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It was nine o'clock when Alex walked into the bar where she worked. The first thing she noticed was how busy the place was. In the three years she had worked there she had never seen it this crowded especially on a weeknight. A small smile crept on to her face as she thought how happy Denny must be about all this, a smile which soon disappeared as she realized how long it would take her to reach the bar.

It had taken her ten minutes but she had finally made it to bar intact, where she was met with smiles from Sam and Jeff who unlike her didn't have the night off. As she walked behind the bar she noticed two men in suits watching her from the opposite end of the bar, she didn't like the feeling she got from those two but she shrugged it off anyway.

"Chill Alex they're just two buddies having a drink after a long day," she muttered to herself.

She was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of Denny's voice from behind her.

"'You talking to yourself again Alex? Because we talked about this before remember. I catch you again girl I'm gonna send you off to the nut house ok."

Smiling as she turned to face him, the man she considered to be her best friend, her brother, and a father figure all wrapped up into one package. He'd found her on the streets taken care of her when there was no one else...

'Enough of that...' she mentally scolded herself.

"Funny Den very funny." she told him

"I do try." was all he said as he began to walk in the direction of his office.

Before she turned to follow, she spared one last glance at the bar noticed the men at the bar were still sat there, looking just as out of place as before.

"Weird." she shivered before following Denny into his office and closing the door behind her.

Inside his office Denny sat behind a small oak desk which as usual had stacks of paper work piled on it. She made a mental note to come in early tomorrow and help him file some of it away before making herself comfy on a small couch that had found its home in the corner of his office, it was quite convenient actually she would sometimes come in here on a morning and find Denny asleep on it, she herself had used it a few times after a long shift. Not that Denny would allow any of his other employees to do this, or know about it for that matter.

They had lived together for a short time until he was sure she could manage on her own. He'd given her a family, a home and with the help of some forged documents he'd given her a job.

They shared a close bond, one that never went unnoticed by her work mates or customers alike, they all had their own theories of course but luckily none had ever been remotely close.

There was a lot of history between the two of them. They trusted one another, kept the others secret. A secret, that had bonded them from the very beginning. They were new mutants. That didn't make them bad people, just different.

Denny is what is known as a psyonic, you put any object in front of him and he'll move it without even lifting a finger. She smiled remembering a discussion they once had on the matter. 'You call it telekinesis, I call it too lazy to use his damn legs.'

Her abilities on the other hand were a completely different thing altogether, see she didn't really have just the one, she belonged to two separate categories. She was freak among freaks. Her parents had been new mutants, and had passed on that little trait, she figured that was the reason behind her being so different from others that she'd met. She had grown used to the feral within and the advanced senses that came with it. It was the other part that she was unsure of, the elemental. It had started out small, she could freeze objects with one touch and melt them just as easily with another. But lately with each month that passed she began to discover new and scary things that she could do with her abilities, at first she told Denny, but as the changes became more frequent she kept them to herself.

The sound of Denny's voice broke through her thoughts bringing her mind back into the present.

"Some crowd tonight Den can you believe it?'' he asked.

''Took me fifteen minutes just to get to the bar? It's crazy." she said slouching further into the couch.

"Things are looking up.'' he said making his way across the room to sit beside her.

"So. 'You forget it was you're night off or did you miss me that much?" Denny asked leaning back.

"Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of m.o.n.e.y." she said a small smile spreading across her face.

"Ah your wage, no problem." Denny said.

With a flick of his wrist a small brown envelope flew from the top of his desk and landed on her lap. Noticing it Alex began to laugh.

"Like I said before, lazy." they shared a smile at this.

''Jealousy is not a good quality to have Alex.'' he says with grin that reaches his eyes.

''Please, I have enough dealing with my own thing thank you very much.'' she huffed before heading towards the door.

''Hey, where are you...'' he paused as she opened the door to reveal Jeff standing there mid knock.

"Whoa, Alex you scared me. Is Denny in?" he asked scratching the back of his head.

"What's the problem Jeff?" Denny asked, as she moved away from the door.

"We need another barrel changed downstairs and we're rushed off our feet as it is." Jeff replied.

"No problem. I'll be down in a sec'." Denny said as he got off of the couch.

"Ok, thanks Den." Jeff said as he turned around to make his way back to the bar.

Closing the door she turned to face Denny who was giving her his best 'what the hell?' look.

"'You psychic now too? Can i just add that to the list of power's you' got?'' he said with a small chuckle.

"What? the guy's that heavy footed I could hear him walking down the hall without my feral hearing." she said with an innocent smile .

''So busy night, you wanna pitch in?'' he asked only half serious.

"Denny, I love you as a friend and a boss but I'm headed home, you're on your own buddie." she said making her way to the door.

"Hey, there were a couple of weird guys at the bar mind if I go out the back?" she asked from the door way.

''Weird how?'' he asked concerned.

''I don't know, I just got a weird vibe off 'em is all. You've heard the rumors.'' she told him.

''Exactly. Rumors Alex, some secret agency hunting new mutants... it's a little farfetched don't you think?'' he said placing his hand on her shoulder.

''Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just a little...'' she sighed in defeat.

''No you're a lot.'' he said with a loving smile.

''Go home, get some sleep.'' he said pushing her towards the exit.

"I'll see you tomorrow kiddo." he called from behind her.

"Night Den." she said before closing the door behind her.