Fletcher POV

Fletcher looked at the camvas in front of him. He had painted a picture of China. He had also decided to paint Olive, but just to make it less suspicious. The painting looked good, but it just wasn't done yet. Grinning he added some last touches, before leaving for lunch.

Olive POV

Olive looked at the painting in front of her. She laughed. Chyna was painted ten times better then Olive. Of course Fletcher had spent hours painting Chyna, and barely ten minutes on Olive. Giggling she went to find Chyna.

Chyna POV

"Did you see Fletcher's new masterpiece?" Olive asked Chyna.

Chyna slammed her locker shut and grinned. "I really don't want to," she answered.

"That boy is soo obsessed," Olive continued

"He'll get over it,"


"He will, you'll see," but Chyna seemed unsure herself. Laughing the two girls made their way to the Ant Farm.


"Hey Olive, looking as gorgeous as always," Angus said as the girls entered

"Angus, looking as hungry as always," Olive responded.

"Nice painting," Chyna grinned at Fletcher

"Thanks," Fletcher said blushing. Chyna just laughed and sat next to Olive on the couch. Five minutes into homework, Principal Skidmore came in.

"Fletcher," She began, "There is going to be an international Art Convention in France, and I need you to win it for me,"

"Why would I do that?" Fletcher asked, though he knew he totally would. He loved art conventions.

"Because, this school is better than all the schools in the world, and I need to prove it. You know, the only reason this school is so great is because of me." Skidmore bragged.

Chyna shook her head. "Does he need to pay for tickets?" she asked.

"No, they have given us five tickets. Free! Of course one goes to me and one to fletcher, but he picks the three additionals."

"Great! Chyna, Olive, Angus. Done" Fletcher replied proud of himself.

"You know, Paris is the city of Love," Angus started, raising an eyebrow at Olive. Olive smacked him on the head.

"Well, I've always wanted to go to Paris. Did you know that the eifel tower is 324 meters high and 7300 tons? The French Renaissance…" Olive went on and on, but Chyna ignored her and turned to Fletcher.

"More importantly what are you going to paint for the convention?" she asked sitting down next to Fletcher who had pulled up the website for the show on his ant pad.

"I think I'll do abstract." He said. He got up and got a new canvas from the corner of the room. "and I'm starting right now. We leave in four days you know."

"I better get ready, I need to pack. You know I can't sleep away from home. I need green paint…" Olive began muttering about "painting walls" and "Home Depot".

"Uh Olive, I don't think the hotel's gonna like you painting the walls." Chyna said

"Why not?" Olive asked. She looked really confused.

"Never mind," Chyna sighed.

Fletcher POV

Fletcher was ecstatic. His best friends were coming with him to Paris! It had been three days since they had gotten the news and now his painting was ready and they were boarding a plane.

Olive had taken an aisle seat and pulled Fletcher down next to her so Angus couldn't. Chyna sat next to him and Angus next to her. Skidmore sat behind them.

Fletcher was very happy. They had a really long flight and Chyna was sitting next to him. What could the lady with ood be better?

"It says here that there's gonna be a singing competition the day after your show," Chyna was saying. She was browsing the internet on her ant pad." I think I want to join. We are here for a week anyway."

"That's cool." Fletcher said. He grinned at chyna. "You could totally win that."

Chyna blushed. There was an awkward silence after that. Neither knew what to say, but they were saved when the food cart came by.

"Tuna salad sandwich or Peanut Butter and Jelly?" She asked

Olive, Chyna and Fletcher all took Peanut butter and jelly, but angus had different plans.

"I'll take three PB&Js four tunas, three apple juices without the apple, two orange juices without the orange, four sprites, one coke, and 8 cookies for dessert."

The flight attendant just stared. "So three PB&J, four tuna, five water with sugar, four sprites, one coke, and 8 cookies." She repeated Angus' order.


The flight attendant left, very overwhelmed. Chyna and Fletcher started laughing and totally forgot about the sudden awkward moment. Fletcher felt good again.

Olive POV

How does Angus eat so much? Shaking her head she asked herself that. That boy really was a mystery. Finally, she squealed with glee when the plane landed. "Paris baby!" She screamed happily.

"Don't be so happy, kid. Only I'm allowed to be happy," Skidmore grunted. "Let's go."

They made their way to the hotel, checked in and made their way to their suite.