Forever for all Eternity

If You Won't then I Will

Alice POV-

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked thoroughly annoyed with my best friend/sister-in-law.

"It means exactly what I said Alice," Bella groaned back not looking at me but rather intently at a really old yellowing book, "We are returning to the place where it all began…my homeland."

I had followed Bella and we ended up in the library part of the castle after she gave us the command that we were leaving. No one had objected to her decision, but just because I did not object didn't mean I didn't have any questions. It seemed forever ago when I had made the promise of finding out what was going on. I may have failed that time, but as Louis Vuittion and Gucci as my witnesses I am not going to fail again!

Edward, Ness, Rose, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Jake, Seto, and Jane had all went to start gathering the necessities for our journey to the apparently ruined kingdom. Billy had offered to stay behind and keep an eye on Alastair, who was still unconscious in Bella's room. The only reason why Edward had bothered staying with the group instead of running after Bella like I did was because we told him to help and that his daughter needed him at the moment while her mother was going off the deep end.

We stayed silent as I asked another question, "How could you say you are the last descendant of the bloodline when you have a daughter? Wouldn't Nessie be a descendant as well?"

Bella didn't answer right away and was muttering in another language that I did not recognize. I went over to her and saw the hieroglyphic text she was reading. Sighing she nodded to herself and looked back at me, "Because when I married Edward I was using the name I was born with in this life: Isabella Marie Swan. I effectively claimed the life I had chosen when I decided to move to Forks. Therefore she has Charlie and Renee's bloodline plus the bloodline from Edward's side as well."

"So there is not a trace of the royal blood in her?" I asked confused.

"No there shouldn't be because since Edward is a full vampire and I was human when I had her, the vampire side should cancel out any potential magic that could have been passed down from me. That is because at the time my magic was all but gone…until it was reawakened just recently." She rubbed her eyes and tried to read the book again until she sighed in aggravation and again rubbed her eyes, "Why did they have to make this damn text so freaking small?" Reaching into one of the drawers she pulled out a pair of glasses and put them on, "Much better." And she returned to the book and once again muttering in the different language.

There was an uneasy silence that settled amongst us. I sighed and sat in the chair next to her and just watched. Occasionally I saw her right something in a notebook next to her and then I would watch as she would keep placing a strand of hair behind her ear. Taking in her overall appearance, I was startled to see this side of Bella.

It was like I was waking up to the realization that this was actually happening. The events that have unfolded were finally catching up to her, "This thing with your birthright…when you claim it that would make you Queen correct?" Bella nodded but did not respond so I continued on to the next part of the question, "Since you married Edward and had Renesmee, wouldn't they then be brought into the royal family regardless of them possessing magic or not?"

Bella looked sharply at me for a moment I was scared. In fact she answered me in a low voice, "Not if I have anything to say about it. I will not damn them into this life that I was brought into." Then she sighed and took a deep breath and closed the book. She looked straight at me and started again, "That is why I am researching…and before I go on…" Looking to the door she said, "I know you are there listening. Might as well come in and join the festivities." I turned to see Rose, Esme, and Jane coming into the room.

"Where are the guys up too?" I asked as they all took a seat.

Rose sighed, "Helping Seto. He mentioned that he needed some supplies or something like that."

"He needed some stuff for his potions and some stuff for the ceremony." Jane said clarifying what Rose tried to explain to us.

"I guess Nessie went with them?" Bella asked softly as she leaned back in the chair and stretched, but I saw her flinch.

"No, she is sleeping. Billy is keeping an eye on her." Esme said her facial expression concerned, "Seto gave her some kind of sleeping potion…something about her sleeping easier…"

Bella did not say anything but kept quiet and looked like she was deep in thought. Rose sighed and asked, "So what were you saying before?"

"I was saying that I was researching previous ceremonies to see if anything kind of like this situation had ever come up before." Bella explained.

"What have you found?" Esme asked.

"Absolutely nothing," Bella stated tossing the book aside and getting up. She went over to the book case and picked out another book and sat back down.

"What risks are there involved?" Jane asked.

"Well like I told Alice, there should not be any risks concerning Edward and Nessie entering the bloodline…but that is why I am researching because I am not entirely sure. While on the 'records' I am Isabella Marie Cullen nee Swan, I do not know how that would change if…no when I accept the birthright." She said and began paging through the book.

"But you are avoiding the question in general. You keep saying Edward and Ness…what about you?" Esme asked directly.

Bella looked up, "What about me?"

"What are the risks for you? Seto looked a little scared, when you told him of the decision of accepting the birthright." Rose stated.

Bella placed the book down gently and took off the glasses, "The risks regarding myself are noth-"

"Do not say that the risks are nothing." I snarled out, "I swear to all that is good and decent that if you do then I will hurt you." I threatened.

Bella gave me a look, "If you would have allowed me to finish I would've said that the risks regarding myself are nothing physical. I had promised you all that I would be honest and open as possible. So the risks are nothing physical as far as harmful goes. My magic would increase in power, especially after I unite the diamonds. Rather Seto and I were worried about the soul-mate bond that Edward and I have as far as if it would break, we were worried about Renesmee and how me accepting the birthright would affect her, and…" She sighed and was no longer looking at me or at anyone else in the room, "we were worried about my mental state after the ceremony."

"Why?" Jane asked after she fell silent for a minute.

Getting up she moved over to the bookshelf and started running her finger over the spines, "Because since Seto and I are the only ones now besides Alastair who have a direct connection to our pervious lives we are worried that I will forget this life."

"What does that mean?" I asked stunned.

"If I do this then there is a strong possibility that I will forget everything in this life…meaning I will not remember Phoenix Arizona, Forks Washington, or…" Bella sighed, "Any of you…including Renesmee. This is because once I accept my pervious life everything will go back to that life. Whether that will cause an effect on you, Seto and I highly doubt that since as we stated before you have abandoned ties to that life. Seto and I have not, so by accepting the birthright I forfeit any ties to this life. I will not remember any of you as my in-laws but rather as what I knew you from that life. Edward, I will not remember as my husband, but rather as Anthony my close protector…and as for Renesmee…I do not know what I would know her as…" Bella trailed off as we saw her eyes water.

We all sat in a stunned silence not able to process what was just revealed. Bella sat down with a rather large book. Sighing she held her hands over the book and then it magically began flipping its pages. I saw Bella's eyes glaze over and then when the book came to a stop and closed itself at the end, Bella let out a gasp and placed her hands in her face, "Damn it." She snarled out, "I can't allow that to happen."

"Wait what happened?" Rose asked pulling the book to her and opened it. We all looked at it and saw that we couldn't read a single word of it.

"Sweetie?"Esme called over, "What did it say?"

Bella did not speak for a moment but let out a sigh, "That book is the records of marriages in the families: mine, Seto's, and Alastair's. It would seem that Edward is listed as my husband and Ness as my daughter. So one worry is confirmed; if I accept this birthright Edward would be considered King and Nessie would be Princess. This is bad…very bad!"

"But what is so bad about it?" Rose asked.

"I want it to end! If by some chance I die in this fight then the power gets passed on to the next heir..." Bella said now beginning to pace, "I want it to end with me."

We all watched as she began to bite her lower lip. There was a knock on the door; "Isabella?" came Seto's voice.

"Enter." Bella snarled out.

Seto entered the room and looked at her and immediately became concerned, "What happened?" When she did not answer he looked at us but we were still momentarily shocked so he asked again, "What is it?"

"What is it? What is it? You ask…Here is it," Bella handed him the book and waving her hand over it the book opened to the page that looked like a family tree. She pointed to one of the branches and I did not know it was possible for a vampire to either go paler or look sicker.

"You mean that-"

"Yes. If I do this then Edward becomes King and Renesmee becomes the next Princess."

"How is that possible? You did not fully get your powers back until recently." He said shutting the book.

"You tell me." Bella demanded, "You are the High Priest. You have dealt with mystics for how many millenniums?"

"Ok you are not being fair right now. You are a Princess and also a High Priestess. How could you not think to look at this book first?" He said frowning.

"I told you I will not damn them to this life." Bella snarled out, "I will not allow history to repeat itself again. Besides if I do this then what if still I do not recognize him as my husband or daughter?"

Seto through his hands up in the air as Bella started to violently pace back and forth, "I do not know what to tell you! I said we should have waited, but as usual you do what you want!"

"Oh don't you go off on me now!" Bella yelled, "I do not see you doing anything to help!"

"What do you want me to do? I have told and taught you all you needed to know about the situation and how to deal with it!" He yelled back, "You just do not want to listen!"

"How to deal with it?! Are you kidding me?! You have not done anything to help me besides tell me that I have train and prepare for the worse!" Bella yelled back.

"Oh really now?! How about all the times that you have come to me crying, because you do not want history to repeating itself and how they needed to remain safe?! All those times that you think you were going to lose everything?! Well guess what your Majesty you were not the only one who lost everything. I did too or did you forget?" He snarled out gesturing to Jane.

Our eyes were going back and forth between Bella and Seto. In fact this looked worse than the fight they had when he first came to our house, "So has this argument ever come about?" Rose asked Jane.

Jane shook her head as I saw Bella's eyes flashed and narrowed as she spoke in a deadly tone, "You are forgetting that it was you who had sent Alastair to the Dark Kingdom. You brought about the fall of the Golden Age."

Seto's gaze turned cold and calculating, but then I saw something flash in his eyes and he loosened up and gave half of a smirk. Jane was watching the exchange critically, calculating the movements between Bella and her mate.

Bella saw the smirk and did not like that one bit and all of a sudden it got cold and we started hearing electrical snaps crackling in the area. Jane must have been done watching because she pulled us up, "This is bad. We got to-" But she was cut off and we stopped when Seto said, "Do on do it! I know you want to just do it!"

Bella snarled and then stopped shaking her head as she said, "No."

"Come on! It is my fault as you just pointed out! I made you lose everything!"

Bella snarled, "I will not give you-"

"Give me what? Satisfaction? Come on! Attack me!" Seto yelled as he summoned his staff which was gold and had an eagle on it and he made the first move by sending a dark energy ball at her which she dodged just in time.

Bella finally snapped and let out a yell, "Phoenix!" Flames erupted out of the floor and the fire bird appeared.

"Aiden!"Seto called and the great eagle appeared, "Soaring Tornado Strike!"

"Burning Fire Blaze!" Bella ordered and the creatures flew at one another as Bella grabbed her staff and lunged at her mentor causing him to be throw out into the hallway with a crash.

They then took off and we watched them run down the hall, "Ok what the hell just happened?" Rose blurted out.

Jane shook her head, "That was Seto being Seto. Come on we have to go make sure he doesn't get himself killed." And with that she led us out into the hall and by the sounds of yelling they were in the throne room.

"I think it is a little late for that." I said as we just stood there for a moment.

Esme sighed, "Come on let's go." And with that we ran into the throne room.

No POV a few moments ago-

"Aiden!" Seto called and they took off down the hallway.

"No you don't! Phoenix!" Bella yelled as she chased after them, "Flame Sniper!" Bella ordered and Phoenix took aim at Aiden and he launched himself at the eagle like a fire arrow as Bella sent a dark energy ball into Seto's back.

Meanwhile in the throne room…

"Dude do you hear that?" Emmett asked no one in particular as he started to pick up a package.

The guys stopped packing to hear crashes and yelling coming down the hall, "What the hell is going on?" Jasper asked as heads turned to the closed doors. No one answered because they heard a smash.

In the hallway…Sensing the attack Seto had dodged and sent Bella a small smirk, "Got to do better than that you Highness!" Aiden had dodged Phoenix's attack but Seto called out, "Wing Smash!" Aiden took a sharp turn upward and then taking Phoenix by surprise he doubled back and collide with Phoenix causing them to crash into the throne room then Bella took Seto by surprise and sent a larger energy ball at him where it found the target causing Seto to be blasted into the thrones, "OUR CASTEL!" Caius and Marcus cried out seeing the devastating hallway with burn marks and ceiling debris.

"MY CHAIR!" Aro called seeing Seto in the pile. Everyone gave him looks and he said, "What? It took me a long time to get the seating just right!"

"Typical." Marcus and Caius said slapping their forehead. Then they heard footsteps echoing off the walls and multiple heads turned toward the sound as Bella stepped into the throne room, "Bella?" Edward choked out as Alice, Rose, Jane, and Esme entered the area and stood by the on lookers.

But Bella paid them no mind and pointed her staff at the priest who was rather dazed at the moment, "Give up mentor?" she snarled out.

Seto rubbed his head and stood up as the creatures flew to their masters to await the next round of orders, "Not even close milady. But let us make this more interesting." He suggested as he willed Aiden away.

"Have it your way." Bella said as Phoenix disappeared.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Edward yelled trying to get to Bella but he was pushed back by an invisible force, "The hell?!" He kept fighting the fore field but to no avail, "BELLA?!"

Neither one of them seemed to know that there was yelling…although to Edward it seemed that Seto gave him a small quick look did he hear in his head, "Trust me Edward. I am doing this not only for you but for her. There is too much negative energy in her at the moment and besides would you rather have her going off on you?" Out loud Seto addressed Bella, "Let's have a Shadow Game. No high stakes just a deal…"

"Deal?" Bella questioned not liking where this is going.

Seto smirked, "Yes after all not all Shadow Games have to be a battle regarding one's possession with souls or minds you know. But yes about the deal, if I win you continue to abide by my rules as your mentor. You will follow them and you will continue being taught by me…meaning we will not return home until I think you are ready."

Bella began to think the offer over but Edward did not like where this was going, "Daddy?" He spun to see Billy and Nessie coming toward them, "What is going on?" her voice was small and laced with tiredness as he picked her up. He did not respond right away as Bella spoke, "If I win?"

"Then by all means we do things your way. All I ask is that you remember what we had originally discussed…you do remember don't you?" Seto asked firmly. He knew the implications that this little game could result, he knew it was rather a bad idea to have this 'Game' while she was under some have negative energy due to not only stress but the still lingering dark emotions.

Multiple times he had warned her to deal with it or otherwise he would…to him it seemed that things must be done the hard way…if only there was another way other than a Shadow Game,but he could not think of any other way to expel the darkness besides just to let her fight it out.

The Cullens, Blacks, and the Volturi all watched as Bella began to smile. Using her power she tapped her staff on the ground and to their amazement her clothes (which were the white tank-top, jeans, and black-boots) changed into a black and blue halter top dress with an open slit at the left hand side, and a decorated moon embroidery design on the top half of the dress.

Her shoes vanished leaving her bare-foot with gold anklets. Her brown hair was pulled back and holding it in place was a golden tiara with a ruby gem in the center. On her wrists were gold gauntlets with different gems embed with them. When she opened her eyes they were glowing dull red as power radiated off of her, "Deal. Shall I?"

"You may." Seto said unfazed having been through this once before.

Bella raised her staff once more, "Auroratenebrae, lucemreseed. Vestibulumtenebrasnoctisproc essitetpugnemus!"*

"What did she say?" Jake asked.

But before Jane could respond the castle started shaking madly and there were gusts of winds that picked up in a rage that was almost tornado like swirled around them, "What is happening?!" Esme cried out gripping onto Carlisle.

"I don't know!" Carlisle yelled.

"Jane where the hell are we going?!" Aro asked.

Jane was standing calmly looking right at Seto who also stood calmly while watching Bella, "I believe we are going to the Shadows."

"Wait what?!" The spectators asked as their voices echoed around in the building as a dark black fog descended around them. Jane did not respond as they heard an ear piercing crack of thunder. Then the black fog engulfed them as Nessie clung to her father trying not to cry.

Edward POV-

As the fog lifted we were surrounded by darkness…but the feeling was that of despair, loss, pain, agony. Jane, Aro, Marcus, Caius, Jasper, and I all stiffened as if something was constricting us as we could not breathe. In fact I had to force Ness over Jake who had a vice like grip on me. In my head I could not hear anything but pain and suffering…it was unbearable. It was like everyone was crying out in agony. But there was one voice that almost caused me to collapse on the floor and it sound like Bella.

"Focus on the positives. Come on focus on the love. Do not let it over power you." I hear Jane's voice who sound strained.

"What is happening to them?" I heard my mother's voice next to me.

"It is the side-effect of the Shadows. They are hearing their fears, pain of others that they may have caused, and their own pain." Jane said sound a bit better.

All of a sudden it was as if whatever was constricting us was released and a massive weight was lifted off our chest. We were all panting unnecessarily but it was like the oxygen had returned to us. Glancing up I see Seto giving us a look, "Is everyone ok? Don't answer just nod or shake your head." I turn to everyone and I repeat the question and they all answer yes, looking back at the priest I nod, "Good. Jane looks pissed though. Tell her I am sorry but it is necessary. I promise we will be safe." And with that the connection ended.

Jane shook her head as I relayed the message, "So typical. Everything they do has to be resolved with magic." She responded crossing her arms, "Sometimes it really pisses me off."

"Jane if you know something then tell us now." Caius snarled out.

Jane shrugged her shoulders, "We are in the Shadows. Isabella has completely snapped, and Seto thinks that this will help her deal with her problems. This is the cliff-notes version."

"And what exactly are we doing here?" Jasper asked his voice still strained with pain as Alice pulled him close to her.

"In her rage, Isabella unknowingly sent us here. Seto thinks that this will help her release some negative energy." Jane answered glaring at her mate.

"Why is mommy upset? What happened to her?" Nessie asked in a broken voice reaching out for me.

Jacob handed her to me and I held her close as Jane said in a careful voice as to not upset my daughter any more than she is; which I was thankful for, "She is just upset with everything that happened so far and sadly or rather stupidly Seto got her angry and this is what resulted."

Nessie nodded and looked at her mother and Seto glaring each other down waiting for the first one to make a move.

"He mentioned souls and minds what exactly-" Carlisle was cut off by a shout, "Well you wanted this! You going to start or what?!" Bella shouted/snarled out. Nessie flinched at Bella's tone and her red eyes still glowing.

"I was merely waiting to see if you had anything you wanted to add to this fight. Magic or no magic?" Seto asked calmly not at all fazed by my wife's attitude. In fact he looked used to it.

"Magic and non-magic tactics allowed. Spirit creatures or no creatures?" Bella shot back.

Seto thought this over, "Allowed. We disarm only…no intent to kill."

"Does he really have to mention that?" Rose asked her thoughts going over possibilities.

"It seems so," Em said, "I wouldn't put it past her one bit from what we have seen…just remind me to never piss her off."

"Agreed." We all said.

"Fine let's get this started!" Bella yelled and made the first lunge, "Darkness Mirage!"

A smoky haze engulfed Seto and then Bella went into the haze and we saw himgo flying then Bella appeared and yelled, "Chaos Lightening Strike!"

Lightening came out of nowhere and hit him and he crashed back to the ground. He stood up as Bella backed off, "Had enough?"

He laughed, "Not even close, but that was a good combo. Using the Mirage to make me hear the voices and see the destruction of my mistakes. Then while I am disoriented attack then give me an electric shock. So I did teach you something it seems. But now it is my turn…"

Nessie POV-

I do not like this…I do not like this one little bit. Mommy and Uncle Seto are fighting and it is scaring me. I hear voices in my head and they sound like they are in pain. Granted it was not as bad when we first got here, but they are there…they sound like Daddy, Jakey, and the rest of my family, but the one that sticks out the most is Mommy.

Just then Uncle Seto called out something and next thing I know flames erupted out of the floor and a tidal wave of fire started coming toward Mom. She stood her ground and said something else and water appeared blocking the fire causing steam.

Then so fast their staffs turn into swords and just like that night at the meadow (was it only a few days ago or a few hours ago?) there were clashes and they were moving so fast that we could not see what has happening. Then they stopped suddenly clothes ripped and out of breath, "Really Isabella? That all you got?"

"Not even close." Mom responded, "Shadow Phoenix!" Then we saw the great bird once again, but this time he was different, almost darker than his normal brightness.

Uncle Seto must have realized something was off because he hesitantly summons Aiden and the eagle appeared and not a moment too soon since Mom ordered, "Dark Flaming Ignition!"

"Wing Smash!" Uncle Seto responded as Mom lunged forward.

"What's wrong with Phoenix?" Jake asked, "Something is not right."

"That is because it isn't." Jane said worry laced her voice, "Oh he had better be careful."

"Why what is wrong?" Grandpa asked.

"Wait didn't they say that the spirit creatures are a reflection of their soul? So now that Phoenix is dark like does that mean that Bella is dark as well?" Grandma asked.

Jane did not answer as Aiden and Phoenix are fighting once more, "Darkness Inferno Blast!" Mom yelled.

"Soaring Tornado Strike!" Uncle Seto called out.

The two majestic birds collided and the power of the strikes caused us to be momentarily blind. It wasn't until the light dimmed that we saw Mom and Uncle Seto barely standing and the birds gone.

"I hope they are going to be ok." Grandma says in a worried voice.

Daddy looks really concerned and did not answer, "I am sure they will be." Jake says in a comforting voice, who he exactly is trying to comfort is anyone's guess because it is not helping me one bit.

"I do not know. Bella and Seto are using so much energy." Billy answers causing me to wince further.

"Could you imagine what this would be like when she has the full power?" Aro said rather excited and slightly scared.

"I would rather not." Marcus responded sounding like he was still in pain.

"Agreed…" Uncle Em, Uncle Jazz, and Aunt Ali stated.

"I will not give up! I am so sick of this nonsense! I am ending this now you hear me?!" Mom yells. More power radiates off of her and with her staff she summons more of her magic, "Raging Darkness-"

"NO! I am ending this now!" Uncle Seto calls out and he raises his hand causing a rock to appear behind Mom.

"What the-" Mom was cut off as the rock appears behind her and then gold energy chains appear around her wrists and feet, effectively hold her in place, "Let me go!"

"No. It is time to face your darkest fears. It is time you put the past behind you. If you will not do this willingly then I will force it out of you." Uncle Seto says in an authoritative voice.

"The hell you-"

Uncle Seto holds his hand up to Mom's chest, who looks frightened, "This is going to hurt you more than it is going to hurt me. Forgive me." He says.

"No please…don't…" Mom now begs.

"I am sorry. Raging Heart of Darkness!" Uncle Seto yells.

Mom screams in pain as a dark mass of energy is forced out of her and the corners of the battle area we see more dark shadows appearing and then we see flashes and hear voices. One of them is dark and fierce…almost like the one we heard in the throne room, "I have seen your heart, and it is mine."

Mom started struggling as if her life depended on it. Everyone is frozen with fear and dread as we hear Mom muttering, "Please…make it stop…I don't want to hear this anymore!"

"I have seen your dreams, Isabella Sinclair, and I have seen your fears. All that you dread will come to light..." The voice continued on.

"Bella do not listen to it!" Daddy called out, but Mom continued to struggle as we now saw flashes of the Kingdom Falling apart. Seto stood by watching in awe…it was almost he did not think that Mom's fears were this bad.

Bodies laid everywhere and out of the mist came a grotesque figure, "This is the place where you could have ended it Isabella. I think that your family has the right to see where it all took place."

The scene changed and what shocked us the most was the people standing and glaring at my Mother with hate and betrayal in their eyes.

Now the scene played before us and I saw everyone looking at her with disgust. But that is not what struck me really hard, rather it was Daddy's voice came, but Daddy was different…he was human, "You are pathetic! You let us die! After all I did to protect you, this is how you protect me?! You disgust me!"

"No Anthony! Please…" Mom cried out in pain.

"Anthony? Edward is you in the Golden Age." Grandpa said in awe. Daddy was quiet and his eyes showed the pain and suffering.

It continued on like this going through each members of our family. Everyone held each other and Grandma, Aunt Ali, and Aunt Rose were sobbing silently as Mom's pleas grew louder.

The figure made the scene change and now we were seeing a desert scene and there was Alastair looking more murderous than ever. I watched as him and Mom fought and with each attack Mom whimpered, "And yet you said you loved him…you let this happen. It was your entire fault." The dark mass said.

"You are lying." Mom whispered as we watched Alastair being sealed away.

The figured laughed, "How can I be lying? Your father died trying to save yourself and your mother; then your mother dies to save you and the Kingdom and you also let your friends sacrifice themselves to save you. Then you hide your past from them when you were reunited. You let the Cullens fight for you, you used the wolves after Edward left you, and oh yes you allowed them to once again to fight for you. Face it you would probably sacrifice your own daughter if it was in your best interest."

Mom was now crying as the mist formed images of the fighting that happened over the years. Everyone was now sobbing as Mom cried out everyone's name. It was then Seto must have seen that Mom was really suffering, "Enough! Darkness Retur-"

"No!" The figure yelled and with a mighty invisible force Seto was thrown backward and smashed into the wall. Then Seto's body became immobile although he still called out, "Isabella snap out of it! It is not real! None of this is true! Fight it! Snap out of it! You are stronger than this!"

"Not real…none of this is real…they love me…" Mom muttered as her cries diminished, "I am stronger-"

"Lies. All lies. You are weak. Why do you think they left in the first place Isabella?" The figured said as the mist changed, "Isabella, look around child, this is what kind of life they could have had if it was not for you…it is the life you promised them so long ago and you took that from them…" The scene was of our family and they were happy, Daddy's eyes were happier than I have ever seen them.

"No! It is not true! Bella come on Edward loves you!" Aunt Ali cried out. Daddy was silent and holding me as if he were afraid I would disappear. Although I hear him muttering, "Come on love…please…"

"See how much their lives are happier? He never loved you," The scene changed to a path and I hear Daddy groan, "No…not this…please not this…"

Before I could ask the scene played. It was dark and our family stood around Daddy. His eyes were dark and uncaring; in fact all of their eyes were dark and uncaring, "No…no! Please!"Mom called thrashing in the bindings.

"See! You are nothing to them! Nothing! You belong to me now!"The dark creature yelled.

The scene darkened but there were words being chanted and I realize that it was Daddy's voice, "It would be as if I never existed…I do not want you…You are no good for me."

"You were nothing but a pet to them and now you are nothing."The demon yelled then as Mom was trying to break the bindings it got into her face and yelled, "YOU THINK YOU CAN SAVE THEM THIS TIME?! YOU CANNOT EVEN SAVE YOURSELF! THEY WILL DIE AGAIN AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT!"

Mom then started to scream in pain, "LEAVE HER ALONE!" I yelled then I got the feeling of being sufforcated and I started choking.

"Nessie!" I heard my family yell.

"See you are a burden and a danger. Your daughter possesses the perfect source of my energy…"

At this Mom stopped yelling and then her eyes narrowed, "NO! ENOUGH!" There was a flash of light and once again we were blinded as I felt air returning to my lungs. When the light dimmed I saw Mom standing there and powerful energy swirling around her and with her staff in hand she called out, "I will not let you hurt her! You do not control me anymore! I am Isabella Marie Sinclair: wielder of the Eternity Crystal, heir to the Golden Age, and I am the Light!" Her eyes started glowing and she started to chant, "I am one too strong to fight! Return to darkness where shadows dwell, you will not send my soul to hell! Go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night!"

At the final part she slammed the butt of her staff on the ground and the demon monster started to wither in pain as it suddenly got bright. Then when the light faded we were back in the castle and Mom collapsed on her knees. Uncle Seto, who was able to move again, looked at her in sheer shock…in fact we were all in shock. Daddy took the first step forward and seeing the force field was gone he ran over to Mom, "Bella love?"

Mom looked at him and without saying anything she grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss. After a few moments she pulled away, "I had to see if you were real."

"I am and so are you." He said looking into her eyes and helped her to her feet.

We all walked over including Uncle Seto who said, "Nicely done."

"You are kidding right? That is all you can say? You tortured her you bastard!" And it was not Daddy, Uncle Emmet, Aunt Rose, or anyone in our family but Jane who said this.

"Jane wait I can-"

"NO! Why must things always be solved like this?! You promised that you would be safe, but look at what almost happened! I am surprised that Isabella is not ringing your neck right now! In fact," Jane looked at Mom, "Why are you not yelling and screaming at him right now like I am?"

Mom smiled lightly and said, "I think you are scarier than I ever hope to be when it comes to him. Besides I am done fighting right now." I looked up at her and gave her a hug which she sighed in content and hugged me back.

"So you feel better then; like the feeling of finally having some sort of freedom? Being able to think clearly?" Uncle Seto asked hesitantly.

Mom looked at him and she seemed to be in deep thought, "You know what? Yea I do feel tones better…almost as if something has been lifted from my chest."

Uncle Seto looked satisfied and said, "Then you have won. We do things your way…you majesty." He bowed.

"Uhm…no I lost. I ended the Shadow Game…we do things your way." Mom said looking confused.

Uncle Seto smiled, "No. You did what I wanted you to do; defeat your demon and regain control. You did exactly what I have been trying to get you to do for over a year now. Therefore I deem you ready."

"You may think that, but you were right…I am not ready. I still have a few situations to think through before we can return home regarding certain aspects of my life." Mom replied giving him a sorrowful look, which I reminded myself to talk to her about. She then turned to Aro, Marcus, and Caius, "May we intrude upon your hospitality just a little while longer…perhaps one or two weeks?"

The masters looked shocked as did the rest of my family at Mom's formal question. Aro then began to smile, "By all means you may under one condition."


"Please do not destroy our castle or my chair again." Aro said gesturing around the room.

Mom and Seto looked around and they got a sheepish look on their faces, "Oops."

There was a booming laugh and we all looked at Uncle Emmett who was holding his stomach gasping, "Your…faces…priceless."

Then we all started laughing…finally for the first time in months we can pretend that nothing is wrong…just enjoying this moment while we still can as a family.


*The phrase is in Latin…here is the rough English translation: Dawn of darkness, light reseed. Shadows come forward and let us play the game of darkness.

Don't worry more is to come soon as I am sure you all want answers…mainly what is going to happen to our favorite family. Hopefully this length makes up for not updating. Please as always review with your opinions =)