomachi next day, her face turned pale and sad. Yes, it our last day to be together. She thought, and turned her face to the sky again to hide her sadly face.

''Say, what's your dream?'' Kanata asked suddenly, just like randomly, but his question shocked Miyu.

''You have to promise me not to laugh me after I tell you.'' Miyu said. Then Kanata nodded.

''I want to have a child with the one I love.'' she started, closed her eyes, felt the wind, and the coldness here.

''You know, the one who would like to marry you is an idiot.'' he smirked and said. ''Urgh, what are you doing here?'' he choked after he felt some pain on his arm, Miyu punched his arm hardly.

''You are teasing me again, it my last day in here, can we have a normal conversation?'' She said, ''just fantasize okay?'' Kanata nodded and she continued closing her eyes. ''I want to be a good mother of my child.''

''You will be, because you were a good mother of Ruu.'' Kanata said, and he closed his eyes too. ''Your child will have a blond hair just like you too.''

''Yes, she will have blond hair, and emerald eyes too.'' she said, imagined that she's really had a child that time. ''just like me.''

''Oh yes, but I hope that the child won't clumsy like you.'' he said, and grinned.

''Yes, I hope that she can be a smart, and charming girl, I know that sometime I am too clumsy.'' She said, and grinned too.

''So will you play with your child?'' he asked.

''Of course yes, we play with our little baby in the front yard, we laugh a lot, and I think that

we are happy family.'' she said.

''But it's time for dinner, Miyu, cook the dishes please.'' he said.

''I am not good at cooking, I hope that my husband is a good chef. Who can cook for our family. And he will take all the responsibility to cook for us.''

''And you will do the laundry, sweep the floor, cleaning the washroom and washing the dishes.''

''Hay, too much thing to do!'' she grinned, ''I will exhausted.''

''And after the dinner, we share ice-cream, and sit on the porch to do the star gazing.'' he griped her hand, and she didn't struggled, he knew that she didn't hate his action. ''I will tell her that where is Altair, Vega, Big Dipper...''he whispered, buried his head against her hair, to smell the shampoo she used.

''And I will tell her that about fairy tale, Cinderella, Snow White.'' she said. ''and I will tell her that our story with Ruu too.'' she leaned on his shoulder, and gripped his hand.

''Yes, our story with Ruu is a fantasy story, it's good to tell her, tell her about her parents history.'' he said, and he just remembered that he thought that the child of Miyu was his too, and he thought that he was the father of Miyu's child, he blushed. ''And Miyu, I would like to tell you about my dream, it's I would like to be the father...'' he stopped when he heard her snore, she didn't heard it, right? He thought. He carried her to her room, placed her on her futon, stroke her hair and gave her a small peck on her cheek, ''Next time I meet you, I will tell you that my dream.'' he murmured beside her ears. Then he turn and walked out of the room.

''But I admit that I am an idiot.'' he said and smiled after he closed the door.

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