Ch 16

Sly, Bentley and Murray would later mentally beat themselves up for not noticing that Danny was gone, being so used to it being only three of them. When they caught up with Contessa she jumped on a blimp and they had to stop. Then Sly spotted someone on board. A huge black bat with red eyes, a black cape and a white tunic stood there with a sinister smirk on his face, that wasn't what made Sly go white as a sheet and try to jump on board even though he knew the blimp was too far away, it was the sight of his baby brother, unconscious in the bat's arms, cane nowhere in sight.


The cruel laugh that came from the bat would haunt Sly until they found Danny and if he sometimes after that woke up in the middle of the day due to nightmares he told no one.

Meanwhile Danny was glaring at his captor, he'd been chained to the wall behind him and his shoulders were hurting.

The black bat smirked and turned into a white rat "Hello, little badger, or should I say little raccoon? I never thought that you were part of the Cooper clan, Daniel."

"Go fuck yourself frootloop." Danny snarled, hatred shining in his eyes.

Vlad laughed and exited the room. Danny growled from his place on the floor and looked over at his cellmate with sad eyes. Carmelita Montoya Fox was also there, she was at the moment being brainwashed by Contessa. Unsuccessfully. Carmelita had a very strong mind even though Contessa was using what Danny assumed were the Clockverk eyes.

Danny closed his eyes as a tear fell down his cheek, it was several days later and he was scared. He didn't show it in front of Vlad or Contessa, but he was scared, scared that he'd never see his family again. He missed them so much and it had only been a week. He was sure that they were looking for him though, that was comforting.

When he opened his eyes again he caught a glimpse of something blue, turning his head he saw Sly sneaking out. Danny had to fight the bright grin that threathened to split his face. They're here! Danny cackled madly in his head Oh, Vlad, just you wait...

Sly was very close to tell Bently to screw himself and save Danny and Carmelita without a plan. He didn't like how beaten up his brother looked., there was dried blood on his little brother's fur and he could see bruises too.

Hang in there, Danny, he thought to himself, we're coming.

Ok, sorry for the wait and short chapter, but I give you this so hope you enjoy, school is awful.