Title: Sin with a Grin

Author: Stolen Childe

Disclaimer: Supernatural and all associated characters belong to Kripke and Co. I make absolutely no claims on any of them.

Author's Notes: Here it is. The End. Personally, I'm quite pleased with this story. This is the only piece I've ever done that is this in depth that was actually finished. I've not finished a terrible amount of multi-chapters. They just sit on my hard drive and languish in their own incompleteness. It was quite the journey and though I'm happy it's done. I am very, very sad at the same time. Comments would be wonderful.

Also, allow me to take this moment to thank all of you readers who reviewed this through the process. You kept me going, you really did. So thank you! I am open to doing Timestamps/Side Stories, if anyone would like something expanded upon. Drop me note in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Special thanks to my wonderful beta, Dapperscript! My darling beta made this story readable and was such an utter joy to work with. Big huge thank you!



July 21st, 2012

"Dean… Oh my God… Dean."

Dean spluttered awake and glared at the shadow looming over him. "Jesus, Sammy!"

"Dean… I'm freaking out," Sam flopped down on the mattress.

"Sam, go the fuck to sleep," a mumbled voice from behind Dean rumbled out from between the blankets.

"Cas, don't be an ass," Sam whined. "I'm getting married in just under ten fucking hours."

"Yeah, which means you have plenty of damn time to sleep, Sam," Dean muttered, flopping back.

"Dude, come on… I figured you'd have some sympathy for me here. You went through this after all."

"I was nowhere near as freaked as you," Dean disputed.

"Yeah, well you got married in City Hall… My God… I have to face Jess's grandmother, Dean… That woman's been out for my blood ever since she found out about Sebs," Sam fretted. "I haven't seen her since he was born."

"Yeah well, hard part's over then, huh? She's met the kid, at least now you're doing the whole marriage part. Please, Sam, just go back to sleep for a few hours or hell, hold your kid for a bit. Just chill the fuck out. I'm tired as shit, I am way too old for bachelor parties, and if you want your best man bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when it counts, you'll leave me the fuck alone," Dean replied.

"Can you guys continue your lover's spat out in the hallway? Or, somewhere else away from me? If anyone's too old for this, it's me," Castiel growled out, slamming his spare pillow awkwardly on Dean's side, catching Sam in the nose lightly as he did.

"Shit, Cas," Dean muttered nudging backwards.

"Ow," Sam pouted rubbing his nose. "Dean."

Dean huffed, "Fine, fine. Get your bitch ass off my bed, I'll hold your hand and pet your hair for a bit until you shut the fuck up. Just let's leave Cas alone before I get cut-off for the unforeseeable future."

"Damn right," Castiel muttered.

"You charm me, you know that?" Dean glared at the sleepy lump safe and comfortable in bed.

Castiel chose not to respond, just nestled down further in the covers and curled away from Dean, clearly signifying he was done with this little drama.

Dean huffed but his lips were quirked fondly as he duck-walked Sam out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Dean managed to calm Sam quicker than either of them expected. All Dean had to do was plop Sam down on his and Castiel's guest bed, hand the sleeping Sebastian to his father, and insist that everything was going to be fine.

Sam cradled the baby, smiling gently and nodded. He knew a long time ago that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jessica and this was just sealing the deal. They were linked anyway with the amazing little boy in Sam's arms and adding a piece of paper would do nothing to change how much Sam loved Jessica.

"Are you good now?" Dean asked softly.

"Yeah," Sam nodded.

"I'll wake you up in a few hours. Just relax, Sammy. Today is going to be awesome," Dean grinned.


Mary breezed in at nine o'clock before breezing out again with Sebastian. She gave her three boys firm instructions to get ready and left them to it to go help Jessica. Mary was on baby-watch today and Sam and Jess knew that their son couldn't be in better hands.

"Just wait until you see him in his little suit," Mary gushed, before waving and disappearing just as quickly as she came. Sam's old buddy from law school showed up a little while later and Castiel turned to Dean.

"I should really go over to be with Jessica soon," the blue-eyed man said. "You'll be able to handle this without me?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Yes Cas, I'll be fine. Just go get your bridesmaid dress on."

"Ass… It's not a dress… You're just jealous that I was fought over and you weren't," Castiel shot back.

Dean stuck his tongue out at his husband. "Whatever, I'm best man. I win."

"I'll see you at the church," Castiel smiled gently. Dean kissed him and waved him out the door.

Jess and Sam both wanted Castiel on their side, but it was decided Castiel would walk down on Jess's side in the long run. That way he and Dean could leave the church together, which was something both Jess and Sam were rather insistent about.

From years of weddings before this, Castiel learned the best course of action was just to give the bride and groom what they wanted and he went along with it.

Castiel appreciated the gesture. After all, some members of the extended Winchester and Campbell family didn't quite approve of Castiel and were still irritated about the awful events at the end of last year. The blue-eyed agent was grateful for the support Dean at his side would provide.

Several of Sam's Campbell cousins had remarked that they didn't even think Castiel should be in the wedding party. Sam defended Castiel's honour to the last though, and Castiel had been incredibly touched by Sam's vehemence. The tall Winchester had, in fact, pulled Castiel aside later and confided that if he didn't have a brother, he would have made Castiel his best man. It was heartwarming and Castiel almost very embarrassingly cried at the sentiment.

Now finally, Sam and Jessica were getting married and it was going to be perfect.


One last handful of birdseed rained down on the newly-weds and Castiel stood with Dean pressed to his side, watching Jessica's pink shoe and white dress disappear into the Impala. Dean had graciously offered the use of his baby for what he playfully termed 'the get-away car.' The washable paint along the back window proudly proclaimed 'Just Married' in curved elegant script and old tin cans were tied to the back bumper.

Jessica's bridesmaids and various guests swarmed the smooth black vehicle, waving as the car eased away from the hall and into the gathering dusk.

Sam would be taking two weeks off of work but he and his new bride would only be spending the next two days at a spa for their honeymoon. Neither Jessica nor Sam wanted to leave Sebastian for very long. Dean and Castiel had to fight with the couple to get them to part from their infant for the mere two days they had eventually conceded to.

"What do ya think? Resounding success?" Dean grinned, shifting Sebastian to his other side and looking over at Castiel.

Castiel opened his mouth to respond but was cut off as he was crushed against a solid side and his hair, which had been so artfully tousled, was roughed into an unruly mess.

"You make a beautiful bridesmaid, Cassy," Balthazar breathed into Castiel's ear.

Castiel grimaced at strong alcohol scent on Balthazar's breath before he nudged his brother away. "Gee, thanks."

"I dunno though, I always figured Dean was more the girl in the relationship," Gabriel bubbled, clinging to the unsteady Balthazar's side, not exactly sturdy on his feet himself.

"Who's driving the two of you home?" Dean asked archly.

"Driver," Gabriel replied.

"He has a name, Darling," Balthazar said drunkenly.

Gabriel frowned. "What is it?"

"Ah…" Balthazar stared at a spot far off to the right, his eyes crossing in concentration. "Saturday."

Gabriel snickered, "I don't think that's right."

"Good night you two," Castiel sighed, looping his arm under his brother's shoulder and walking both staggering men down the steps as Balthazar's Escalade came around the corner. Castiel leaned into the driver's window and said a few quick words to the chauffeur, whose name Dean and Castiel knew to be Tony.

"Night Cassy! Luuuuvv youuuu!" Gabriel plopped a messy kiss on Castiel's lips at the same time as Balthazar yanked his brother to his side again and pressed a kiss to Castiel's now mussed-beyond-saving hair.

"Tell the Wookie that I'm happy for him!" Balthazar shouted up at Dean. "Jess is one fine lady."

Gabriel acted affronted and their cheerful goodbyes devolved into a drunken squabble as Castiel urged his brother and brother-in-law into the car and gave Tony the signal to drive on.

Castiel came back up the steps, clearly embarrassed at some of the looks the few remaining guests were giving him.

Dean chuckled and pulled Castiel in for a kiss before transferring Sebastian to the older man's hold and tugging on his elbow.

"Let's say bye to Mom and Dad then get the hell out of here," Dean said.

"Agreed," Castiel replied.

It had been a long, strenuous, nerve-wracking but gorgeous day. Castiel tried to think back to the last time he had been this blissfully happy and realized that he couldn't recall another instance like it. He grinned, the width of the smile actually startling Dean before Castiel pulled the green-eyed man towards him and kissed him soundly.

"I love you."

They were still standing close when Sebastian cooed between them. Dean chuckled and dropped a quick parting kiss on Castiel's lips before pulling back and making faces at his nephew.

Sebastian giggled and reached up. Dean let the baby wrap a tiny hand around his index finger and together the three of them walked through the threshold of the church.

"Whatta think, Cas. Should we get one?" Dean asked idly.

The End