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Title: Longing for the Miracle

Rate: T

Paring: Miyu Kouzuki / Kanata Saionji

Summary: And someone said that, Christmas is a time of creating miracle, will the miracle came this year?

The cameras were capturing Kanata while he came out of the backstage of the theatre. He was too darn handsome that he could get the attention easily, and also as his talent of composing, he was really success composer now, and just after the ceremony for the composer, he got the award, the most honor award of the year, and all composers wanted this too.

"Congratulations that you are chosen been the most popular composter of the year, what is your feeling of getting this honor for three years?" A female reporter asked, course of his handsome face, the reporter's cheeks got blush, no matter that Kanata hadn't flirt, the girls fell for him easily.

"I am so grateful to get this honor, and here I have to thank my friends who support me to start my compose career." Kanata answered, and he kept his smile at all, even though he was really tired, he told himself he can't forget to smile.

"And the song course you got the award that call 'Longing for the Miracle' is really touching, is that song inspired from someone?"

"You are really success now, and have you think about to form a family? We haven't heard about you have a girlfriend at all."

So odd about what the reporter asked, Kanata just answered the question with smile, but it just gave them more and more questions.

"So that you admit that you have someone in your life?" the reporters kept asking him question about his love life even though they couldn't get any answer from Kanata.

"I am sorry, but I think that I should leave now." Kanata said politely and patiently, and then he left the crowd and got on the car.

The snow flew down of the ground, the light was so bright, and the department store kept playing Christmas song, isn't it a joyful day?

The car stooped before a white building, and Kanata walked into it, everyone looked at him, wondering why the most popular composer came here at a joyful silent night.

He walked toward the ward, and got into a room, with white curtain, and while walls…each room was like that, nothing more, but nothing less…

"Miyu, I am here to visit you." Kanata said and walked toward the bed, there was a blonde was lying on the bed. "Sorry that I am late, since the reporter kept asking me question, and I couldn't leave the theatre on time." Kanata said, and then he sat down on the chair beside the bed, and staring at the blonde lay there peacefully.

Kanata took her hand and stroked it, her skin was still soft and smooth, the blonde hair spread on the bed, she was just liked a sleeping beauty.

"This is the fifth Christmas you know? I can't imagine that I could live there years…" Kanata said, while he grabbed Miyu's hand toward his chest, and stroked it slowly, tenderly.

"I am sorry, we have tried our best already, but it seems that she will be like this unless there is miracle…"

The doctor's words still in Kanata's mind, and it broke his heart hardly, even though he hired many doctor, included the best doctor in Japan, they said that they don't have the method to let the condition becomes better.

"I know that you can do it, just try your best okay?" She was the one to tell him that he had the talent of composing, and he became a composer because of her.

"You told me to become a composer but now you left me at all?" Kanata said, and just put his trophy on the nightstand, it was the third award and beside those trophies, it was a flame, with a phone, they were in a wedding dress, hugging each other.

'She might be loves this photo very much.' Kanata thought, and he had the answer already, if she didn't love it, why she went to save it from the road, no matter there was a truck running toward her? If it wasn't that damn truck, would they be in this situation?

"You saved the photo but you couldn't save yourself? So what's the meaning of you saved it?" Kanata said, and hugging the flame so tight, looking at the woman who was in the photo, also who was lying before him.

She was really a cheerful girl, when she came into his life, it changed a lot, he became cheerful too, he learnt how to look over, he learnt how to care, and he learnt how to smile.

"You should smile more!" She said, and then she taught him how to smile, used her fingertips to make a curve on his lips corner, and she smiled, and giggled while she did this. "You are so handsome when you are smiling." She added with her most beautiful smile. And it was the reason that why he became a man who smiles always. She likes his smile at all.

"But how can I smile but you are not beside me anymore." Kanata said, and his tears rolled down, he looked up at the ceiling, prevented himself to think about his most heartache day at all. "You know that, I can't live without you, I am nothing without you." Kanata said, and with his sobbed, still stared at the girl, who had the pale face, she didn't have any react. "No matter I am success now, I just want you come back in my life!" Kanata said.

"Isn't he the composer Saionji?" A girl with brown hair and was wearing the nurse uniform said, while some nurses were walking thought of the ward. "And who's that girl?" she asked while she noticed that Kanata was with a girl who was sleeping. She just remembered that Kanata didn't tell about his private life or love life, but how come he came here to visit a girl, and held her hand so tight?

"She's his girlfriend, and he visits her every day, no matter he's busy or not, holiday or weekday, even that is a storm, he still comes here to visit her." Another nurse with orange hair said, and she was staring at the couple in the room, one was lying on the bed and one was sitting beside her.

"But no one know that about his girlfriend?" the brown hair girl asked while looked at the one who answered her question.

"They were going to marry five years ago, but then the girl got into a car accident, that made her fell in to coma for five years, at that time, Saionji was just started his composter career so that no one knows about it." The nurse with orange hair said, with a sigh… "Saionji san didn't tell the people about the relationship just because he doesn't want someone bother her…"

"How luck the girl is…she can find someone who truly loves her." The nurse with brown hair said, while holding the board. And the tears formed in her eyes since it was so touch for her.

"But she doesn't have the luck to see how luck she is…" Another nurse said, and they both looked into the room… and they both knew that, the song "Long for the Miracle" is what Kanata's wanted in the bottom of his heart…

"Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel! Born is the King of Israel! "The people was singing Christmas carol, and yes, it was Christmas. And someone said that, Christmas is a time of creating miracle, will the miracle came this year?

"I love you, can you hear me?" Kanata murmured into her ears, then he sleeping beside her, just sitting on the chair.

The darn came into the room, and the wind brew into it, and that made the curtain flew lightly.

He woke up, and noticed that he slept over in the hospital again, he looked into Miyu. But it was a bit different…

Wait! There was a little movement on her eyelids! Is that the miracle he wanted come finally?

"Doctor, looked at her please!" Kanata said, and he was fully awoke this time, the tears of joyful rolled down, and he believe that it was the miracle made by god.