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Chapter 11

Christy awoke on Saturday and was filled with so much joy knowing that today she would finally be able to spend some time with Dr McNeil and soon they would actually be able to tell everyone that they were engaged and she was so happy about this.

She went over to her closet and put on the blue dress that Neil has requested that she wear. She brushed her hair and went down the kitchen in search of the tart that she had make the night before to take to the barn raising. She collected her tart and began her walk to the barn raising alone. Soon she reached the stop and noticed that not many of the cove was there this always bothered her. She always wanted to see the people of this cove get along but she could not say anything since she herself was having a hard time getting along with David.

She walked towards the women that where there including Fairlight Spencer as well as Opal Macome and began to talk to him and helping out with making the food that they would serve to the men that were working. Christy did not even look to make sure that Neil was there she just trusted that he would be and that David would also be there and she did not want there to be a fight between David and Neil when they had come to get this barn up.

Christy wondered what people of this cove would think of her and Neil and if they would accept them she tried to shake that thought out of her mind as she knew that she had to trust God to lead her to the right man for herself and to pray that Neil was that man since she had told him that she would marry him and was not planning on changing her mind.

Soon lunch began and Christy helped hand out the food to all the men that had been working this time she paid attention and noticed that Neil had hung back to be the last man thru the line in an effort to ask Christy if she would sit by him while they ate.

Christy agreed and Neil lead them to a bench that was set up as one of the many places for people to sit some were logs others were blankets on the ground. Christy began to eat her meal in happy quiet until David noticed who she was sitting by and then he approached. " Miss Huddelston I thought that I told you that I expected that you not be in the company of this man as he is too old for you and I am a better pick." This was the first time that the cove heard David talk like this and many of them did not like it yes Doc was a bit older then Miss Huddelston but if they wanted to spend time together what was the harm in that Doc could use a younger woman to give him back some of his unhappy youth. "David you advised me that I was not able to allow Dr McNeil to teach the students science and math since you felt that with him teaching those subjects and you teaching Bible that there was no need for me. I am on my own time now not the school missions and if I wish to spend time with a friend then I will do so sir."

David was totally shocked at what Christy had just told the cove and waited for the impact that it would make some of the cove never accepted him as a member of the community but someone Christy had found a way into their hearts.

Old Baug stood up and said " Well now preacher we feel that miss Christy and Doc would make a fine couple and she would give him back some of his lost happiness."

David was shocked this cove would accept Neil and Christy as a couple he had to say something " well Miss Christy and myself are closer in age and would make a better couple based on that."

Old Baug responded " You and Miss Christy might be close in age but we as a cove have seen how you have treated her in the past almost like a possession and not like a woman. We men here love our women folk and respect them like Doc does Miss Christy."

While this was going on Neil had silently taken Christy's hand and whispered " Miss Huddelston will you do me the honor of courting you? Christy looked at Neil and not trusting her voice since she was so full of emotion nodded her head and smiled at him. Neil said " Now Christy I am going to need a bit more then a head nod to be sure can you please vocalize your answer so I can hear your beautiful voice?" " Yes Dr. McNeil I would like it very much if we were to court."

After Uncle Baug had said what he had the attention of the whole group there was on Christy and their Doc since he was holding her hand in a way that was more visible to see then when Uncle Baug had been speaking. Doc cleared his voice and said loudly " Miss Christy had agreed to let me court her." Everyone there except David cheered and wished them well. Knowing that courting usually was a precursor to marriage were as dating was just going on picnics and all. The assembled people seemed to be very happy that their Doc would marry and be happy.