Authors notes : what if Megan and peter had a child together after having a one night Stand. 100% METER just a quick warning if there are any non Meter fans out there I'm sorry.

This is my first ever fan fiction so, please be kind. I do not own any of the characters just the story. All the mistakes are all mine and I do apologise as I am not in the medical profession or anything to do with the scientific side of the things.

It all started when Megan and the rest of her work friends such as peter , bud, Sam , Kate , Curtis and Ethan decided to head to their local bar for a few drinks too let their hair down after a busy day at the office with a triple homicide with 3 bodies laying on the slab.

"So, I wanted to thank you for handling the case as efficiently as possible "Kate said to Megan as she took a sip of her large dry martini.

"What do I do otherwise "Megan said sarcastically with a slight smirk on her lips as she reached out for her large much-needed glass of red wine.

Peter was sitting next to bud but he kept steeling glances at Megan when he could .peter has fancied Megan for a very long time and he wanted to tell her how he felt about her but each time he tried he became nervous and changed his mind.

"Are you going to tell her or are you just going to stare at her with the "I WISH thought on your mind "bud asked as he saw peter steal his 100th glance at Megan who was totally oblivious to how her partner felt for her.

Peter snapped out of his day-dream when he heard bud asking a question.


"Oh boy you have it really bad, haven't you?"

"I guess I do "

Ethan, Curtis Sam where in a deep conversation about today's case and did not noticed anything which was not like them as they usually knew everything about everyone.

A few hours later Kate , bud, Sam , Ethan and Curtis decided to head home as they had spent more than a month's salary in one night and so they called it a night before they became bankrupt .

That just left a rather tipsy and giggly Megan and a merry peter that now all fuelled up had enough courage to tell Megan his intentions.

"Look Megan, I have something I would like to say "peter said nervously looking at his hands.

Megan knew what peter was going to say because little did he know was that she was falling in love with him too. Megan had never told anyone her intentions towards peter but you could not deny that they had chemistry and they would flirt endlessly with each other at work, in bars and office parties.

"What is it peter" she said as she took a sip of her 7th glass of red wine but, who was counting.

"Megan I know you might not want to hear this but, I am falling in love with you, now let me re phrase that I have fallen in love with you, everything about you, your smile, when you get angry with yourself and your hands when they play up" peter laughed at the last line as he knew it was true.

Megan was silent for the first time in her life she reacted how she only thought she could and that was with a soft and tender kiss which became more and more passionate and deeper with all their feelings rushing to the surface.

They finally pulled apart a bit breathless and giddy with joy and happiness. They both looked in to each other's eyes and saw the hunger and desired for each other.

"Peter I haven't been honest with you, but I have fallen in love with you and I get jealous when other girls try to date you. I love the way you get jealous over guys who even look at me. I don't just love how you love me , I love the way you love me with all my faults"Megan took a large gulp of wine as she was rather shocked that he had just spilled out her feeling s to the man she loved.

"Megan this may sound rather forward but, would you like to come to mine and have a coffee "he asked rather shyly which made him even cuter to Megan.

"Yeah sure why not "Megan said cheerfully

Peter reached into his pocket and placed a scrunched up $20 and placed it on the table for their extra drinks they had after the others had left.

"Let's go peter"Megan said just before she nearly falling head first as her balance had gone and made her less elegant than she normally is.

They finally hailed a cab and peter told the driver the address. As they were driving along the Philly high street peter watched as Megan looked out the window at the sites she did not recognise as she had never been to Peters before.

She could feel butterflies in her stomach with excitement and nervous as they reached their destination. Peter gave the driver the money and helped Megan out of her side of the car as she clearly needed it because she was struggling.

Once they reached the door peter opened it and let Megan go in first and take her surrounds in.

"Wow you live here peter, its amazing "she said as she looked at the photos on the walls of family and close friends.

Peter had good taste as everything was clean and very modern with clearly a woman's touch had been involved.

"Please sit and make you comfortable whilst I get us both a much-needed coffee" peter winked at her which made her already unsteady knees even weaker.

Once peter came back with 2 cups of coffee and took the vacant seat next to Megan but as he sat down his leg was slightly touching her long delicate leg. Megan did not move as she liked the closeness.

Peter moved closer and placed a shaky hand on Megan's soft cheek and rubbed her cheek .Megan closed the small gap between them and placed a sweet and meaningful kiss on Peters lips which peter deepened by the second .peter pulled Megan closer to him until she was straddling him . Megan looked in Peters eye and suddenly stopped and tried to pulled peter to his feet which she did eventually manage.

"Let's not do it here, where is the bedroom peter"

Peter pulled Megan in to the bed room which was just off the landing which they were standing already.

"Are you sure, you want this Megan "he asked with such tenderness in his voice.

"I am more than sure "and with that they headed to the bedroom.