Varjak Paw- Above the City

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The beginning of spring. Fresh leaves fell onto the broken black tarmac, rustling in the gentle wind. The squeals of the cars echoed in the alleyways of the looming city. The humans talked loudly and threw their food into the bins of the park. The grass was wet from the morning rain, and the air smelled like coffee and bagels.

A jet-black cat stared at the sky. Jarlo was well-acquainted with the smell of the east park. It reminded him that there was always something left, other than his skills. Food was there to be eaten. Of course, he didn't eat the horrible, sticky leftovers of the humans. No, he just liked the smell, but he preferred the taste of a juicy, delicious, succulent-

"You! What are you doing here?"

Jarlo turned around, perched on the edge of a park bench, and sighed. It was Ginger's gang. A rough but honest gang of vicious tomcats, they glowered at him as he leapt down from his high position. His tail wavered in the air. Ginger stepped forward, frowning.

"You're not supposed to be here," he growled, claws unsheathed.

Jarlo's heartbeat instantly quickened. "I'm not here for a fight."

Ginger shook his head. "You don't understand, sonny," he muttered gruffly. "Things have changed ever since that Paw took control. Scouts are patrolling the west side for the remains of Sally Bones' gang. I have to flush 'em out myself around here." Part of the gang bristled at the name.

"I understand," Jarlo said calmly. "I was just here to enjoy the view. If you really don't want me here, I'll go."

He began to stalk away, when Ripper and Streak, two burly mud-brown cats, surrounded him.

"Not yet," Ginger snarled. "I need to know something."

Jarlo stopped. He could feel the strong urge to barge past Ripper and Streak. He held it in. They weren't worth a fight.

Ginger swaggered up to him, fur rippling in the light breeze. He examined Jarlo, claws tapping impatiently on the grass. Thump. Thump. Thump. Jarlo's heart was about to break out of his chest.

"Have you heard of of a she-cat named Turbulence? Turbo for short? She's goin' around, stealing food from gangs. No one knows why. I just thought you might."

He shook his head. "I've never heard of her. But I'll let you know if I meet her."

Ginger nodded his approval, and signalled his gang to move away. Ripper and Streak left his side without a fight. Jarlo was glad, and immediately began to scamper away. He was starving now, and he really wanted a mouse.

The edge of the barbed wire hid the entrance to a secret alleyway. There were many secret alleyways in the city, especially in the west, but Jarlo preferred this one the most. Here, he kept his treasures; strange human inventions, broken bottles, mice skeletons. He loved the way humans always found something new to introduce to themselves. But he didn't dare explore the human world. It was too dangerous.

However, the new leader of the city, Varjak Paw was encouraging meeting them. Jarlo felt a bitter taste on his tongue, and shook his head. That silver-blue cat was mad. Mad but powerful. Varjak Paw knew the Way. Jarlo had watched him that snowy night, as he battled Sally Bones, the cold ruler of the west side before she had taken over the entire city herself. Jarlo liked that. He liked the way she hadn't been stopped by the thought of opposition.

Jarlo breathed in. In, two, three, four, out, two, three, four. The world began to slow around him. Life pulsed like a throbbing light. He felt power surge through him.

Jarlo too knew the Way.