Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I had originally thought that I was going to leave this story as compete as of the end of chapter 14. However I was not happy with that as an ending. This chapter will be a bit more M rating then the others as it will be Docs and Christy's wedding night

Chapter 15

Christy was lead to the home of her now husband by all the women of the cove. Christy knew that her mother must feel appalled that all the women of the cove would help her to get dressed for the night with her husband. But at this moment she could not care less as she wanted to spend this time with the women of the cove that had loved Neil as their Doctor and friend for many years. Opal helped unzip her wedding dress. Fairlight helped her to slip on a nightgown that Fairlight had made for this night. Some of the other women had light the fire in the house so that they would not be cold. Others still made sure that there were eggs and coffee and other items that the newlyweds could eat in the morning for breakfast. Once they were all satisfied they each came up to Christy and kissed her check Fairlight was last and she smiled at Christy and said I am sure he will be a patient husband. Then all the woman departed. Christy took this little bit of time to look around the room and smile to see that Neil had done a lot of cleaning and restoration to make her feel comfortable.

Soon Christy could hear the men coming with Neil and she felt a bit nervous not that she thought that Neil would not take care of her and all but she did not know what she was in for and she did not know what to expect. She heard the door to the cabin open and then she heard him on the stairs. When he walked into the room and she was able to see him for the first time since all the celebration with his red hair falling gently over his eyes and the smell that you could not mistake for any other person. She had to smile she wanted to kiss him to hug him but she was still so unsure of what he wanted that she stayed rooted to her spot on the floor looking at her husband.

Neil sensing Christy's nervousness walked over to her and placed his arm gently around her waist and kissed the corner of her mouth and whispered "Christy I love you and I will guide you thru this." She smiled up at him knowing his words were true.

********************wedding night***************************

Neil slowly unbuttoned the buttons of his white shirt figuring it might be easier to show Christy then to try and walk her thru it. Once the buttons were undone he just let the shirt hand open showing off his chest.

"Christy love you can touch me I promise I will not break. I will also be patient till you learn the ways of love and expression of that love."

Neil waited patiently he did not move her hands he just stood there waiting for her to be ready to touch him. Slowly he saw her one hand come up and touch the muscles of his chest and slowly she traced the 4 pack that she found there from all the work that he had done in the cove to help these people his people survive. As she was touching him he had to try and bit back a groan so as to not frighten her. She continued to trace his chest to his nipples to his shoulders and then she went down one arm taking the shirt off that arm and then finally the other arm letting his shirt drop to the floor.

Neil smiled down at his wife she was driving him wild but he wanted her to enjoy this to want to experience this. He leaned down and took her mouth in for a kiss running his tongue over her bottom lip she gave him access and soon their tongues were dueling. He found that she was also touching his chest as they were kissing. He pulled back from the kiss and looked at Christy in the eye and said "Love I know some women and men make love while they are still clothed to keep out the chill. I would like our first time to be with no barriers my love. For when God created Adam and Eve they were in the garden alone and naked. I want to give you myself in that way too." Christy knew that her friends always talked about how the man would just go up their night dress to be intimate and she somehow had never really found that appealing she just never knew how else it could be done and here in her husband was the way.

Christy smiled at Neil and started to pull up her night dress letting it slide off her arms and over her head leaving her in her undergarments. Neil pressed her body against his own to keep her from catching a chill as he walked them over to the bed a new bed that he had gotten just 3 days ago. Neil turned down the covers and help Christy out of her undergarments and then he whispered "More Beautiful then I imagined I love you Mrs. McNeil. She sat on the bed and motioned for him to come over by her and she tried to help him with his kilt. Pulling it down off his legs and what she saw made her blush there was her husband's organ for love. "You're beautiful too Neil and I love you." Placing a kiss on his thigh and then the other and then on his tip.

Neil helped Christy slide into the bed and he followed her holding her close. He whispered "Christy love when a woman does this the first time it will hurt I will do my best to make sure it does not hurt for long." "Neil I love you and trust you." Neil began to kiss Christy her lips, neck, shoulders, chest, thigh, and then her womanly area. Christy felt so alive from his kisses and his touch that she wanted to return the favor. So she began her own kissing trail Neil's ear, neck, chest, and this tip finally his mouth.

Neil slowly moved his new bride to where she was right above him and moved himself to join with her. Slowly he entered kissing her touching her loving her. Finally he felt her pain made them complete. He whispered his apologies kissing her all the more and soon she was moaning rather than crying and soon the newlyweds feel asleep as a completely married couple.

This will be the end of this story I have not decided if I will do another or not but thank you for all the love you have shown over my story.