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It was a peaceful night in Konoha. After the Shinobi Fourth War,Konoha and The Alliance gained victory after battling Uchiha Madara and Akatsuki. Uchiha Madara's dead and Akatsuki's no more. Naruto even brought Sasuke back to the village. Naruto was considered as the strongest ninja in Konoha. Even though he hasn't become a Hokage.

Naruto was walking around Konoha when he suddenly met Hinata. Hinata was sitting down,looking down with sad face. Therefore,Naruto once remembered that Hinata came to him during Pain's Invasion. He could remember clearly back then. Despite his waening,she still insisted on protecting Naruto.


"Hinata,What are you doing?Get out of here. You're no match of him….. "

"I know"

"Then why?"

"I'm just … being selfish."

"What are you talking about?Hurry up and get out of here."

Hinata ignored him and said to him.

"I was once giving up. But when I see you with full spirit,I decided not to give up. You showed me the light,you showed me how to smile,you showed me the light of hope. I want to talk with you. I want to be side you. I was always chasing you. So I'm not afraid of die protecting you….. Because I… Love You."

After that Hinata used Juho Shoshiken to attack Pain but he dodged it and used Shinra Tensei technique. She was repelled and knocked down. Pain stabbed her with the black rod and Naruto shouted.




Naruto came off from his daydreaming.


"Naruto-kun?What are you doing in here?It's already night." She stood up and looked Naruto.

"I could ask you the same thing. It's dangerous for you to be here at night Hinata-chan. But anyway,may I ask you something?"

"What is it?Naruto-kun?"

"About that time….. your confession….. Do you really love me?"

"E….. Eto…. " Hinata's cheek turned into red instanteniously.

"It's alright Hinata-chan,I'm so happy that you still want to love me despite Kyuubi inside me. No one had ever done that."

"An….. Ano…. What about you Naruto-kun?"

"Me?You want to know Hinata-chan?"

Hinata nodded. Naruto suddenly grinned and smiled. He said to her.

"It's a secret. Hahahaha."

"Naruto-kun,I'm serious." Said Hinata when she puffed her cheek showing disappointed.

"Well,Seriously I can't tell you unless you defeat me."

"De… Defeat you?What do you mean Naruto-kun?" Hinata seemd curious.

"I mean I want us to battle just to make sure. I have my own reasons."

"Na,Naruto-kun….. I…. can't… I ….can't battle with you…."

"You have to Hinata-chan,You love me right?So then you want to know what's inside my heart?Then battle with me. I'll meet you tomorrow morning at training field. Fight me with your full power. Don't worry Hehehehe." He said while grinning and showed his thumb to Hinata.

"O… okay.."

"Arigato Hinata-chan,then see you later. Arigato for accepting my challenge and your confession." He smiled and turned back.

As Naruto walked away from Hinata,he thought something.

"Gomen Hinata-chan,I just have my own reason to do that. But don't worry about it anyway."

"Naruto-kun,I'll do anything for you,for my love to you. But I can't hurt you,I can't hurt the man that I love. Why?What's on your mind Naruto-kun?" Hinata thought.

She went home to prepare for the next day. She must get stronger than Naruto so that she would know what his reasons are and his heart.



What was Naruto's reason for asking Hinata to battle with him?Find out in the next chapter.

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