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Ch 1. Going home. (Improved version)

It was a peaceful day for Danny, but then again every June 23rd was, for some reason. Danny knew, he was the only one who knew, well maybe not but something had happened on that day ten years ago, in a different dimension.

He was five years old and he'd been in the orphanage for a year, he was with his brother Sly and their friends, Bentley and Murray, they were planning to steal the cookie jar in the kitchen. Danny had gotten sleepy and went to bed, soon he was woken by other kid's screams, the house was on fire, he'd paniced and hid, Sly had come looking for him.

"Danny? Danny, where are you, we gotta get out before the roof comes crashing down!" He'd heard Sly yell, he'd ran to Sly and together they started running out. But when they were in the last corridor, the roof came down and separated them.

"GO! I'd rather die alone then take you with me!" Danny yelled.

"I'm sorry." Sly yelled back, he hesitated obviously about leaving, who would want to leave their little brother to die afterall.

"I love you Sly, live to hold the Cooper name up high. Hey it rhymed." Danny yelled with a weak smile.

"I love you too Danny, bye. I won't forget, ever!" He yelled back and ran out, tears in his eyes.

Danny actually thought he would die, but Clockwork had saved him, and changed his appearance so he could live here, he said he'd take him back when time allowed. Unknown to him right now, that was today.

Sly was sad, he was always sad this day, the day his brother died. He was running aimlessly on rooftops and watched the stars, Danny always liked to sneak up on the orphanage's roof and watch the stars. He sighed, today, everything reminded him of Danny. He headed back to the safehouse, tomorrow was a normal day, so they had a job.

They had a safe, inside was a cane like his, it was supposed to be Danny's their dad had made it for him. They's also framed a picture Danny had drawn of all of them, it was really good for a five year old's. This was a night when Sly cried himself to sleep, but instead of nightmares from that night, he had a wierd dream. He was in a laaarge room. (Yes. I meant to write it with 3 a:s) There was some kind of blue man with red eyes and a lightning scar over one of his eyes, he had a purple cloak, shirt and gloves and he had a clock in the middle of his torso. (I'm not describing him any more, you should know who this is.)

"Sly Cooper. You look a lot like your father you know." The figure said.

"How would you know, you know my name but I don't know yours."

"I am Clockwork, the master of time, I see what has been, is, and what will and will not happen, in all the universes."

Sly was taken aback by his name, it sounded so much like Clockwerk.

"And I must thank you for getting rid of Clockwerk, he was outside the timestream with the combination of hate and mechanicks. You should be expecting to see your brother soon."

"My brother's dead, you should know that."

"Or is he really." Clockwork had a look that was actually mischiveous. (sp?)

Before Sly could ask anything everything started spinning and he woke with a start, he'd slep the whole day, the sun was setting, his "workday" was beginning. He'd tell about the dream to the guys, it might just have been because of yesterday, but then again he seemed so real.


Danny was awoken by Clockwork's voice, he opened his eyes and found himself in Clockwork's tower the aforementioned ghost floating in front of one of his viewing discs.

"What is it Clockwork?" he asked.

"It's time. You're going home." Clockwork said and smiled.

"I'm going home?" Danny asked, tears of joy forming in his eyes.

"Yes, your brother is a famous thief now with his gang, Murray and Bentley. This is his safehouse" Clockwork said and showed the house "on the second floor there is a safe, the code you know, it's the day you supposedly died. Don't worry about everyone here, I'll erase you from exsinstance, so to speak." he said, smiling. He waved his staff in front of Danny, who changed back into a Raccoon. He now wore a green shirt with a yellow collar, green gloves that also had yellow cuffs, a green cap and green boots. He also had a yellow belt with his insignia on the buckle, the buckle was actually a card holder with cards that looked like the buckle, and a red backpack on his back. He was wearing a black mask over his blue eyes and for the first time in eleven years his ears twitched, Danny's left ear was white and he'd really missed it. He twisted to look at his tail, which was happily swishing from side to side. Danny smiled thankfully at Clockwork and ran into the disc, he was finally going home.

He landed on the roof of the safehouse, he snuck to the window of the room and opened it carefully. Jumping inside he took in his surroundings and went to the safe to ener the code 2-3-6, once it opened he took his cane, which he guessed that was in there. Then he saw the Thevious Raccoonus, slowly walking up to it in awe he opened in for the first time in his life, he read the first pages but when he heard footsteps he knew he had to leave, so he put a card into the safe. Running quietly he exited by the window and jumped to the neighbouring house's roof, running out of sight but still able to see what was going on.

The gang had come inside after a night out, they'd stolen a golden violin. The computer said that the window in the room with the safe was open, Sly frowned, he didn't remember opening it. He went upstairs, when he opened the door he saw that the safe was open and empty and that the Thevious Raccoonus was open. Then he saw the card, it looked like some sort of D with a P inside of it, he'd give it to Bentley to look up. He went down to see what the guys were doing.

"Someone stole Danny's cane from the safe and read the Thevious Raccoonus' first pages, they left this card." Sly said to Bentley and gave the card to him.

Bentley looked furious. "There's nothing on the web, they're new, why would they steal a cane though?" now, he looked confused.

"We might have a copy cat" Sly said, inside he was furious, who dared steal his brothers cane!

A few days later, the cane was in the room with the safe with a note, it said "Here, I'll return this, I just wanted to see if I was rusty, since this could only hold emotional value I'll return it. Honor among thieves. Phantom."

It had been weeks since the cane was returned, and the gang was going to brake into the museum to steal the Clockwerk parts. Danny was inside the museum too, invisibly in ghost form, his hat, gloves and belt were white while his shirt and boots were black, his belt had the DP insignia, his black stripes were white and his white ear was black, then of course his eyes were glowing green and his hair was white, also his mask was white. Sly dropped down on the floor and sneaked around for a bit, then he took a pair binoculars, Danny floated closer, he heard Bentley's voice.

"Breaker Alpha Foxtrot this is the Wizard, do you read me Sitting Duck?"

"This is Peking Duck, I hear you Blizzard."

"No Sly, I'm "the Wizard" and you're "Sitting Duck." "

"I read you loud and clear Lizard."

"No I'm... forget it you're not taking this seriously."

"Yeah, I'm not. Look Bentley I know this is your first time out in the field but you got to loosen up. If we'e going to get to those Clockwerk parts I need you on your toes. So in plain talk, What's your status?"

"Well, I've established myself in the basement and I'm pretty sure I can rewire the service elevator if you can power it up from that security station."

"Hang tough pal, it might take some time, but I'll figure out a way to get up there." Sly said as he put away the binoculars. He started looking around, then he spotted a weird drum on the ground and looked up at the giant whale skeleton. He jumped on the drum and bounced on top of the skeleton, Danny had to admit it looked like fun. Sly walked on top of the skeleton and jumped to the higher floor, he went over to the switch and flipped it.

"Ok, I slized the wires... OW hold on, there it is." Bentley's voice came from the speakers. The elevator came up with a little difficulty. "Ok, ok let me at that security computer." Bentley said and made it over to the computer.

'I always knew he'd become the hacker.' Danny thought and smiled, he'd missed the guys.

"The spotlights are offline." the spotlights went off "there goes the laser security system, I'm working on the gate." the lasers went off. After a moment the gate lifted. "Presto, all clear."

"Thanks pal, for your first time out, you did pretty well." Sly said, his brown eyes twinkling while he nodded.

'He's happy, and proud. I remember him looking like that when I gave him that drawing of all of us.' Danny thought, a little sad.

Sly and Bentley talked a little more, then Sly headed out, Danny following invisibly. Sly came to a balcony, there was a rope with posters that went to another roof, then a second rope that was between a few houses, Danny couldn't see where it ended. Sly jumped on the rope and ran along it, Danny, tired of flying, did the same, still invisible. They arrived at another balcony, but no sight of Murray.

"Murray must've gotten lost along the way, try going without him." Easier said than done Bentley, there was a gate there, Danny phased through it because he heard Murray panting on the roof.

"Thunder flop!" he yelled and came crashing down the glass roof.