Olive POV

Everyone was packing up. "We're leaving first thing in the morning." Skidmore yelled.

Chyna groaned. "Principal Skidmore, what happened to hanging out with Jason?"

Skidmore's face fell. "He broke up with me…"

"Finally, he comes to his senses." Olive muttered. She threw a purple tanktop into her bag.

Skidmore glared at her. "Excuse me?"

"Nothing." Olive gave Skidmore an innocent look.

"What happened." Chyna asked, pretending to care. Honestly, she was a bit curious.

"He saw me scream at a four year old." Skidmore muttered.

Chyna had to try very hard not to laugh.

Ding Dong

"Fletcher, get the door?" Chyna cried out.

Fletcher nodded and threw open the door. His eyes widened as three very familiar girls pushed past him.

Chyna glanced up and nearly dropped what she was holding.

"Hello girlies." Jasmine cried. She smiled sweetly.

Next to her, Amber just gave a shy smile. Something had changed inside of her. The third girl, Molly, just waved excitedly.

"What are you doing here?" Olive asked. "Jasmine, what are you doing in the country?"

Jasmine smiled. "I'm un-grounded."

"So, what? You've come back to mess with us?"

Jasmine smiled. "No, actually I'm back to rip-"

Amber nudged Jasmine. Jasmine groaned. "Sorry. I came to get my friend back."

"Hmm?" Fletcher glanced at her, confusion plastered over his face.

"We want to be friends with Stella again!" Amber explained. "She was an amzing friend even though we were not."

"That." Chyna began. "Is actually very sweet."

At that moment to front door opened and two giggling girls entered the suite. Stella stopped laughing as soon as she realized who was standing before her. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We want out friend back." Amber blurted out.

"I thought I was too nice for you guys."

Jasmine spoke up. "Well, if Lexi can be friends with a nice person, so can I."

Amber nodded in agreement.

"Ok." Lexi started. "I don't know if I should be pleased or offended."

"I'm about to barf." Skidmore butted in. She grabbed her suitcase and hurried into her own room.

Chyna smiled. "It's time for hugs!" She wrapped her arm around Fletcher. Molly practically attacked Stella. Laughing, Amber joined in on the hug. Jasmine reluctantly joined in. Stella motioned for Lexi to join to.

Olive smiled. Only one person was missing form this…reunion thingy. Where was Angus?

Ironically, the door opened and Angus stepped in, followed by Paul, Tina and Steven.

"Woah." Steven grinned. "What is with the mushiness?"

"Angus can join right in." Paul winked at Angus who blushed crimson. Confused, Olive chose to ignore the boys' weird behavior.

Stella smiled and plopped down on the couch. "Wow, what I can't believe is that the people we first began to hate could mean so much to us right now."

Jasmine glared at Chyna. "Riiiight. Totes."

Fletcher stuck his tongue out at her.

Amber smiled and held out her hand for Chyna to shake. "Truce?"

Chyna smiled and shook it. "Truce."

"Ok." Olive cut in. "This is just a bit too mushy."

"And it's going to get mushier!" Paul said in a sing song voice as Tati entered the apartment.

Still ignoring the boys, Olive turned to Tati. "Where have you been?"

Tati grinned. "Since you guys are leaving tomorrow, I thought I'd get you guys some gifts."

"Gifts?" Fletcher piped up.

"Is it food?" Angus cried.

Tati smiled and pulled a ginormous lollypop out of her purse. It was about the size of a cd, multicolored and delicious looking. "Special, just for you."

Angus grabbed it and unwrapped it almost immediately.

Tati turned to Fletcher. She pulled out a book. "I wasn't sure what to get you so I got this."

Fletcher took the book form her and opened it. Inside were hundreds of photos of the most important pieces of art in the world. "Wait…is this-"

"The one and only collector's addition of Art Weekly." Tati grinned.

Fletcher's mouth fell open. "I've been looking for this for like six years! Where'd you find it?"

Tati smiled. "I know a guy." Next, she pulled out a puzzle book. You know, those books filled with crosswords and Sudoku's? Smiling, she handed it to Olive. "It was the hardest one I could find."

Olive smiled. "Thanks." She took the book and opened it to the first page. After a moment, she frowned. "Woah…I'm stumped already."

"That's something you don't hear every day." Chyna muttered.

Next, Tati pulled out a magazine. She handed it to Lexi.

"Really?" Lexi asked. "A magazine? How cheap is-OMG! Is that Mary Vondue's new line? It's not supposed to come out till 2014!"

Rolling her eyes, Tati pulled out the last present. She handed it to Chyna.

Olive peered over Chyna's shoulder. She smiled. Chyna had gotten a cd. Not just any CD. A CD filled with Chyna's songs.

"How did you make this?" Chyna asked. She flipped it over and read the list of songs. Even her ABC thing from the competition was in the mix.

"Steven and Angus made it." Tati explained. "Fletcher supplied us with most the songs, though."

Chyna gave Tati a hug. Then, she hugged Tina, Paul and Steven. "Thank you guys so much."

"I'm so glad we became friends." Tina smiled.

"Will we see you tomorrow?" Chyna asked.

Paul shrugged. "We'll see if we can make it to the airport."

Steven nudged Angus. "Angus, why don't you present your gift to the world?"

Angus turned red again.

"What gift?" Olive questioned.

"Actually, it's not exactly a gift. Olive, I have something to tell you."

Olive motioned for him to go on.

"But I'm not good with words, so I think I'll show you." And with that final remark, he pressed his lips firmly against Olive's.

Right at that moment, Skidmore entered the room. She made a disgusted face. "Seriously! You're thirteen!"

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