Title: The Road To Happiness?

Summary: This is my take on Christy "The Road Home" episode. Margaret was never a member of the teahouse she does not come back to Cutter Gap. Neil comes home from fishing with David with alot of things on his mind but also to Ben Pentland what does his letter say. I'm having a hard time writing and spelling as the people from this story would talk i will try my best but i may not get it right.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters but i will try my best to stick to the characters that CBS and Pax made them to be as well as Christine Marshall

Chapter 1

Neil arrived at his house and hung the few fish that he had caught for dinner on a hook to clean and fix. His mind kept wondering about what Grandland had said about him needing to let Christy go almost like David owned her. Why would Grantland think that Christy sees me as anything more then an older friend who is married whose wife ran away. Yes i love her but she does not know i have accepted God in my life i have not told anyone. But his thoughts were stopped there when Ben Pentland yelled out "nited states mail." Neil went out to the pourch and said "hello ben how's the mail going?" "Well had a 6 letter to deliver today ones to you and Miz Alice look same like." "Thanz Ben" Neil went back in his house and put the letter on his table too hungry to really want to read it. Some time soon after Neil had cooked the fish and ate and was sitting at the table looking at the letter like an epidemic was going to come out of it. Finally he grabbed it and opened it to read:

Dear Dr McNeil,

We heartily regret to inform you that a woman that was seeking treatment at our facility by the name of Margaret Henderson McNeil has been taken to the Lord on this 7th day of May 1914. She left us the address to contact you and a Miss Alice Henderson once her suffering was over. You may claim the body with any other family members in the next 2 weeks.

Respectfully yours

Tom Darken Head of all medical care in Atlanta Ga hospital

Neil could not believe what he was reading he was totally free to love Christy if what Grantland had said today was true. He put the letter down folded his hands and prayed a quick thank you to God as he knew now that if she loved him he could be happy with Christy Rudd Huddleston. As Neil had this though he heard a horse pull up in front of his cabin he expected it would be Alice Henderson his wife's mother. But when he answered the knock at the door there stood Christy.

"Hello Lass is someone sick... hurt...?"

"No Neil I came to talk to you if I could."

Neil did not say anything just opened the door to his cabin wider and stepped out of the way so she could end. Then he slowly shut the door giving God a quick prayer that if Christy really did love him that he would try to be worthy of her love and understanding.

Would any one like me to continue? Yes in this story Neil has been praying to God but he has not been to church so no one knows that he has reformed