Bulma quickly padded across the cold tile floor of the ship; she was in nothing more than underwear and a long tee-shirt. Her father had come into her room right after she went bed, and asked her if she'd finished Vegeta's ship for his launch tomorrow. She hadn't, so now she was paying the price. She sighed heavily as she looked at the work before her. "Stupid Vegeta," she huffed, taking a seat in front of the opened control panel that revealed detailed and meticulous circuitry. She wished she'd done this sooner, or that Vegeta was leaving later or not going at all. She didn't see why he had to go out into the vast unknowns of space to train when he had all the necessary things right there at Capsule Corp., so then she wouldn't have to be up right now.

Hours later she was finally done. She glanced wearily at her watch, 4:27 AM it read in a blinking neon green light. "Kami! I've been out here forever!" she exclaimed, setting her tools down and putting the box into a cabinet close to the floor. She was in desperate need of some well deserved sleep. Standing up and stretching, she looked out a small circular window; it was pouring, lightning and all. *I need some pants and shoes* she thought, her hands on her hips, she'd catch cold otherwise. She twirled around, and seeing nothing began to look threw cabinets. She found nothing. Then an obvious thought entered her mind. She had put some spare clothes in a small compartment under a trap door on the ship. She couldn't quite remember then why she put them there, but she sure was glad for it. "I'm so smart," she beamed, as she lifted the hatch and got down on all fours and reached inside to feel around. Her hand grazed several different sized boxes, but none of which she wanted. Then, just when she was about to give up and go without what she wanted, her hand bumped into it; a small tin container with dino-caps inside. She squealed with delight, but her victory was short-lived, for at that exact moment lightning struck, causing her to shriek and loose balance. She fell head first into the compartment, her head colliding with the rock hard floor. The trap door slammed shut behind her. Her eyes flickered a moment, then shut, leaving the huge laceration on her forehead unattended.


Vegeta sat at the breakfast table, same as he did every morning, and awaited his food. He subconsciously wondered where Bulma was, she was always up and to breakfast by now. "Good morning," Mrs. Briefs cooed, pouring mounds of eggs, bacon, and sausage on a plate before him. "You leave this morning, don't you?" He nodded quickly, without thinking, then dug into his breakfast. He was especially hungry this morning. "Have you seen Bulma?" she asked, walking back over to the stove. He shook his head. "She must still be sleeping. I'll let her rest." Vegeta grunted at her and rolled his eyes; he could care less what Bulma did, as long as his ship was ready, she could do whatever she damn well pleased. He wouldn't be around anyway; all he cared about was getting into space. He hoped the ship was ready.

After shoveling in his meal, he quickly ran outside to his ship. Everything on the outside seemed to be in perfect working order. He flipped a latch, then pressed the button concealed underneath. The door hissed, then slowly descended to the ground. He walked up the ramp it provided; everything looked ok to him. The air smelled of the Onna though. He simply shrugged it off, thinking it to be nothing more than her lingering scent, hoping it would dissipate soon. If he had concentrated more he would have definitely realized she was still aboard, but since he pushed it out of his mind, he would find out the hard way. He'd been doing that lately, suppressing thoughts of her only to think more intensely. The only reason he could do it now was because he had to concentrate on getting into space safely. She was one of the reasons he wanted to leave so badly. Ever since their little encounter he'd been avoiding her, more than usual, looking away and causing more arguments than usual. So he thought the perfect way to escape thoughts of her all together was to train as far away from her as possible. Space.

FLASHBACK (The "encounter"..Heehee!!)

Bulma hummed an old tune to herself as she combed through her still wet hair, she had taken an extra long shower that morning, since she'd been up all night fixing the gravity simulator. Then she thought back to the events of the pervious day. Her and Yamcha had mutually decided to break up, though she tried to convince herself it would only be temporary. But she knew he'd find someone new and soon, if he hadn't already.

"Stop it Bulma," she said to herself, as her eyes began to get misty. It wasn't that she loved him anymore, it was more the hurt that went a long with a fresh break up. And now she was single. Her best-friend, Chi-Chi, would have said it was freedom. Bulma thought of it as loneliness.

She pulled her towel up and whipped her eyes, then secured it back around her damp naked body. She crept out of the bathroom, looking around. She had been so tired last night that she didn't have enough energy to get to her room and ended up falling asleep on a cot in her lab. She'd managed to get that far. "Ok, just get to the back stairs and then you'll be fine," she told herself. She didn't want to risk running into anyone on her way there. Since she'd taken a shower in the bathroom off of the simulator, her mother might have suspected something ridiculous.

The coast was clear. She quickly jogged down the hall, holding her towel to her tightly. She turned the corner and instead of climbing the stairs, fell back and lost hold of her towel. She'd hit something and hard. And there, standing over her, glaring with dark ebony eyes, was Vegeta. She stared at him a moment, still laying in the hall, shook her head to break her trance, and realized her towel was missing. She was completely exposed.

"Pervert!" she huffed, standing up and wrapping her towel back around her body. It was the only thing she could think to say. She was too embarrassed to say anything else, let alone apologize; her face burned with embarrassment. She cursed him in her head for running into her.

"Baka," he retorted. She had run into him; he didn't know she would be there. How was he a pervert? Then, thinking his insult wasn't sufficient, added, with an evil smirk, "You should focus more on your work, and stop trying to seduce me." She shot him a piercing glare, then stalked off to her room.

He turned his head slightly, only enough to watch her walk away out of the corner of his eye. His face turned a light crimson as he realized he'd enjoyed seeing her naked. *Of course you did. She's a female* he assured himself, then walked into the simulator.


Vegeta walked slowly across the ship's floor, looking around for anything he might have missed. Everything looked to be in perfect working order to him. He had to admit, Bulma really knew her stuff, though he'd never give her the satisfaction of hearing him say that. *Finally* he thought with a deep sigh. He was finally going to be able to train in peace. No Onna, no interruptions, no anything. Just him and his training. He stared at the control panel a moment, deciding which route would be the fasted to reach his destination. Early on he'd chosen a small secluded planet at the far end of the galaxy. He carefully plotted the course, and being happy with his decision, took a seat and strapped himself in.

Below, in the compartment, Bulma was slowly coming to. She pried her eyes open, but saw nothing except darkness. Her head throbbed with every breath she took. *It must still be late* she thought, not remembering the events of last night. If she had she would have noticed the large scabbed over wound on her forehead. But not remembering, naturally she wouldn't be careful about sitting up, and when she did slammed her head on the ceiling, causing the wound to re-open. Thick crimson blood oozed off her forehead, and ran down her face as she fell back.

Back up above, Vegeta turned sharply in the direction of a loud thud noise. The ship couldn't have hit anything, for he was deep in space, on a set course, plus the ship had radar for objects large enough to do sufficient damage. He had long since unstrapped himself, and was just sitting, starring into space, planning his training. He quickly shot up out of his chair, and walked over to where he was sure the noise came from. Then his senses kicked in. It was Bulma, no mistake. He slowly bent over, and reached for the handle on the trap door. But just as he did, Bulma decided to open it too. The door collided with Vegeta, sending him back a few feet, from being startled, not from the blow itself.

"Onna!!?" he yelled as if he were surprised she was there. He had known she was there, but it hadn't been confirmed 'til just then. "What are you doing here!?"

She gave him a blank look, then tumbled back into the compartment. He scrambled over and peered into the dark hole in the floor. His keen Saiyan vision found her easily. She was lying on the ground, forehead gashed open, and seeping large amounts of blood. Before he had time to think, his instincts kicked in and he reached in and pulled her out. He leaned his head in and put his ear to her chest. She was still breathing. He tore a good portion of her shirt, and wrapped it tightly, but not too tight, around her head in attempt to stop the excessive bleeding. But dark blood soon seeped through the thin fabric though, and quickly spread to cover nearly the whole thing. "Fuck!" he whispered, looking around frantically for a replacement bandage. Then, finding nothing suitable, tore at his spandex body suit. It would work well enough. He carefully wrapped into around her head, after discarding the old clothe.

"Ve-ge-ta.." she whispered, as her eyes flickered open. A blurred image of him loomed over her head, but she knew it was him. Before he had a chance to answer her, she fell back. Luckily, he caught her seconds before she slammed into the floor again. He cradled her feeble body in his arms, listening intently to her weak shaky breathing.

*What's wrong with me?* he thought angrily, after closing the door behind him where he'd laid Bulma down to rest. *Why did I do that? Why do I care if she's hurt or not? And what was she doing in there?* He plopped down in his chair before the control panel, resting his head on his hand. He wouldn't get any answers until her woke up.


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