My first changing- POV fanfic! I know I said I'd be doing something different, but I wanted to publish this before someone else had this idea. I love this song so much.

I don't own Vocaloid, not even the actual product that people can buy. I own Vocaloid music, but that's something else entirely.

This is rated "T" not because the story is suggestive, but I reference some of the more disturbing songs and videos. Nothing too bad, but I'm going to play it safe.

Chapter 1


"It's your own fault."

I stare at the pile of paper in front of me on my desk. I groan. My twin sister stands behind me, her arms crossed.

"C'mon, Len, this essay was assigned two weeks ago. What have you been doing?"

"Well what about you, Rin? I don't see you working," I say as I turn around in my chair.

"That's because I've already finished my paper," she replies with a smirk. "I turned it in yesterday morning."

"Three days early? Gah, I hate you, you... you perfectionist." I slam my head on the desk and the papers fly everywhere.

"Seriously- what have you been doing all this time?" Rin asks, sitting down on her bed.

"Um- well, you see..." I stammer.

She sighs. "You've been watching videos that make me look stupid on YouTube and NicoNico again, haven't you. Len, you idiot..."

I tighten my blond ponytail and my yellow tie before pulling off my headset. "Look, why can't I just look at your notes?"

"Because that would be cheating. Honestly, I thought you were programmed to be, I don't know, good."

"Blame the otakus. I've died- by both my hands and someone else's- worn a girl's sailor uniform, had twincest with you, killed people, ran away, became a bishie, been your servant, questioned my existence... it hasn't been easy," I rant.

"Yeah, well, all that happened to me too. But I still got my homework done," Rin replies as she fidgets with her hair bow.

"Hmm... maybe I should just take the road roller out and flatten the school..." I mutter.

"NO. Len, why don't you stop complaining and just do your work?" she says and begins to get up.

"Can I use the road roller and just flatten Luka?"

"Goodbye, Len." She gets up and walks out of our room. I balance my head on my fist and breath out. I think back to the day when I got the assignment.

(I suppose it's worth mentioning at this point that our teacher, Luka Megurine, is a Vocaloid too. Since we knew each other before I started school [and she started teaching], I can call her by her first name. Although she does prefer "Megurine- sensei," at least in school.)

"Okay, class, this paper is worth one- sixth of your final grade. I know that doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it is. Now, you'll have two weeks to do this essay, so none of you will have to rush and crank out the entire report at the last minute."

Um... okay, fine, this is all my fault. So sue me. But being a virtual idol is still no picnic.

"Yo, Rin!" I call. She appears in the doorway with the TV remote in her hand.


"How did you get your essay done so quick?"

"I worked on it day by day. By doing it one bit at a time, it was easy," she answers.

"Huh. Whatcha watching?" I ask, gesturing to the remote.

"Oh, just your favorite show- Pretty Cure," she says with a cruel smile. "Want to take a break and come shake your butt as you sing along with the theme? And then have the Master record the entire thing and put it online?" My face flushes the color of Mieko's blouse. She giggles and leaves. I slam my head on my desk once more.

Tonight is going to be a very long and very hard night.

End Chapter 1