Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green: Back to Kanto

By oathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

Michael: Hello and welcome to another story that came from my mind. This story is after the Anime storyline/game storyline of Pokémon Black and White, which is still ongoing at the moment and Ash and friends have left to the next city. Also, Hilda from Pokémon Black and White and Cheren and Hilbert are mentioned as well. Since Hilda is in this story, there will be a lot of Ash/Hilda moments that's why Ash and Hilda are the main names. This will follow Fire Red and Leaf Green Storylines, same how Pokeworlds collided will follow the storylines of the games. So if you find similar things in this and the future sagas, that's the plan. Now Hilda and Bianca will battle the gyms and Ash will have his rematches. And Meowth will remain on Ash's side. Yes I know he faked the firing, but I liked Meowth traveling with Ash and I was never a person to follow everything from the anime. And lastly, Red and Leaf do appear as well as Ash's childhood friends and new Kanto rivals/traveling partners. I don't own Pokémon. Please review

Additional Note: This little revision contains spoilers/speculations to Best Wishes 2. Now this is a little different from my original chapter, just a few things added in.

Chapter 1: Back to Kanto

The world of Pokémon is vast and huge, filled with many creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon are interesting creatures that could be found within land, the sea, and the air. People and Pokémon live side by side. Many People keep Pokémon as pets; others compete with Pokémon in Pokémon battles. 5 years ago, a boy from Pallet Town made it his calling to be a Pokémon Master. Ash Satoshi Ketchum left his home of Pallet Town and with his starter Pikachu set off on a journey through the world of Pokémon. After Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, Ash set off to the region of Unova where he met some new friends.

First was Iris, a future Dragon Pokémon Master, who mostly calls Ash a kid (even though Ash is a year older than her), and Cilan, a Pokémon Connoisseur and Gym Leader to Striaton City. During his journey, he met two more trainers, who in turn become his friends. First is Bianca, a new but a bit of a ditz trainer from Nuvema Town. During her own solo journey, she changed a lot and grown into a good trainer. Next was a girl named Hilda, who Ash met after his fourth gym battle. Unlike Trip, who talked down Kanto and those from there, she is intrigued by Kanto and wants to go there one day. She began to a much better rival than Trip, since she really trusts her Pokémon the same way Ash does.

After acquiring eight badges, Ash, Iris, and Cilan, along with Hilda tagging along, traveled to the Eastern Unova where all the non-Unova Pokémon are found with Cynthia taking them. At Cynthia's Villa, Ash reunited with the Sinnoh Coordinator Dawn and her partner Piplup. While traveling and training for the Pokémon World Tournament, Ash met a legendary Pokémon by the name of Meloetta. Meloetta was targeted by Team Rocket and took a liking to Ash as he trained with his friends. After stopping their big plot, Meloetta decided to join Ash permanently and become his Pokémon. Ash, Cilan, Iris, Hilda, Dawn, Trip, Bianca, and Stephan all entered the World Tournament where Trip won and got a chance to battle Alder. With the world tournament out of the way, it was back to getting ready for the Unova League. But between the two young trainers, Ash and Hilda had their fair share of trouble.

While Ash dealt with Team Rocket, Jessie, and James, Hilda dealt personally with Team Plasma and their king N. Both trainers were revealed to be the heroes of Unova and are chosen to summon The Unova dragon Reshiram to battle N and Zekrom for the fate of Unova. They were given the White stone which will summon the Vast White Dragon by Lenora, but no one knows how to activate it. The two, Bianca, Stephan, Trip and two other trainers from Nuvema Town; Hilda's brother Hilbert and her friend Cheren, battled at the Unova League. Ash defeated his rivals including Trip, who finally treated Ash with the respect he wanted. After their match, Trip disappeared, only Hilda knows the truth of where he went. Hilda beat Bianca while Ash beat Hilbert and Cheren. At the semi-finals, it was between Ash and Hilda. It was a heart pounding battle and both trainers gave it their all. It was down to their starters; Pikachu and Samurott. The battle between them was as Cilan described, "A fiery blend of flavor". Finally Ash won and beat Hilda and granted Ash a chance to rematch Alder. After their battle, Hilda gave Ash two things; a few helpful advice words and a kiss on the lips, shocking Ash and Hilda's friends and everyone around the world (Including causing a certain Pokémon Doctor to feel jealous).

Before Ash could have his battle with Alder, the league was attacked by Team Plasma and N and their castle rose from the ground. N announced that he's waiting for the heroes of Unova to see if their ideals are better than his trusts. Ash and Hilda climbed up the castle alone with their Pokémon with them and the white stone safely in Hilda's bag. They made it to the throne room, where N was waiting for them. N summoned Zekrom and the white stone finally was activated, summoning Reshiram. Trusting Ash, Hilda let Ash battle the Vast White Dragon and caught it. Together with Reshiram, Ash defeated Zekrom and defeated N. Once the King of Team Plasma was defeated, he finally understood the truth. Suddenly, Ghetsis appears that he's not only N's father but used Team Plasma so he could be the only one with Pokémon. Hilda defeated the Team Plasma leader and Looker took him away. N had one final conversation with Ash and Hilda, telling them that when he heard their Pokémon speak, he was shocked that their Pokémon like them. But as he said to them, how could he understand humans when he could only understand Pokémon? Before his departure from the castle; his last words to the trainers were;

Ash, Hilda… You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, it's you two. Well then… Farewell!

And the King of Team Plasma took off on Zekrom and was out of sight. Because of the interruption of Team Plasma, Ash and Alder's match was postponed for a month, giving the Kanto trainer time to hone his skills. On the day of their battle, Ash defeated the Unova champion; winning his second league victory (first was the orange Islands). After the Unova league, Ash decided to return to Kanto with Cilan, Iris, Bianca, Dawn, and Hilda in tow.

It was a beautiful sunset evening at the port of Castlelia City and Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, Iris, and Cilan were waiting for Bianca, Hilda, and the boat. Ash stared at the new Cross-transceiver he was given to by Hilda.

"Man, those two should have been here by now." Ash said, staring at the watch.

"Relax Ash, they'll be here soon." said Iris, who was eating an Ice cream cone with her dragon type Axew was eating an apple.

"No need to worry Ash, they'll be here." Dawn said thoughtfully.

"Yeah!" Piplup agreed.

"I hope so. We don't want them to missing the boat." Ash replied.

"Hey, I think I see them!" Cilan called out.

Coming into the port area were Bianca and Hilda, who in midst of a conversation.

"I'm telling you. I still don't know why I did that." Hilda said to the blond trainer.

"You kissed Ash in front of millions of People, Hild. It's not that hard to grasp it." Bianca replied.

"But it's not like I didn't mean to kiss him. I only did that because I…" Hilda said, but was interrupted by Bianca.

"You like him, don't you?" she teased.

Hilda's face lit up like a Christmas tree as she spouted, "No, no, I don't love him! He's just a friend!"

"A friend you love." She jeered on.

Bianca laughed as Hilda clapped her hands to her face. Bianca looked to see Ash waving for their attention.

"Oh look, there's Ash and the others." Bianca pointed out as she and Hilda walked up to them. Ash folded his arms and said slyly, "Never thought you be the late one Hilda,"

Hilda rub the back of her head as Bianca just giggled childishly. "Sorry Ash, we had some last minute goodbyes with our parents. Bi's dad was really sad seeing her leave to Kanto, but I told her dad she'll be fine."

"That's good to hear. What about Hilbert and Cheren?" Ash replied.

"Cheren and Hilbert are heading to the Hoenn Region right now. They told me good luck at the region where it all began." Hilda added.

"That's awesome, hope they have fun." Ash replied again.

Hilda smiled with Ash's response as a voice called out to the trainers. "Hey, can I come out of the bag now?"

"Oh!" Ash said at once as he removed his blue and yellow bag from his back unzips it and removed a Pokémon from his bag and place it on the ground. It was a cat-like Pokémon with cream light fur, blue eyes, and a gold charm on its forehead. With a smile on his face, Ash said, "Sorry Meowth, with Jessie, James, and Team Rocket leaving Unova and you being a Kanto Pokémon, it'll look too suspicious,"

"No biggie Ash, I know it's not easy being a former member of Team Rocket and all, but I got to get used to it."

Meowth was a member of Team Rocket and used to go after Ash and his Pokémon for 5 years. After a failed mission, Meowth was fired by Giovanni and then found by Ash, Cilan, and Iris. During their travel with Meowth, the Cat Scratch Pokémon finally gain their trust after he did his best to stop Jessie and James' plan to steal all the Pokémon from Nimbasa City and help Pikachu and the Pokémon stop them and Professor Zager. Once it was over, Meowth made a vow to get stronger to handle Team Rocket. As they traveled through the regions, Meowth went from a weak member to a stronger asset to the team and help Ash and his friends beat Team Plasma and Team Rocket. Meowth knows he has a lot of redemption in Kanto, but he's ready to take the chance.

"You must be a little excited to see Kanto again." Iris said to Meowth.

"You better believe it Iris. I might be a former criminal, but I can say that Kanto is a great place to be," Meowth replied to the future Dragon Pokémon Master.

Dawn smiled. "Well I'm excited to see Kanto too."

Cilan turned from the group and announced, "I see the boat to Kanto coming!"

Ash and the gang look to Cilan's direction and saw a very large cruise ship coming their way. To Ash, it reminded him of the St. Anne but bigger. Finally, the ship dock into Castelia City as a ramp stretch down to the port for Ash and his friends to broad the ship. The Trainers, Pikachu, Piplup, Meowth, and Axew walk up into the ship and made their way inside the ship. After dropping off their stuff in their rooms, they made their way to the main dining room. The Dining room was huge, huger than the St. Anne one with rows upon rows of food. Ash, Pikachu, Meowth, and Hilda ran quickly to the buffet table as Iris said, "Heroes of Unova they are, but they're still kids all the same."

"True. But let the lovebirds enjoy themselves." Bianca added, watching the raven haired boy and brunette girl pile food onto their plates. "Besides, we have an eight hour trip to Kanto, so we should enjoy the voyage ourselves too."

"Bianca is right, we should enjoy ourselves. So it's chow time!" Cilan announced as he and the girls followed him. After they had their food, the five trainers and Pokémon ate their food as someone walk up them.

"Umm, excuse me? Are you Ashura Satoshi Ketchum?" a voice said.

Ash and the group look to see two girls standing by them. They each had an embarrass look on their faces and were blushing. Iris, Dawn, and Bianca looked confused. "Ashura?"

"My real name, but I like to call Ash." Ash explained.

"Oh, I see." Hilda said, and then looks to the two girls. "Is there something you want from Ash?"

"We were wondering if we can get an autograph from Ash." the first girl said.

"Oh..." Ash said but replied with, "Sure, I'll give you an autograph."

Ash took a piece of paper and signed it for the two girls. The two girls giggled cheerfully and walked away. Iris sighed and said. "We helped stop Team Plasma and Ash gets the autograph, what gives?"

"Ash and Hilda are the heroes of Unova, we just did our part." Dawn replied.

"It's always the bridesmaid, never the bride." Hilda added, eating her food.

"Well you want to be Ash's bride, am I right Hild?" Bianca teased once more.

Hilda's face burn red once more and responded the only way possible, by dunking her friend's face into her plate. Ash, Cilan, Dawn, and Iris watched in confusion as Bianca's face rose from the plate with food bits on her face and hair. Hilda laughed as Bianca stared at her with eyes like daggers.

"That's wasn't funny!" she roared as she tackled her to the ground. The four trainers got up from their seats to break up the brawl.

"Okay, chill Bianca; you're more mature than that to attack Hilda in public." Dawn said, she and Cilan releasing Bianca.

Bianca took a deep breath and said, "Okay, sorry about that and sorry Hild."

Ash and Iris released Hilda, knowing that everything was fine.

"None had taken, Bianca." Hilda said, dusting herself off. "Let's get back to our meal."

"Right." Ash, Cilan, Dawn, and Iris said at once as they return to their meal along with Hilda and Bianca.

"So, when do we get to Kanto?" asked Dawn.

"We'll be in Kanto at sunrise, so that's around eight hours until morning." Cilan explained, reminding everyone.

"But when that's all over, we'll be home again." Meowth said to Pikachu and Ash. The two nodded and agreed with the Cat Scratch Pokémon. As Meowth finished his food, he placed a paw to his stomach.

"I've never been stuff in ages, it's nice to have a real feast that isn't stolen." he admitted.

"I know the feeling," Pikachu, Piplup, and Axew agreed.

"So Ash, you must have some interesting stories from Kanto you can tell us." Hilda asked.

"Well, I have one but it's really embarrassing for me and reminds me of how much of an ignorant child I was." Ash took a bite of his chicken and took a drink of water. "When I was ten, I had a little incident with the fourth gym leader, Erika."

"Don't remind me, I shocked Ash that day." Pikachu groaned.

"Well, I said something bad about Erika's perfume, not knowing she was the gym leader and she banned from going into the gym. Brock and Misty, I mentioned them to you, didn't back me up, gym leaders themselves."

Cilan, Iris, Dawn, Hilda, and all gasped. Sure Ash didn't mean to put his foot in his mouth, even though he was a boy at age ten with a different opinion but to not allow a challenger to have his gym battle for that is low.

"What happened next?" Cilan asked

"Meowth, you and Jessie and James were there too." Ash said to Meowth.

Meowth took a sip of water himself and continued Ash's story. "Well back in our bumbling days, we wanted this special perfume from the gym and Ash wanted to get into the gym, so we dress up Ash as a girl to get him in." Meowth explained.

"Really, what he look like?" Hilda asked too.

Meowth pondered a bit. "Basically if he was a girl: blond hair, girlish features, and a dress, all the works." Meowth explained.

Iris, Cilan, Bianca, and Dawn could picture female Ash now. What they saw was a more girl version of Hilda with blond hair and wearing clothes similar to Hilda. They look at the two sitting heroes of Unova and slightly giggled at how similar they would be.

"What's so funny?" asked Hilda and Ash.

"Oh nothing!" they admitted at once.

After they ate, the six trainers and Pokémon headed to their rooms before deciding to explore the ship. The sun finally settled as they ventured around. Ash and Pikachu had come to the bow of the ship to find Hilda looking out at the sea and stars. The raven haired teen walked behind her and announced his presence.

"Hilda!" Ash called out.

The brunette haired girl turned around to see Ash. A smile formed on her face as she responded with, "Oh Ash enjoyed seeing the ship?"

"Yeah, it's fun to be on a ship like this again." Ash said and walked to the railing and placed his arms on the railing, Pikachu hop off Ash's shoulders and onto the railing as well and look out into the sea too. He look to the Unvoian and added, "Must be excited to go to another region. I know that feeling far too well."

"Yeah. I lived in Unova all my life and only heard stories and tales about Kanto or other regions. But I'm a little nervous. So many things to see and people to meet and Pokémon I've never seen before. But you know Ash, I'm ready for anything." she smiled.

Ash smiled too and stared into Hilda's eyes, their chocolate brown eyes meeting each other. Before the two could say a word, someone spoke behind them.

"Ah, young love a moon and starry sky, so romantic."

Ash and Hilda gasped and turned around to find Iris, Axew, Cilan, Dawn, Piplup, Bianca, and Meowth were watching them. Hilda's face was burning red while Ash looked embarrassed as well.

"So Cilan, Dawn, Iris, what you say about these two?" Bianca asked.

"A lovely blend of a fresh sea breeze and night sky, such a recipe for romance." Cilan said.

It's such a lovely scene, something out of a movie." Dawn said.

"They make such a lovely couple!" Iris exclaimed.

"WE ARE NOT A COUPLE!" they shouted.

Fuming with anger, the two left the bow of the ship where Iris, Dawn and Bianca were still giggling. The green haired Connoisseur yawned and said, "I think it's time to hit the hay, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides, once we wake up, we'll be docking in Kanto." Iris reminded them.

"Got it, night everyone!" Bianca said.

"Good night!" Iris, Dawn, Cilan, and Meowth responded.

"Good night!" Axew and Piplup said as well.

After waving good bye, the trainers and Pokémon headed back to their rooms.

Meanwhile at the sky deck—

Ash and Hilda were sitting on a beach chair, laying their heads back while watching the stars. Pikachu was sleeping by the foot of the chair as Ash sighed.

"Man, I wish Iris and the others would stop teasing us like that." Ash groaned.

Hilda sighed as well, removing her pink and white cap from her head. "I know. I love Bi like a sister, but I never pegged her as the teasing type."

Ash then removed his hat as well. "I agree. But they're our friends no matter what they say."

Hilda chuckled. "Yeah."

Minutes finally passed as the two trainers continued gazing at the stars.

"Hey Ash?" Hilda asked him. "How many Pokémon are out there?"

Ash placed a hand to his chin and replied, "Dunno. At first I thought they were only 150, but each region I learn there are more. I can't give you a straight answer."

"Okay. You know what I think, I think there is so much we don't know about this world and we have only scratched the surface." Hilda said to Ash.

"Yeah, I agree." Ash replied with a smile.

As they drifted off to sleep, one thing was on their minds: "I can't wait to get to Kanto."

Unwillingly, the two wrapped their arms around each other as they slept on more.

Meanwhile in the morning—

The sun was rising above the sea as Cilan and the others exited their rooms. The four trainers, Axew, Piplup, and Meowth all met up in the hallway. Piplup yawned as it stretched its flippers.

"Good morning!" Bianca greeted.

"Morning, Bianca!" Cilan, Dawn, and Iris greeted.

"Morning!" Meowth and Axew said as well.

"Morning!" Piplup yawned.

Iris looked around to see either Ash or Hilda weren't here.

"Has anyone seen them since we went to sleep?" Iris asked.

Cilan, Dawn, and Bianca wondered too. It wasn't Ash or Hilda to miss breakfast, so where did they go?

"Nope. Ash and Pikachu didn't return to our room and I haven't seen Hilda." Meowth replied.

"Well they got to be here somewh..." said Bianca, but stopped when a smile formed on her face.

"I know where they are." she said slyly.

Bianca quickly headed around the corner as Cilan, Dawn, Piplup, Iris, Axew, and Meowth followed. The blond headed Unvoian led the trainers and Pokémon to the one place they are... The Sky deck. Once they arrived there, they found Ash and Hilda just as Bianca predicted. The two trainers were snuggled together in a warming embrace, their heads on each other's shoulders. As they walked closer and circled around them, it was a beautiful sight. But all things must come to an end. Bianca took a deep breath and shouted, "WAKE UP!"

Ash and Hilda's eyes shot right open as they saw each other in each other's arms. Faces growing red, they screamed and separated from each other, falling off the beach chair and onto the wooden floor. Pikachu finally woke up to find his trainer and Hilda freaking out about sleeping up at the Sky Deck and the awkward situation their friends found them in. Once they left the Sky Deck, the trainers and Pokémon headed back to their rooms to pack and then went to the dining hall to eat breakfast. While the trainers ate, the captain of the ship announced that they'll arrive in Vermillion City, Kanto in thirty minutes. Excited to hear this, Ash finally finished his food and hurried to the bow of the ship, Hilda and the others following after him. The raven haired teen was hanging on the railing as his mouth hanged wide with excitement as he saw Vermillion City harbor from a distance. The ship finally docked at the harbor as Ash dash down the ramp and said with a smile on his face, "We're here!"

"Yeah!" Pikachu and Meowth agreed with a cheer.

Iris placed a hand to her forehead as she view around the harbor. "So this is Vermillion City?"

"Yup, five years ago I won my third badge here. Man times flies." he said to the future dragon master.

"Hey Ash, Pikachu!" a voice called out.

Ash and Pikachu turned around to see an old friend coming their way. She was a young woman with red-orange hair down to her mid back. She had blue eyes that matched the water below them, a yellow top with blue jeans that reached to her knees and red and white sneakers with blue water droplets on the sides of her shoes. Ash was surprised that even though she still retain her tomboyish attire, she still was beautiful. In her arms was a small blue Pokémon. Ash smiled as he waved to her.

"Hey Misty!" he greeted cheerfully as Misty ran up to them.

"Wow, it's great to see you again Ash? How long's it been; 2 years since I saw you? My, you've grown." Misty added, eyeing Ash up and down.

"You had grown too, Mist. Still like being a tomboy despite looking great." Ash added to her.

Misty smiled and placed a hand to her head laughing. "Well you know me, old habits die hard."

"Azurill, Azurill!" the little polka dot Pokémon said.

"I see Azurill is still an Azurill. You haven't been babying it like Togepi, right?" Ash teased.

Misty blushed. "No it's not like that, I just haven't been using her in gym battles much, and that's all!"

Ash laughed too. "I'm kidding Misty; I know you would never be like that with Water Pokémon. BTW, let me introduce to you my friends from Unova and Sinnoh." Ash then showed Misty his friends.

"The one with the green hair is Cilan; he's a Pokémon Connoisseur. The girl with the purple hair is Iris; a future Dragon master. That's girl with the blond hair is Bianca and her friend with the brown hair is Hilda. And that's Dawn and Piplup; Professor Oak had mentioned them before. Say hello everyone."

"Hello!" the Unova and Sinnoh trainers greeted.

"It's nice to meet all of you." Misty said to them. Misty then spotted a nervous Meowth by Cilan's leg. Misty then asked, "Uh Ash, why is Meowth with you?"

"Long story short, Meowth was fired and decided to turn over a new leaf. He's been traveling with us and even risked his life to stop Jessie and James."

Meowth then spoke. "Misty, I know we had our differences in the past, but I want to start anew. So will you forgive me?"

Misty smiled and said, "If Ash trusts you, and then so will I."

Meowth smiled. "Thank you."

"So Misty, are you the welcoming committee?" Ash asked her, continuing the conversation.

"Yup, Ms. Ketchum and Professor Oak requested I come get you." Misty replied.

"Really, thanks!" Ash replied back with a smile. Then Ash, Hilda, and the others stomachs growled. Misty was surprised as Ash rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry Mist, we must have eaten enough on the ship."

Misty giggled. "Same old you. How I treat you guys to breakfast, it's on me."

"Really? Thanks Misty." Ash said with a smile.

The Cerulean Gym Leader led Ash, Pikachu, Meowth, Iris, Cilan, Dawn, Piplup, Hilda, and Bianca to a restaurant where they could eat and chat. Inside the restaurant, Misty decided to ask about Ash's adventure in Unova.

"So tell me about all the Pokémon you saw in Unova? During the league Conference, There was some cool Water Pokémon. And what the World tournament, I heard a lot of trainers from around the world were there as well." Misty said.

"Well, a lot of new ones I never seen before, plus interesting Legendries." Ash explained.

"Don't forget all the Dragon types we saw like Reshiram and Zekrom." Iris added.

"Speaking of them, whatever happened to that Trip kid after the conference?" Misty asked.

"Not sure, but Hilda said she was the last one to see him." Bianca said to Misty.

Bianca was right, Hilda did see Trip leave for home, but there was more to it than they know. After Ash and Trip's battle, Hilda found Trip outside the stadium ready to leave. Hilda then learns that Trip isn't Trip, but a Zoroark sent by Arceus to see if Ash is a true hero for Unova. The Trip-Zoroark explains to Hilda that the real Trip died two years ago and was made to look like he disappeared. Arceus knew in time a new hero will come and save the Unova region, but they never thought it would be two. So Arceus created a special Zoroark to replace Trip until the day he would be a Pokémon trainer, the same day Ash could come to Unova. Now with his work done, Trip- Zoroark decided to return home to the real Trip's parents. Hilda promised not to tell a soul.

"Yup, he went home, that is all?" Hilda lied, taking a sip of juice.

After another meal, Misty led them through most of Kanto until them made it to the crossroads to Viridian City and Pallet Town. It was hours since they left Vermillion City that the sun was finally setting when they made it to Pallet Town, The six trainers stood on a hill as Ash saw the whole town in view. With a smile on his face, he led the way to his house; where all his friends were waiting for him. The trainers now stood in front of Ash's house as the raven haired teen walked to the front door and knocked on it. He waited until he heard the sound of the door opening and seeing his mother again after months in Unova.

"Hi Mom, I'm back." Ash said with a smile.

"Ash, I'm so glad to see you home again." Delia Ketchum said, hugging her son. "Everyone is waiting for you inside. Come on in."

"Okay." Ash said as he, Pikachu, Misty, Cilan, Dawn, Piplup, Iris, Axew, Meowth (who hid behind Cilan), Hilda, and Bianca walked inside the Ketchum house to hear, "WELCOME BACK ASH!"

Inside the living room were all of Ash's friends. Brock, Pewter City Gym Leader, Gary, Ash's former rival, Tracey, Professor Oak's assistant, May and Max, his Hoenn travel Partners now a lot older with Max showing an impressive growth, There was also Drew, May's rival, and Kenny and Barry, his friends from Sinnoh. It was nice to see everyone there including the Kanto professor.

"It's great to see all of you again." Ash said.

"We saw the entire Unova league, you really showed that Trip guy!" Barry said excited.

"Once again you saved a whole region Ash, how do you it?" Gary asked.

"And that battle with Alder was impressive, you gotten a lot stronger!" Max said as well.

"And you gotta tell us what happened in that Castle of Team Plasma's." May said.

"I'll explain everything, but first let me introduce everyone to my friends from Unova." Ash replied, showing Cilan and the other Unovians to the group. "That's Iris, she wants to be a Dragon Master. Cilan is a Pokémon Connoisseur. And Hilda and Bianca, you saw them at the league, right?"

"We remembered them and it's great to meet all of you." said Max and noticed something behind Cilan's leg. "Hey Cilan, there's something behind your leg."

Cilan moved away to reveal a nervous looking Meowth in front of everyone. All of Ash's friends then shouted, "It's Meowth from Team Rocket!"

"Hold on, before anyone jumps to conclusions, Meowth is a real good guy now." Ash then rubbed the back of his head and added, "Let me start from the beginning."

So Ash, Cilan, Dawn, Iris, Hilda, and Bianca told their storied of their adventures in Unova: all the Pokémon they met and captured, the people they met (Ash told Hilda and Bianca not to mention Elesa and Skyla for obvious reasons), and the things they seen. When Ash told them about how Meowth risked his life to try to stop Jessie and James from stealing the Pokémon from Nimbasa City, it felt really touching and showed that Meowth had really changed. Surprisingly, not a single one of Ash's friends brought up the kiss and not even May and Misty looked jealous. It was around 10pm and it was time for Ash to get some sleep. A few of Ash's friends decided to sleep at Gary's and Oak's lab while some like Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, and Hilda slept in the living room. Ash and Pikachu walked up to his room and closed the room. Ash removed his bag from his back and took out a trophy; a plate that said mentioned he saved Unova and a picture of him, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, Meowth, Axew, Iris, Cilan, Hilda, the Unova Elite 4 and Champion, and Cynthia. He placed them on his dresser top with everything he collected over the years including a picture of him and Pikachu when he was 11.

"Unova was fun but you know Pikachu, it's great to back home."

"I agree." Pikachu nodded.

After Ash changed into his pajamas, the raven headed teen hop into his bed and went to sleep.

Michael: And that ends chapter 1. Hope you enjoyed it and believe me; it took me longer than you think. Next chapter will be Ash's 16th birthday (which is how many years of Pokémon it's been), return of Red and Leaf, and the announcement of the Kanto League starting up again. Thank you for reading and also adding another Ash/Hilda story to the list. Now this might get updated someday, but let me get my mayor projects up to snuff first. So here's the rundown:

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