This story is dedicated to everybody who had a part in creating this story. I currently have the whole story in a notebook. I like to thank my friends Jesse, Robert and Luciana. These people pushed me further in my writing then I ever dared. These characters are property of Joseph Delaney. Characters further in the story belong to konami's Team Silent which has brought Silent hill to life.

Chapter Ten: stairway to hell

what do you want? What do you want from me?
-Murphy Pendleton

We all started walking down the staircase leading down. It seemed to be that this staircase would lead to the bottom of the earth. James and Heather lit a light that was on their shirt and Jacket. "So James what bring to our great little town?"Asked heather.
"I don't actually know?" James looked lost in thought. I already knew the reason why he came here first. But I seriously doubted That Alice and heather knew why he came here the first time.

"The first time I came here I was looking for my late wife". "She died a few years prior. She was killed by a disease. I was on the end of my rope until I got a letter from my wife", James continued. "I felt the sadness radiate from James and subconsciously gripped on to Alice's hand." I couldn't live on without Alice.

"so how did you know your wife was here?" asked Alice.

James took out an old piece of paper and handed it to Alice. A picture fell out of it and I grabbed for it quickly and gave it to Alice. It wasn't a painting that I was used to. It was really detailed. She had a mixture of brown and blond hair. And she had worn a pink sweater with a flowery blouse. Alice read the letter carefully her eyes drifting from one end to another. Then Alice gave me the letter to read:

In my restless dreams
I see that town, Silent hill.

You promised me that you bring me back there someday but you never did.
Well, I am alone there now in our special place.

Waiting for you…

"So did you ever did you ever find her?" Alice asked.

"Yes she revealed a sin that I did a long time ago. The disease made her in a vegetated state." I heard his voice cracked.

James decided to change the subject from Him to heather.

"So why did you come to silent hill?" asked James.

Heather took a deep breath and focused.

"I have been to silent hill many times but I haven't"
"I knew too well why she came here" I thought deeply.

"My past life was here but my mind and body wasn't. Alessa is basically my past.
Alessa had truly bad life in this town her mother made life hard for her. She hurt her beyond any hurt. Her own mother tried to sacrifice to Sameal so she could bring about paradise. Her mother tried to use a ritual called "resurrection by fire".

It caused her hate people." But anger slowly fades Alessa founded in herself a personal duty to stop sameal from ever getting summoned.

"She tries to stop her from being summon because it could be bad for both of our times, she would not stop with destroying our time she'll go into the past in destroy you guys time as well"

"I didn't want to tell anybody this Alessa already foreseen that not all of us would survive, one of us will die" Heather said finally.

That really scared me It reminded me of Tibbs prophecy, but I didn't know if he meant Alice's death or another's.

Then we finally came to a iron door embossed with a weird symbol on it. It was red with a ring with three smaller circles.

Heather closed her eyes tightly at the look of the symbol, "err head getting swimmy."
we walked in quickly. Instead of the lobby of a prison it was one long vertical hallway. It was a dull blue with horizontal slits in the ceiling. There was a door to the far side of the hall. We walked a few paces then a then a set of bars fell behind us there was no way back to the entrance we came in through and there were numerous slits in the ceiling.

"Don't like this Tom" Alice whisper nervously in my right ear.

Then we walked another few paces until another row of bars fell into place.

Everybody looked at each other we didn't like were this was going. We all broke into a sprint. With the systematic clanking sound following behind us.

Then we heard a sound it was wailing the siren. I felt cold. Behind us the otherworld was tearing the reality behind us apart.

Terror was etched on Alice's face. Then we saw something in the darkness of the otherworld. It was the pyramid head.

"Alice, Tom, Heather Go! Bellowed James.

"We can't leave you here to face that thing," said Heather agitation

"I am not giving you an option," said James whispered in anger. "GO!".
and he pushed us then the bars fell out of the slits separating us from Him.

We were helpless to James. The pyramid head walked up menacing towards James.

"I know you're the executer of the town, and I know the sin I committed, Your duty is punish me"
"Do It Now!" James yelled furiously

Then a spear appeared in his hand then the pyramid head took the spear and plunged it in James. James shuttered and I watched in horror of what just happened then James gave a sigh then he fell like a stone. He was dead stone dead, Alessa was proven correct, Poor James had died.

Heather pulled me roughly by the elbow.

The pyramid head quickly disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

"We have to go now, "Heather Ordered
"the darkness is coming!"

Heather, Alice and I spirited towards the door. Heather opened the door and walked out she held the door open then it was shut forcefully. Before the door shut Heather had a look of fear. The door was sealed shut. Me and Alice were trapped. Nothing but a yawning void of darkness on the opposite side of the hallway.

I took two steps towards Alice then I couldn't move, I was frozen to the spot. I could feel dark magic being exerted.

Then a figure stepped out of the darkness, the person had the garb of a spook it was Morgan.

"Well,well" said Morgan with a rasp.

"How is Old Gregory's little apprentice?"

"You know I thought Golgoth was the only source of power, Oh but how I was so wrong "continued Morgan.

"You see when the ritual went wrong with Golgoth, and I was instantly sent to limbo I was trapped. Then God showed herself. God gave me power to break through the mist. You know God wants Obsanience. Alessa that worthless excuse of a saint. Gave Alice power beyond power. And God is angry."

Then Morgan slowly moved towards Alice. I tried to move to move but avail I could not.

"God has sent me on a task and it has to be fulfilled", Morgan said with a sinister Grin.

He placed a hand on Alice's head. I could see tears pouring out of her eyes.

Morgan seen the pain and hurt etched on my face. His smile grew it was as if he enjoyed my pain.

Then in a flash of Darkness Morgan and Alice was gone