Pre-chapter A/N: I'm not dead! I really am not! I just...didn't ever find time to write =(. This actually isn't the whole sequel to 'Love Charades', but only the first chapter of this sequel. It's not going to be a chapter story per say...more like small snippets of the entire plot. I'm doing this so that I can force myself to write a little each time and post =). Please enjoy this small glimpse!

Summary: March 28 is a pretty ordinary date to everyone else in Konoha, but to 7 men, it could possibly be the most important day of the whole year. In their arsenal are 3 handsome Uchiha men, the famous Copy-ninja, and the geniuses Neji and Shikamaru. Very impressive. Of course Naruto is a bit of a setback, but his abnormalities can be balanced out by the intelligence of Konoha's top 6 men, can't it? Can their combined powers give Sakura the most memorable birthday, or will it end as diasterous as their last rendevous together?


A pacing Uchiha Itachi is not a common sight. In fact, the heir himself couldn't remember another time when his feet are moving so constantly across his bedroom floor. But as his beyond average mind was shifting through all the 'What if's and 'But,' thoughts, Itachi had no time to dictate what his legs were doing. So unintentionally, the esteemed ANBU was wearing out his wooden flooring while his younger brother leaned casually on his doorframe looking unmistakably amused.

Sasuke knew that his aniki was aware of his presence - it wasn't like he was being stealthy or anything - but the fact that the older Uchiha hadn't acknowledge him yet was out of the ordinary. He debated within his mind on whether or not he should say something to break his brother's personal thoughts or to simply continue watching this out of character display. It was a 'once in a blue moon' occurrence after all.

After Itachi does five more sets of trekking back and forth, Sasuke grew bored. He cleared his throat loudly.

"Not now Sasuke," came a low response from Itachi. The younger Uchiha was familiar with this phrase since he heard it all throughout his childhood, and even though he is 19 now, Sasuke was still irked by his brother's easy dismissal.

"Okaa-san would not be pleased if she hears that we have to replace your floorings because you wore them out," Sasuke remarked blandly while giving his aniki's wandering legs a pointed look. Itachi stopped moving immediately.

With a casual gesture, Itachi motioned for Sasuke to enter the room. "Did you need me for something Sasuke?" he asked while sitting down on one of two cushions in the center of the room. Sasuke sat on the other, facing his older brother.

There was a moment of silent regard that passes through them as their almost identical obsidian eyes met. "Sakura's birthday is coming up," her teammate pointed out.

"I am aware of that," Itachi returned evenly.

Of course he is, Sasuke reasoned to himself sardonically. Itachi knows everything. Well, maybe not everything, which is why – as his otouto – Sasuke was here to the rescue. No, no not really. Honestly, he didn't want to interfere in Itachi's and Sakura's business (it already unnerved him too much just thinking about it), but Naruto was insistent that Sakura's happiness was at stake if he didn't do something fast. And because everyone knows how annoying Naruto's insistencies can be, Sasuke found himself sitting in front of his older brother sooner than he'd liked to be.

Since he'd been trained at an early age to view every situation as a potential mission, Sasuke thought the first thing to do during uncertain circumstances like this would be to find out how dire the situation was by asking some key questions. In Naruto's blunt words, he needed to find out how hopeless Itachi is.

"What did you get her last year?"

"Mittens," Itachi replied automatically. Oh, that hopeless.

"You got her mittens for her birthday?" the high degree of disbelief that was imbedded into Sasuke's question was hard to miss by both Uchihas. Sasuke himself was surprised that his voice could sound so…well, surprised, and expressive, while Itachi was confused about his younger brother's repetitive question.

"Is there a problem?"

"Sakura's birthday is in March, aniki. Why would she need mittens?" Why would anyone need mittens in March? Actually, where did you find mittens in March? Sasuke almost added the last two questions out-loud but wisely caught himself.

"Her old pair was ruined the previous winter. It seemed sensible to replace her damaged pair with a new one before the next winter arrives" the younger male could've sworn that his brother sounded defensive for a bit there. 'Leave it to Itachi to rationalize buying someone a pair of mittens during Spring.'

There was a hint of a smirk gracing Sasuke's lip before he replied, "I'm starting to believe that you aren'tperfect at everything brother."

It seemed Naruto was right after all; if they left Itachi to his own devices this year, who knew what other 'sensible' thing he might get her. And knowing Sakura, she probably wouldn't want to hurt her boyfriend's feelings by being outright appalled by it, but she would definitely not be beneath taking her anger out on her poor teammates, mainly Sasuke himself, for not steering the clueless ANBU captain on the right path. Resigning himself to his fate, her Uchiha teammate shook his head inwardly and wondered for the millionth time since that horrible day at the inn 'why did my only brother and female teammate have to like each other?'


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