Well, this is my second Shadow of the Colossus fanfic. It is going to be both a prequel and a sequel. I've chosen Agro as a mare and the name Wander. No reasons.
My native language is not English, so I am sorry for any mistakes; constructive criticism and/or pointing out spelling errors is very much appreciated. Obviously I do not own Shadow of the Colossus.


Should you be alive
if it's even possible to continue to exist in these cursed lands
one day perhaps
you will make atonement for what you've done

He was on his way. Spurring his horse forward, the boy kept his gaze on the horizon. It was a hot summer's day and everything was flourishing; the trees carried healthy fruits and the flowers colored the fields nicely. High above the boy's head birds were chatting. It was such a beautiful day that the boy started to hum a song. In no way he expected something bad had occurred on this exact place, not so long ago.

The boy slowed the horse down to grab his bottle and drink some water. He gave some to the horse, too. When straightening up again, his gaze caught something a few yards away. It was a small and slender figure, dark, almost like a shadow cast over the ground – the only problem was, the boy saw nothing else. The plains were flat – nothing could have caused the shadow.

He stood in the saddle to get a better view, but what he saw was not reassuring him of anything. On the contrary – a feeling that actually he should go away now he still could, was growing inside of him. Yet he was determined not to leave any chance; there was a chance he would find exactly what he was looking for. He spurred the horse on, galloping towards the figure lying there lonely in the burning hot sun.

When getting closer he gave a strong pull at the reins, turning the horse sharply, and jumped off. His heart skipped a beat as he recognized the figure as a human carcass. It was a pale, dark-haired girl, clad in blooded rags. Blood steadily dripped on the ground and the boy could see cut marks all over the girl's arms and legs.

She must've been attacked, raced through his head. Hesitant about whether it was sensible to touch the body, he came closer. When his shadow fell over the body, a shudder went through it. Shrieking the boy took a step back, gazing in horror at the girl that seemed to be quite alive.

However, when she did not move after that single shudder, he bent down and rolled the body over. At first the face was covered in sticky hair, but after he had stroked them away, his heart simply seemed to stop beating. The girl lying there was an exhausted, dried out and terribly hurt maiden with blood and wounds all over her face – a face that was horribly familiar to him. He had forever been longing to see her face; ever since the last time he had seen her he had dreamed of seeing her beautiful gentle features and twinkling eyes, but never had he feared seeing her like this! A flash of pain struck him right in the guts and before he knew he had bent forward and was screaming at her like a maniac.

"Mono! Oh gods, wake up! Wake up you! Don't you dare do this to me! Mono!" He kept yelling as he shook her shoulders, but nothing helped; she did not respond in any way – just lay there like a puppet. Tears welled up in his eyes when he took her in his arms. Gently he stroked her cheek, still chanting, "Please, wake up… You're not dead. You're not. I demand you're not dead…"

The girl opened her eyes. Suddenly he was directly looking at two eyes that did not even resemble hers in any way. They had completely changed. They had lost their vividness and vibrant colors. He almost dropped her in a mixture of amazement, relief and horror, but he quickly pulled himself together and called his horse. He saw the maiden tried to say something, but he laid a finger on his lips, whispering, "Don't worry, I'm here and I'll help you."

She shook her head, still moving her lips, but he did not even want to decipher what she was trying to mouth. His horse had obediently come closer and the boy pulled the bottle from the saddle backs, pressing it perhaps a bit too rough against the girl's lips. The water flowed from the bottle easily, but she merely smiled.

Horrified the boy saw how bad her condition was; she must have been lying here for hours without anyone taking care of her; she was injured, weak, perhaps even ill? What had happened to her? Who had done this to her…? If only he knew… he would go to that person immediately and show him what it's like to be suffering.

"Please, Mono," he whispered, on the brink of tears. She was lying there so delicately, so drained of life, yet she looked him straight in the eyes. Even though she was still smiling, she stared so blankly that for a moment he feared she had gone blind and had not even recognized him.

"Mono…?" he asked hesitantly. Relief filled every part of his body when she mouthed his name. Now truly tearing up, he stroked her cheek lovingly. "It's gonna be all right," he told himself more than her, "I'll take you somewhere safe. You'll be fine…" His words drowned when he saw the girl had closed her eyes again. After a moment's hesitation he lifted her from the ground – oh gods, she was so light – and climbed with her on the horse, kicking the animal's flanks even before he had taken a hold of the reins. In full gallop he rode to safety, promising himself that he was not going to lose her, not yet, not now, not like this, but at the very same time begging to whoever was listening to him… that he had not come too late.

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