Bruiser Woods was an outstanding dog.

He was smart, he played, he had a nice weight, and his hair was smooth. He was everything a dog should be.

That was why he didn't get it.

Why would Elle need to marry Emmett? Wasn't he enough for her? He was Elle's best friend, her loyalist one. He made her laugh; he gave her comfort when she was sad… So what else on earth would she need? He just couldn't get it.

Bruiser was taken apart from his thoughts when the door rang and her owner hurriedly ran to open it. Again, it was Emmett, with his awful khaki dress pants. How the hell did Elle allow him to wear those? He simply couldn't understand her sometimes.

Then he saw the look on Elle's eyes as her owns met Emmett's, and well, she looked so happy. Maybe he couldn't understand her, but he will support her. After all, if Elle was happy, Bruiser was it too.