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Forever for all Eternity


We were panting. Blood streamed down from my shoulder and blood dripped down from his mouth. Energy was throbbing out of us as we panted uncontrollably. I held my Infinity Sword close, "You think you can defeat me so easily?" his voice was strong yet the way he swayed slightly suggested otherwise.

I looked into his cold dark blue eyes, "You don't have to do this Alastair. We can just walk away and forget this ever happened; but you have to let me help you."

The light of the full moon illuminated our battlefield which was on top of Dead Man's Cliff. I could see that he had little to no energy left to fight, then again neither did I. I found myself wishing, as I so often did, that I never went to that damn exhibit, I wished I never knew my true history, I wished I never heard of the Golden Age, I wish I was never reborn, and above all else I wished I never fell in love.

Alastair regarded me with his cold glare and spoke in a deadly voice, "Don't you get it yet? I used you just to get your crystal! Once I get it, I will have the ultimate power of the universe!" He raised his sword and lunged at me. I swiftly dodged and blocked. Fighting him was the last thing I wanted to do. It wasn't until I saw my opening that I stabbed him in the side that he fell.

"You will never get the Eternity Crystal." I was starting to feel weak as I summoned the crystal, "As High Priestess and Princess of the Golden Age, I banish you outside the gates of Time and Space into the null void." Internally I sighed as I heard his cries and he was gone in a flash of light.

Once the light faded I collapsed on my knees and panted. I never thought this was how I would spend my seventeenth birthday. I could feel my powers healing me but it wasn't exactly helping me emotionally. How could I have been so stupid?

"Princess?" Looking up I saw the person who started all of this.

"Seto." I stated struggling to get up so I used my sword to study me. Once I was up it transformed back into my staff. It was a golden and at the top was a figure of a Phoenix and in its beak was the most powerful crystal of all…the Eternity Crystal.

He regarded me carefully as if he was weighing his word choice, "I am sorry; please forgive me."

I shook my head as my tattered clothes changed into a white lace gown. It combined modern trends with the classic elegance…besides it is drop-dead gorgeous. It is strapless and fits my silhouette and curves in all the right places. Then on my wrist was the mark of the Phoenix and on my head was a simple gold tiara, "It wasn't your fault Seto. I should have listened to you."

He gave me a small smile but then it faded. His ruby red eyes darkened slightly, "You know it is not yet over. He will be back."

I felt my eyes darken a bit as I walked to the edge of the cliff and he was at my side in an instant. The moon light made his skin sparkle slightly, "As much as I would love to say that you are wrong, I will not. You have yet to prove me wrong otherwise. But I do have a plan…"

"Oh?" He looked at me with a curious expression.

I took the crystal out of the beak of the Phoenix and raised it to the moon. In the language of Golden Age, I said a prayer. The Crystal glowed a brilliant burst of colors and it split into five diamonds. I chose one and placed it back in the beak of the Phoenix. The rest of them I closed my eyes and said another prayer. When I opened them, they were gone.

Seto looked at me wide eyed and I couldn't help but think that it was funny to see a vampire speechless, "What did you do?"

"I sent them away so they can be safe. I do not even know where they went." I said mournfully.

"But you kept one?" He asked still perplexed.

I nodded, "The bond they hold will help me find them and bring them back together if need be."

He got a thoughtful look on his face, but then turned serious, "What will you do now Princess?"

I sighed what will I do now? "Well my mother misses being with her husband so I guess I can go live with my dad for a bit."

"I will keep in touch and look out for any sign of Alastair." Seto said confirming that I actually did something good.

Without warning I gave him a hug, "Thank you my mentor."

He was startled at first but then returned it, "You are welcome my Princess and you be careful you hear? That means staying out of trouble."

I laughed as we started to walk away and go our separate ways, "Please how hard can it be to even get in trouble in Forks Washington?"